assorted thoughts

i suspect that this is one of the few evening posts that i’ll make, since my writing mood seems to come alive only at night most of the time 😉 having just reached home and nothing better to do = blog first, rot later heh.

gotten over the cny period and i suddenly feel sians. looking back at the years gone by, and i’m suddenly quite glad that i’ve got my sec sch gang wif me all this while 😉 doubt they read this anyway, but still. my silent and eternal thanks to them, for staying with an oddball as weird as i am thru 😉

recently been listening to wang li hong’s songs, and started wondering why i never listened to his songs more lol. i haven’t lost my mind and become an instant fan of his btw, just that quite a few of his songs really strike a chord with me haha 😉 listening to ‘liang ge ren bu deng yu wo men’ (literally.. two people don’t equate to us). no sense in trying to sing all his songs man.. some of the songs really have parts where the pitch’s way beyond me squeaky vocals ;p beh tahanz.

there’re times when i’m outside working, and suddenly some stuff strike me as worth writing down in the blog.. but i usually forget by the time i reach home 😉 tot i’ll write some of the stuff i remember, but most if not all of the stuff are simply images. stuff like..
– a sudden intent look at a bus stop under construction, and the texture of the stark white paint of the nearby signboard riddled with falling raindrops.. fascinates me for an instant.
– walking to basketball on a sunday morning, and the brilliance of the morning sunlight shines thru the nearby greenery.
– dragging myself past boat quay during work, and envying all the carefree individuals who have nothing better to do but enjoy their mornings at the singapore river area 😉 after a moment’s contemplation, it occurs to me that i would *never* do that, not even if i had my mornings free haha.

working in this job has really enabled me to see/experience alot of stuff i’d never have a chance to see 😉 like for e.g..
– the filth and clutter that a typical office environment hides. behind the facade of aircon, sterility, neatness, and a conducive working environment lies countless piles of dirt, dust up above the ceilings and behind the plaster walls.. ugh.
– cultivating a constant reminder that what i bochap now’ll return to haunt me sooner or later. literally action/consequence haha. reminding me to take things more seriously if nothing else.
– having a constant tour of singapore roads/expressways, and eating at a different location everyday. sampling different coffeeshops frequently can be quite an educational experience, if not for the fact that i have dysfunctional tastebuds AND a poor memory for locations ;p
– getting a collection of increasing cuts and bruises everyday. man, i hate the trays that reside up in the ceilings. got two scars from them already so far, spit.

impulse shopping’s really a high risk with me man. walked over to eastpoint after my dental appointment just to take a look at any prospective specs.. and i ended up buying a pair and wearing it an hour later -.- there goes $118. i like it tho, lol. it’s those kinda blue plastic frames that positively screams ‘nerd alert!’ 😉 gonna wear it outside more than my frameless pair, on the way to cultivating a geeky image grinz. braces, specs hmm. what else? *deep in tot*

damn the bloody rain.. it’s been almost two weeks since i last played ball ;( sighs. no mood to play anyway, in the rotting stage as usual ;p but i think i’ll stop here.. really gonna faint if i carry on like this. too hungry! will rant on another night 😉 until then.

how the CNY went

ahh.. finally the end of my chinese new year break beckons.. and with it the gloomy anticipation of work again -.-

not bad tho; i guess i had fun during these few days. angpow total still less than $150 tho, haha. the most duh incident that occurred to me during these days was perhaps when i met my cousin (recently married) at my grandparents’ place.
“eh never bring gf along?” she questioned.
“.. since when i got gf?” *blur grin + trying very hard to lie with straight face*
“har? i thought a few months ago still heard from ah ma you got gf? so fast no more liao ah?”
*thanks cuz.. i needed that -.-*

went out with my gang quite often; we caught two midnight shows (magic kitchen & the last samurai. note: DON’T watch magic kitchen in a cinema pls.. not unless you’re a hardcore fan of either sammi, andy or jerry..) drank, gambled, had fun hmm. don’t know what else too.
sharon n i went over to erwin’s place on thursday and talked until early morning (making erwin lose sleep in the process) before heading home to zonk out.

