big question mark, revelation and realisation

big question mark.
Wow, I didn’t even know she was currently in a relationship until about half an hour ago. What a surprise, haha. I suppose I shouldn’t even be surprised, since she’s the sort that most guys would like after all. Sweet manners, good looks, charming way of talking, just the sort that’ll melt most unknowing guys’ hearts like mine did a year ago 😉 It’s just too bad I don’t even have a heart to speak of right now, but that’s sort of beside the point.

What surprised me was that everything was kept low key, hehe. Having a boyfriend’s that shameful? Of course. it’s her own privacy of course, shrugs. But it really makes me wonder how many people actually knew that I was together with her once, apart from mutual friends like Erwin, Sharon, Yuzhong, Long. Just her usual style I suppose.. keep everything as low scope as possible, so that if disasters occur, preventive measures won’t be that drastic? heh. Thinking too much here bleah.

Like what a friend of mine told me (or rather, several good friends actually).. “She’s not worth it.”
I think right now, I’m really inclined to agree. All that’s left is of course, the quintessential “Why?”
It’ll prob take several lifetimes for me to understand what actually goes on in her head, all the manipulation that goes on concurrently between all the poor sods that try so hard to chase after her. Perhaps that’s what she meant when she said that she hurt too many people, and the guilt factor and such. Putting on a false front to everyone, trying hard never to reveal her true self. Who’d understand what goes on behind all the smiles and laughter? Maybe it’s all just a neverending quest for her to find a perfect one, while keeping everyone else in hold haha.

I guess my rehab’s finally complete now 😉
a. It took me from September last year until February this year to empty all the residual pain. Five months, more or less.
b. Miraculously, I spent the last few days in a more or less euphoric mood, really enjoyed them 😉 Like I mentioned earlier on, I could live my life without anymore of the raging turmoil, woohoo. Bliss ;))
c. I’m spending the last half an hour or so in.. understanding. Vague understanding, but still.. understanding nonetheless. An understanding that I’ll never understand Cin, what a contradictory statement 😉 And that I’d never, ever, ever even try to get back with her, no matter what. So there.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that I hate her of course; I could never do that, not in this lifetime at least. I’ll still hold a soft spot for her no matter what, but now.. I think I’m beginning to feel pity for her. She’ll always be part of my memories, that at least once before, I tried so hard to change circumstances in my life, and got it, after a fashion. If it wasn’t pity for me on her part, haha. Makes me wonder if I can consider that period as a real relationship, ponder. I can guarantee that she was serious.. for the first week at least. After that it got abit amorphous. Well, I think at least that was the only time I was ever so serious about anything 😉 seriously. Battery’s sorta empty now liao tho’ ;p

Well, after this final revelation.. I think I should really finish my tale up sometime, before I get into an fatal accident somewhere and leave it untold. Too good a story not to finish up after all, nothing’s ever as gripping a yarn as reality 😉 ‘Iam tendem’ is really quite a fitting title after all, but maybe I should just translate it back to ‘In the end’ before I print everything out.

Conclusion: I still want my books back! *mutters* It’s been months. Think I’d better get it back soon before she tries to fly off to Japan after graduation to work, geez.

And yeah.. for those who’re wondering if I hold anything back about my thoughts in my blog with regards to censorship or whatever.. here’s my answer. I don’t. So long as it’s my own affairs of course.
You think I care about whoever I know that reads this? I don’t. So, whoever that knows me and doesn’t like what I just wrote.. you have a few alternatives of course.
a. Fuck off and don’t read it then. Go watch porn, it’d be infinitely more rewarding 😉 Nobody ever argues with porn.
b.Call me and tell me that I’m wrong. But of course, do you think I’d care about your fucking opinion? 😉 You’re entitled to yours and I’m entitled to mine.
c.Leave your flaming comments here if you can’t contact me for some weird reason. I guarantee that I’ll reply to whatever harebrained stuff you may leave within 24hrs, and it’ll still be ‘kindly fuck off’ if it annoys me 😉

Quite a happening day after all, don’t you think? Hiaks.

