the new SSS, work and all

:p the good thing about my job’s that i get to roam around different places in singapore. beats dying inside an aircon office, lol. anyway. got a chance for a peek @ the newly built singapore sports school. (not sure about which S comes first.. but heck.) it’s spacious, damn damn bloody spacious. and 2 swimming pools w/ shelter? :O man. i envy the lucky buggers who’d be studying there man.. =) it’s really a nice place. do check it out when u’re in the woodlands area. guaranteed to make you hate your past schools for being so sucky, haha.

on another minor sidenote, i’ve begun to get addicted to another drink, another of those looks-like-mineral-water-but-tastes-odd brands :O it’s called dasani nutriwater, and is packaged in a blue bottle for those who bother to check it out. first got to drink it when i was working in tp.. bought the drink cus of the odd bottle shape. quite interesting flavor =)) try it!

played bball again after work, prob one of the last few times. alan n junlin’ll be busy with school again once the hols end, leaving me with less buddies for bball sighs. sians. guess i’ll have to go down changkat alone in future =

something *always* happens whenever i play too much bball within a few days; i tripped and banged up both my knees today. well, it felt pretty bad within the first five minutes, but after that the adrenaline sortof took over and i forgot all about the pain, least till i got home :X was playing pretty badly today anyway, lousier than sat/sun.

money money money
two more days to payday! i’m not anticipating a bonus at all, so less stress on me vs the more senior colleagues. they’ve worked their asses off only to dimly realise that there’s no bonus to be gotten.. hais. hope i don’t endup like that in future; but i do sortof aspire to get up to their level of project manager in the future, in order to prove my worth. a f**king dip holder doing menial work long term? no sir, not my aim at all. going thru the foundation’s necessary in every job, and mine’s certainly no exception. you have to know the tricks of the trade so that you can command others effectively after all; it’s bloody stupid when management doesn’t understand how the lower levels function, as i’ve observed/realised in recent years.

but with the pay coming.. and ERS.. and angpow.. drool. hope to fatten my bank account some =)) can look forward to my deuter bag, new leather shoes, new specs.. muahahaha.. happiness. well, maybe enjoyment doesn’t equate to happiness. i’ll never be totally happy ever again, but i can still enjoy real life treats like this =))

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