the last samurai should be something you should really try to catch on the big screen though; quite an artistic movie imo, regardless of the fact that it’s got great action scenes. one good thing about this movie; it doesn’t need stupid sexual plots between the male/female leads to generate box office hits 😉 great cinematography (is that what they call it?), really kinda gives you a feel of the lifestyle in that transition era. captain algren (cruise’s char) has gotta be a super linguist though, to speak such fluent japanese in such a short period of time. plot’s abit sad, with all the samurai going into a pointless kamikaze charge against the guns in the end, and all getting bloody massacred.

the only significant thing i did on saturday was to head down to paya lebar (to zl’s place to get his comics) and get lost, and get ignored by him while he blithely ate his dinner in utter bliss for almost an hour before he noticed the missed calls by yours truly. add the constant deluge of rain to that, and the fact that i had to hail a cab to get home.. man. i’m kinda glad i only have to do this once ;p lugging two boxes of comics from paya lebar back home isn’t what i’d like to perform everyday.

hmm burpz, just came back from sharon’s place, where erwin, sharon n i ended up at. erwin brought his bacardi over, and we drank it while playing cards til abt midnight just now. why did we endup there? perhaps erwin ;p we were originally at wee yin’s place, as she’d invited us (including qin) over for a steamboat dinner and ‘lou hei’. after we had enough of everything (including gambling) we just simply said baibai n left. at that point, erwin was just looking for a place to drink haha.

and oh yeah, feel free to check out my gallery too. updated a few more pics of the kitty section, and my gang and i. i’ve already added the recent pics i took 😉

lousy dinner, argh.

chinese new year has come finally, and with it the anticipation of angpow $ haha :X gotta give some to my grandparents this year tho, ’tis about time sigh.

just came back from kopi session with sharon erwin n ahlong, another odd countdown location.. at the coffeeshop opposite the church -.- erwin’s face was quite red from the tiger he drank @ home before coming down, haha =) he’s always one of the first to get red, if you discount ah long. combine that with the sunburn he got at sentosa, and you could be looking at a living incarnation of guan gong ^^

oo yeah.. we finally got a look @ ah long’s girl from the photocard in his wallet, but.. i was too late to warn him about the wallet phenomenon (mentioned in one of my earlier entries, do check back to jan 12 if you’re interested) and his photo was already stuck to the wallet. oh well, too bad he doesn’t read my blog =) else he would’ve saved his wallet haha. still don’t recognize the girl though, even though she’s from ngee ann also (2 years our junior).

reached home to find stan chatting away with one of his female classmates, and sortof couldn’t resist making extra comments to him while he was talking. he relayed my words, and in the end both he AND the girl were laughing away. are my words really that funny? -.- food for tot as usual.

work today was.. a bore. i went down, opened the the office, sat inside and rotted along w/ two of my other colleagues until 11+ before i could escape home -.- still hafta go back on sunday in the morning to get angpow, zz.

the reunion dinner wasn’t much better anyway; i only picked at the food, while idly listening to the endless chatter of my uncle, dad and grandparents. didn’t even eat my fill haha.. which was why i had nasi lemak during the kopi session just now. damn, i hate braces sometimes.

hairy business, and work ranting

hairy bizness
just dyed my hair today 😉 was in the mood and walked down to guardian pharmacy and bought some revlon light auburn thingie, and it turned out alrite i guess haha. not bad for a random first try.

most days of my work never follow the same routine; i guess you can say it’s either unsettling or exciting 😉 spent the morning in the office reading the morning paper, eating breakfast, vacuuming the floor (yes.. i do that at work) and reading my wheel of time novel.

fortunately enough.. i managed to get out of the office in the afternoon with uncle wan, a colleague i’m sortof attached to most days now. went down to joo seng warehouse to collect a bree organizer for my manager, a free gift for signing up to dbs black card. (and he sez the company’s not making a profit.. where the f**k would his 30+k per annum income emerge from then?) saw a cute girl there at the collection office, the slim-long haired-demure-bespectacled looking type haha. exchanged a few words then left. was wondering if i should’ve stayed awhile longer and talked more.