Rot on 😉

talked with yanxin mei last night online though, and some stuff she said made me think. in her perspective, a couple would try to go through everything together if they were committed to each other enough, regardless of the financial circumstances e.g. herself and her bf. yours truly thought about it awhile, and i realised it was pretty true ;p duh. thanks for the thought tho mei 😉 加油 to your next job, and your planned ROM + wedding in 2006!

but imo, i reckon that if you like someone enough, you shouldn’t let her suffer along with you in poverty, and should try hard to push yourself to better financial status. so if you aren’t earning at least 2k gross a month, a long term relationship should be a no-no. please kindly take note again.. in my own fucking (shit-you-if-you-disagree) opinion yes? 😉

the orrrrrrrrdinary levels are out?
turned out stan’s gotten pretty crappy results for his o’s 😉 an l1r4 of 18’s not really a fantastic score imo, but it should enough to scrape an entry into poly, and hopefully sign on for the navy as he wants to. premium plan, here he comes? hmm.

gerald (my bozo of a cousin who’s the same age as stan) got 19 for his l1r4, hahaha. what a joke.. the bugger’s an only child, an AC kid (woah.. AC kid man. mai siao siaos..), gets tons of tuition, and is the collective apple of my grandmother+his parents’ eyes. big apple there yes? i love it when shit happens, esp on this one 😉 all the years when his father calls over to compare results with stan, and haha! his score is barely on a par with stan’s 😉 cannot make it man.. simply cannot make it hahaha. man.. i think i’m goin’ sadistic over this :X like i was saying to stan just now.. “差啊!”

enough of this ;p lucky for me i don’t have any more exams, else i’d be failing every single one for sure, in retribution for cackling with glee over others’ misery :X shhh.

and once again

once again, ’tis one of those nights when i feel absolutely NUA and not in the blogging mood.. but due to unforeseen circumstances which i shall not name here..;p i decided that i would be blogging tonight after all.

work today was one of those rare NUA days when i don’t have to strain myself half-dead trying to haul network cables from point A to point B. all i had to do was take a marker, a pair of cutters, some connectors, faceplates and a butterfly box (sorry for all the alien terms heheh. they’re all super lightweight stuff anyway fyi.) and go around terminating connections.. ahh… bliss 😉

looking forward to sunday when i’ll have to do OT.. k la. i’m not really gonna enjoy it, since i’ll be burning another bball session pui. but the thought of the ot pay’s quite uplifting 😉

how crappy can guys get?
been listening to a friend’s tale on how she’d fallen for this guy before he left for his overseas studies for a year and a half, and i guess it must’ve really been a deep impression, since they’d only known each other for a coupla weeks.

anyway, she was prepared to try committing to a long distance relationship for him, but hmm. from the way things look, it seems that the guy got cold feet once he stepped onto the plane, and started operation ‘polite avoidance’ to her. she felt pretty upset about it, and shot a nice ‘lil email over to him, about how strongly she felt regarding their would-be relationship. well, considering the time period i don’t think it’s an official one. the guy didn’t make any promises either. smart ass to leave himself an escape route? of course, the friend was depressed all the way over him for awhile. that’s how serious it was..

and what’s happening now’s that apparently. it’s been revealed that.. this guy was pretty close with another female before he starting getting close to my friend, and hmm. not sure what to say except he’s good at socialising and making empty promises, stupid excuses to females perhaps. shrugs. end of the day, i sorta concluded the guy wasn’t really serious about my friend anyway. all the talk he had with her about their future and such, just a pack of sweet lies as usual.

that’s the funny thing about life sometimes; bastards always get the sweet tongues while nice guys only stammer and mumble over their words. well, most of the time anyway; there’re exceptions of course e.g. stammering bastards and smooth-talking nice guys lol. i guess i’m still one of the normal cases a.k.a. stammering nerd 😉

guess that’s all, yawn. don’t feel like putting up any lyrics tonight.

gnite people.


it’s odd how i’ve been feeling sleepy the entire day, and yet wakeup the instant i start work onsite. i seem to have an on/off switch implanted somewhere now, heh. the feeling of drowsiness/lethargy disappeared entirely once i left the office though :X like they say,”上班一条虫,下班一条龙” heheh.

cycled all the way to bedok on a sudden whim, and managed to get myself lost on the way back. geez, how many people can claim to getting lost in bedok? bloody paisay man. was too busy listening to my md and speeding to notice the road signs.. and ended up in chai chee the first round, and kaki bukit when i turned around. waliao 😉 it would’ve been fun if i wasn’t toting a new pair of shoes i just bought.. and my packet of fish head curry for dinner. poor fish, kena sloshed around for about an hour before i reached home ;p

blog styling
i get more and more embarassed as i browse thru other blogs 😉 features like song playing, fancy graphics, templates, javascript all over the place, making their sites an eyecatching place to visit. mine? guess i don’t need to elaborate :X

however.. it all boils down to a single sentence. ;p
so long as my blog serves its basic function i.e. allow me to rave all i want and post it, i’m content. if it isn’t broken, better not to fix it.

