the end of year review

woot, reached home at almost 130 a.m., winner. worked overtime today till ard 1230 a.m., had to rush on some dumb patch cords with zhiming n yijian at the office. had supper after that at some 24hr coffeeshop before zhiming gave me a lift back (bike and all) on the pickup, phewz. hope i get the OT pay soon :X lol. pretty poor now bleah. wonder what’s happening to my hp man, messaged some friends during work just now and i didn’t even get a SINGLE reply. am i..
1) becoming friendless? aka /ignore mode
2) using a lousy phone with lousy reception?
hope ’tis choice 2 eh? laugh.

soon it’ll be morning again, and i’ll have to cycle in my usual stoned fashion to work. reminds me of poly days haha =) always rushing like mad to beat the 3 consecutive traffic lights on my way to school. fortunately, i only have two to get over now, so ’tis not that bad :p been lucky so far tho, haven’t gotten into any accidents yet lol. remember there was this one time when i nearly got knocked down by a bus during my poly sch days; was too dead sleepy/tired + blasting bon jovi on my discman while cycling.. laugh. but opps, suai mouth.

end of year account closing
a new year’s coming! ponder, this year’s been pretty eventful i guess. i’ve ..
1. finally ORD-ed *ORD LO!*
2. found my first job (albeit a pretty crappy job, lol)
3. gotten my first love (after nearly a year of trying and waiting)
4. maintained my circle of kakis for yet another year (many many more to go!)
5. watched three good frens get attached, i.e. nz, yf n ah long =)

nice, if you discount the fact that i’ve also..
1. lost my first love too. noneed to explain further, i think i’ve harped enough on this topic lol.
2. watched other four good frens through their breakups.. sharon, meng, nanzhen n qin.
3. endured nearly an entire year’s worth of office backstabbing in my NS before i escaped *finally*
4. gone thru several months’ worth of deep depression (which still persists now of course..)
5. lost even more faith in life than before, becoming even more disillusioned/cynical.

new year resolution(s)? here goes nothing..
1. save up, fatten my bank account!
2. stay single. save $, save energy, save mental stress, save hmm i dunno. save etc etc?
3. try out new stuff i haven’t done before hmmmm. endless possibilities.
4. exercise regularly. think i’ll develop a paunch soon if i don’t.. man i never thought that this’d happen to me -.- sadness.
5. improve even more in basketball (an ongoing/eternal goal.. haha.)
6. stay in close touch with my gang always! (actually this should be priority number 1.. lol)

hais, damn tired tho. guess i’ll be turning in soon, soon as i finish my list of to dos for today. clip nails (duh), checkout MOM legislation (talk abt this another nite), write testimonial for cin in frenster (too bored), write this dumb blog entry.. hmm. almost done. guess i’ll take my bath, cut my nails and concuss away =) good nite.. hmm i mean good morning. ahh whatever. just go sleep if you haven’t! :p

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