spent the rest of the noon in the van concussing during transit to our next job location, and found myself in a chinese massage place managed by a friend of the boss.. so i heard. yeah.. and ’tis not what u’re thinking. no girls for one thing.. the entire place’s empty cept for the boss. and it smells strongly of chinese medicines -.- the stuff we did there were quite odd, to say the least.. considering the fact that we’re a structured cabling company. infact.. i suspect that’s why my company reads ‘mossad services’ and not ‘mossad cabling services’.. there’s an unspelled (my workers’ll do everything and anything, so long as you pay) tag in the middle. we shifted airconditioners mounted on the walls, hifi speakers, relocated hifi wires, spotlights, exit signs.. i felt like a renovation worker man. like what zhiming always says, ‘bangla united’ 😉

post sentosa entry

*scratch*. think i’m gonna get sunburns for the next few days, haha. went sentosa last night and only came back like a few hours ago, so i didn’t blog last nite ;X

to sum it up.. for the bball match.. we won! not in a very glorious fashion though. the other team didn’t turn up and we simply had a walkover -.-

oh yeah.. about my stupid swollen gum.. it turned out that there were blisters + pus in that area.. so the dentist had to burst the damned things with her scalpel and literally use brute force to squeeze all the bloody pus out. man.. i was literally left weak and teary-eyed after that lol. intense pain man.. intense pain. gotta go back on the 27th to check back on my gum though, boring. hate scheduling medical appointments with my manager -.-

my braces didn’t hurt as much as the last appointment, surprisingly. my lower teeth look alot straighter now though 😉 incredibly fast visible effects!

met lishi and nick after that, and went over to sentosa where erwin n the rest (i.e. xianqin, sharon, erwin, meng, nanzhen and his gf) were already enjoying. drank beer, played blackjack, talked, tried to sleep (while meng’s incredibly irritating snores shook the room.. i slept like an hour out of 3.. damn). everyone more or less wokeup after that, and we went down to the beach to play volleyball (tried to), soccer, basketball, swim.. hmm i guess we played around alot in the sun 😉 we played bball at the street court there with some other fellas, and won every match haha. guess it’s either we’re still not that bad or the opponents’re off form 😉 erwin looked like a lobster at the end of the day though, haha. red with the sun AND the carlsberg we drank. which reminds me.. i still don’t like beer -.- sucky.

meng injured his knee, and so didn’t play much even though he came along and stayed over with us. lishi similarly didn’t play much, as she..
1) didn’t bring extra clothing
2) still couldn’t exert herself too much due to her back problems.
both of them left at around lunchtime, meng had something on, and lishi had to go for treatment in the noon.
quite a few of us were put out that meng came and didn’t join in with us, choosing to sleep in the hut initially, but came out at meishan (nz’s gf) and lishi’s behest. he didn’t join us at that point either, merely sitting in the shade and talking with lishi. ’tis like.. what’s the point of coming if he merely sits there, only wanting to talk talk and talk? note: all of us had lights out at around 3 am, xq lishi and me were listening to meng’s talk all the way till then. well, it’s a sort of weird topic to debate on anyway, since he’s got his injury as a defense and if we tried to push the issue, it’ll most prob endup him not joining us for activities in the future. but shrug.. no visible solution i guess.

tiredd now.. bleah. uploaded the photos we took (whatever pitiful remnants) and done an online transfer of the $ to sharon’s acct.. hmm soon as i finish this entry i’ll try to zz.. tired. work tomorrow again! argh pui.

removing the past

finally began doing something which i tot i’d never do, hmm. i began deleting old smses which i received from cin when we were together when i was at work today. finally concluded that if i left them there, i’d be looking at the messages whenever i was too bored, and would most likely plunge myself into depression more frequently. what’s the point? so i started pressing and pressing, with the ‘Erase this message?’ screen appearing more and more. fark it, gotta get on. i see her online frequently these few days also, but nahh.. why bother messaging her. she’s no longer on my phonebook, so maybe i should delete her from my icq as well? hmm. just moved her to a separate group and closed it. think that should be enough. slowly erase all traces, and forget that all of it ever happened haha. what an impossibility.

it seems to be splurge season these few days -.- spent $ on the new deuter bag and jeans, and today i bought my new netmd and a wallet as well, bringing my total expenditure to prob close to 500 for new year shopping. spent $305 for the md (cheap if you checkout the prices outside for a sony mz-n510), and $33 for the wallet. not that bad i suppose, considering that i’ve just gotten 200 odd from my ot work in recent weeks, and of course.. spent well over that amount today.