inner peace.
for the first time in months, i’ve lived thru the entire day without any feelings of the usual pain that’s accompanied me constantly previously. guess you could term the feeling as 心酸.

how would i define it?
对我而言, 一道擦身而过的背影, 曾经熟悉的景物已.. 足以让那悲伤与空虚的感觉重现.
所做过的一切,依然不停的在脑海里.. 播映如一场看不完的电影.

it really feels good to be able to distance myself from everything related to the heart 😉
i finally feel as normal as i’ve felt in a long time.. maybe in years. it was the constant loneliness that gnawed at me in the past, to be followed by longing, confusion, misery and finally pain. nothing for today though, smile.

hope this carries on.

lyrics again.
today’s another song from lin zhixuan. (my 偶像!)
melancholic tune, guitar strumming for the most part. his vocals always sound so sad.. like a cold breeze that brushes against your skin in the lonely night, grins. prob that’s why i like it.

there’s an part in the middle where a telephone conversation is enacted, with the guy’s answering machine playing, and the girl asking how he’d been, and talking about how she noticed it was his bday and a few more pleasantries before she dropped the line. sad.

æž—å¿—ç‚« – 往事借过

我以为遗忘就可以让人摆脱伤痛 最后是梦想被趕走
那阵风 吹过 吹痛我的耳朵 它说它只是路过
找不到让我心跳乱了节奏的兇手 我亲口答应让她走
抬起头 看哪 荒芜的天空
青春是否燃烧过 眼泪是否流过 別问我
我说往事借过 她並不够爱我
我根本无从选择 我只是平凡渺小虛榮 拒绝心痛 不甘势弱
我说往事借过 草率无知懵懂 也不算滔天的错
虽然我 眼泪滚烫如火 恨不能够 时光到流 爱到痛

stranded, being a poor farker, bball crap, late night talking and being lyrical

think i’m really fated to rot @ home + concuss away today 😉
asked like 4 people whether they were free to go out, and every single one had something on. geez. oh well, save marnee’s the slogan of the month, time to keep to it too ;p

poor farker.
forgot if i’ve mentioned this here before, but i did a breakdown of my financial debit/credit (a.k.a. where my $ goes) and i discovered that i had really little to zero free cash left to save up. time to cut down on my spending man.. sigh i wish i didn’t have to give so much for household expenses every month ;p feels like working without purpose now, ‘cept that i’m independent haha.

bball crap.
i ended up being the one to contact the rest of the guys for bball today; unfortunately.. it didn’t occur to me that i’d left out jiansheng until this morning when we met at the blk 450 court. man.. some of them even managed to misinterprete my sms, and tot that 450 meant that we were playing at 4:50pm -.- man.

today’s session was fun, as we were playing pretty fast all the way. rebound, fast break, get the ball in. left me exhausted near the end of the third game ;p i was wheezing like a broken steam engine.. haha :X poor stamina. i wasn’t really satisfied with my performance today as usual, could’ve been better heh. was too slow at some parts in defense, bad passes and such.

however, jianhao gave more positive feedback.
“as someone who watched you play ball right from the start, i think you’ve really improved..”
something like that. something to brighten the day, haha. ah hao’s been the only one from my batch to stay together for bball after all these years, appreciate him being around always. like what we were saying earlier on.. no matter how lousy we felt when we played bball, or how crappy we played, the love for the game’ll always be there for some weird reason haha 😉

late night talk, and what transpired after.
i was supposed to reach the court by 9am today, but arrived late.. due to the fact that i’d been talking to yiting thru icq all night till 3am. the reason why her recent blog entries’d been so depressing finally came to light.. but oh well, it’s her stuff, won’t mention it here 😉 like i said, give the issue abit o time and see how things turnout la ger 😉

my own affairs are another issue entirely of course, no holds barred here 😉
we ended up talking about what exactly happened to me back then, and i showed her verbatim how the final words looked like.

maybe girls understand how it is better, or it’s just that she’s good at interpretation haha. anyway, she concluded in a few minutes what took me a few months to piece together. at least now it feels better that at least someone understood the situation i was in, heh. thanks man 😉

the funny thing happened today though; i was cycling from the court to the food court @ popular for lunch with the rest of the guys, and thinking abstract thoughts while distractedly continuing to cycle, (potential accident victim..) and my perspective finally took a turn for the better.

i was musing about things back then as usual, and how i was supposed to move on. and it occurred to me.. since i couldn’t be the one to make her let go of the past, and be the one for her anyway, so why bother thinking so much anymore? i should be thinking “next better player please!”

i’m already pretty set on NOT getting myself involved with her (or other females) romantically for now anyway, haha. (so to those female friends who’re wary of me intentions, relax man lol. i’m not interested in you.) why bother? even if she’s avoiding me again now (prob ‘cus i’d seen her twice outside, didn’t walk up to say hi but messaged her to tell her i’d seen her lol. think it set her thinking and started the avoidance thingy all over again for the nth time) does it even concern me? all i want is to just get my stuff back, return her stuff and period. she can move to outer space for all i care 😉

friends still? haha, kinda hard, esp after that painful period last year, and all the long term results that’s still evident now e.g. i feel more dead than alive 😉 it sears me everytime i see her anyway; i think i’d be happier if i never saw her ever again after i get back my books. (my bloody books.. sians.) in fact, i’d be even happier if i had permanent memory loss of that period in my life, haha. too bad that one’s kinda impossible eh?

rot on. 😉

waxing lyrical
footnote here, lyrics to another of those sad songs i seem to like so much 😉 an army friend of mine, franco once called me a sadist cus of this. sad-ist ;p i could never sing this song properly though, pitch’s way too high at some parts for me 😉

æž—å¿—ç‚« – 如果不是因为你

如果从来不曾遇见你 如果从来不曾爱上你
发生在我身上的事情 不会如此美丽
爱情曾经怎样带领我的心 撇开世界只有你是唯一(如今猜想原因还是一个迷)
狠狠爱过一回 却换来一句 傻哪
不问你会在哪里 身边什幺伴侣 对我来说最难熬的都已过去
如果不是因为你 我不会见识爱可以从天堂置人于地狱
拥有它 这代价有几个人付得起
你的名 你的身影 有天会忘记 回忆 无形却挥不去
如果不是因为你 我不会见识爱可以从天堂置人于地狱
拥有它 这代价用一辈子还不清
怪我太痴心 恨你太绝情 这不堪的感情 虽然 我已不再爱你
因为爱上你 因为失去你 这伤痛如此刻骨铭心
爱情 多残酷的美丽


seems like ’tis been quite a few days since i last blogged, heh. the urge seems to be dying down gradually hmm. not that i can’t spout trash anytime, but i’m simply not in the mood to write, just like i’ve stopped writing my tale. that mouseclick to the shortcut is just *that* hard ;p

was having lunch alone today @ raffles place, and instead of squashing myself to 1/5 of a table at the nearby golden shoe complex, i took the alternate route out. spent $2.50 on a packet lunch + drink, and ambled over to boat quay, relaxing in the feel of the place. i don’t really know why, but i feel really at ease whenever i pass by the place 😉 good that i had my lunch today there, heheh. it’s really been awhile since i felt at peace with myself, not thinking about anything and simply relaxing.

lim kopi session with ah long tonight; passed him his bday pressies as well. i went down to peninsula plaza the other day, and bought two books. one’s a dilbert book, pretty funny but i’ve alredi forgotten the title :X the other’s quite suited for ah long 😉 it’s named ‘why guys lie and girls cry’. haha ;p i think these stuff’re better than a bloody t-shirt yet again for presents.. hmm. maybe i’m wrong but who cares, shrug.

my team played our 3rd match in the ‘irene ng challenge trophy’ competition against punggol last night; needless to say we lost ;p difference of 25 odd points, quite neat. the guys more or less played according to normal standards 😉 i played in the 2nd quarter, and managed to fall flat during a rebound, banging up my knee and left wrist. do i feel good or what ;p had to be helped out of the court, sadness. good game imo tho.

i was cycling to work as usual in the morning, and the song that was playing from my md happened to be ping guan’s ‘li kai wo’, a live version sung during one of the concerts when he was still in ‘wu ying liang pin’. the lyrics struck me as pretty parallel to what i did, laugh.

anyway, here’s the lyrics. might wanna change encoding if you can’t view it ;p look for me if u want the mp3, haha.