just finished recording my new disc, new songs to listen at last! 😉 i wasn’t that keen on buying a new md initially, but when the sony support centre called telling me that my repair’s gonna cost me a whopping $210.. i sortof gave up the fight. man, why bother repairing? might as well buy a new md. stupid. i politely told the guy on the phone no thanks and began planning on the new md again at that point.

beginning to feel tired again now, guess i’ve expended too much energy trying out the md haha 😉 sleep sleep time!

n oh yeah, something odd’s happened though. my left gum’s swelling up again, almost two months after my dental op. lagging? it’s swelling pretty fast, hope it doesn’t blowup into a balloon tomorrow -.- wonder what’s happening damn. check it out with my ortho when i head down to cgh for my appointment tomorrow morning ;(

random talk

there’s a biscuit shop next to my office which i frequent; the pineapple biscuits the auntie sells are really quite good 😉 new addiction haha, 100g for 50cents doesn’t seem to expensive ;X so i carry some with me always during work nowadays, as a snack. agnes (my colleague) and i emptied her remaining stock today though, buying a combined total of 1.75kg worth, lol. power. wonder if my meagre 750g’s enough to tide me over cny though sigh.

the day always seems to truly begin after working hours 😉 i was in a dilemma, being torn between..
a. heading down to grandma’s place for a long overdue visit
b. goin’ to central to read comics
c. practicing bball on the court where the saturday match’s gonna be held
d. go straight home and rot.
wanted to meet fab in the evening originally, but he’s out with chongmin n the rest since afternoon, sooo zilch.

finally decided that i could see gran during cny (it’s coming soon anyway bleah) and went to rent comics for reading in the end. wandered off to the pavilion arcade (percussion freaks now allows 4 songs instead of 3!) before i cycled back home.

pondered abit and in the end.. had a change of clothes before i went down to the 111 court (the stupid fit-2-balls-into-the-damned-rim + double rimmed one that’s below erwin’s place and behind changkat cc) to familiarise myself with the place. i was quite in luck, as there were only a few malays kicking a ball around the court but.. not my problem. i just concentrated on getting the ball in. by a stroke of pure bad/good luck.. it didn’t even take ten minutes before the malays emptied out of the court. yeah, they had good reason to do so of course; it was raining -.- the slight drizzle slowly grew to a steady patter that pelted my face whenever i tried to look up at the rim for close shots.. spit. it made for good training though. the added weight of the ball and the distraction from the raindrops + puddles on the ground pushed me to concentrate even more. i tended to be distracted by the occasional passerby and the bored resident (staring down at the moron who was mindlessly shooting the ball in the rain) though.

halfway thru, i was realli beginning to feel exhausted. work fatigue had me feeling quite drained, so i looked to another unexpected source of strength to carry on. i simply thought of cin, and the accompanying pain/frustration/bitterness/sorrow allowed me to carry on until the lights went off at the court. by the end of the session, i was more or less at ease with it, and had thoroughly practised my free throw. hope it’ll be of use on saturday, haha 😉 mental note: close elbows, close elbows! pull back arms! look into the rim! and leave the rest to luck, weather conditions and whatever skill i possess ;X

walked home after that, and it wasn’t until i gotten out of the lift when i realised that i’d left my keys at the cc toilet. shit happened. after that it was a frantic run back to the cc, fearing that it’d already closed for the night. luckily.. it was still open. i was planning contingencies in the event that the cc was closed i.e. go to cc early next morning wait for it to open and rush inside to retrieve keys OR break into the toilet by brute force OR be resigned to my fate.

man, am i hungry or what? still waiting for stan to get back home so that we can start dinner. i’ll go work later tomorrow, no point going early since i’m not heading out for work. yijian already called me in the evening telling me of my duties for tomorrow; interim receptionist -.- for once, i can buy a nice big breakfast and slowly munch my way thru it in the morning, instead of gorging myself on the usual two meat paos i bring to work 😉

browsing my way thru the safra booklet for available discounts, and realised that i’d been conned. had i but waited a few more days to buy my deuter haversack.. i’d have known and gotten 25% off -.- damn. oh well, at least now i know i can get 30% off on my next pair of spec frames 😉 *self consolation*