品冠 – 离开我

我把你的电话从手机里消除了 我把你的消息从话题里减少了
我把你的味道用香水喷掉了 我把你的照片用全家福挡住了
你让我的懂事变成一种幼稚 你让我的骄傲觉得很无知
你让我的朋友关心我的生活 你让我的软弱伴你的自由
离开我 你会不会好一点
离开你 什么事都难一点 车来了 坐上你的明天
车走了 我还站在路边 离开你 会不会好一点
离开你 什么事都难一点 风来了 云就会少一点
你走了 我住在雨里面

another interesting song from the same concert. i like this one alot too 😉

品冠 – 重来

曾经的你是我全部 在朋友面前常爱提起的名字
最喜欢你笑的样子 彷佛一个单纯快乐的孩子
如今一切历历在目 你已成为我伤心的往事
那段有你有梦的日子 我真的很想可以再开始
虽然过去都已飘逝 我仍期待重来一次
好好将所有感觉从头收拾 再回到我和你的昨日
我真的很想让我和你 回到过去重新再来
再爱一次 我会在乎我们的故事 改写我们的历史
为你轻轻擦去眼角的泪珠 真的很想让我和你回到过去
重新再来 再爱一次 我会珍惜我们的最初
不想看你为我哭 让你陪孤独说不尽心事

nerd in the works, vday recap, and passing by

nerd in the werkz
wasn’t really planning to write tonight, but there i was, flipping thru the new issue of newman (it’s out if you haven’t noticed.. phyllis quek’s on e cover) and happened to see this section about a free online iq test, so off i went to try the timed 12 minute test. turned out i got 142, hmm. highly gifted? lol, i seriously doubt so ;p was going to apply for membership, but got turned off when i saw the money factor. i don’t need to be certified as a budding genius, laugh. but hey, it might look good on my resume eh? ;p
anyway, here’s the url if you’re interested. enjoy!

valentine’s day last saturday was.. tiring. i had to work at harborfront as usual, and rush home after that, changing + getting ready to meet lishi to go for the bodyworlds exhibition (finally), where all the exhibits sorta reminded us of food lol. freaky. the foetuses on show were a lil creepy tho. took us 45mins to make a circuit and exit swiftly. too bored 😉

we went down to suntec after that to meet sharon, peiyi, siying and peiyong at cafe cartel; dinner ;p i was really starving at that point, and cafe cartel seemed to be running out on everything. i could only choose between breaded chicken, pork chop and some other odd stuff, geez. erwin n qin arrived later, and we sortof made a noisy scene there that night 😉 fun! (checkout my gallery for two photos taken that night.) headed home after that, period. total costs for valentine’s day? $35 for 3 bouquets to sharon, lishi n huiying.. plus dinner which was.. $15? the bodyworlds thingy cost $18 =( promotion over, pooi. not too bad i guess.

sunday was another full day out.
– went to hsa in the morn to donate blood with lishi, and watched apprehensively at the part time auntie who was incharge of poking needles into our arms. “your jing mai (blood vessels) all so small ah.. how to poke in?” she muttered while working. fortunately, nothing happened on my side. unfortunately for lishi, her arm got another decoration of honor from the experience; she had bruises and swelling on her right arm. woops. lucky she’s a left hander lol.
– afternoon movie @ gv plaza singapura; along came polly’s really quite a funny show. should catch it if you like romantic comedies 😉 but it’s a little short tho, 1 hr 20 mins approx.
– going down to changi airport to send zaoliang.. and surprisingly sunny (another classmate of mine. he happened to be taking the same flight) off. amidst farewells from friends, relatives and a teary girlfriend, sunny grinned as usual and soon was on his way to australia, qut. zaoliang had it better; his family all left quite early. i guess i was the only one who’d come. (xiaohui abruptly couldn’t make it an hour before we met -.-)addison and owen came to send sunny off tho, so that made four of us after the sendoff.
– was supposed to head down to changkat cc after that for dinner with the guys, but addi’s turning into ecp left me sortof stranded at east coast ;p dinner @ macdonald’s, talk kok session with linda, owen and addi till 11pm.
– reached home at midnight, tired outz.

another sidenote
saw cin @ harborfront today while i was going out from my site. kinda stopped my heart and i froze for less than a second, but just continued walking down the overhead bridge, passing each other within arm’s reach. guess that’s how life is? nothing’ll happen if you don’t do anything; two people walking past each other without anything ever happening, heheh.


bball, the works and non-private stuff

boing boing.
just returned from my impulse session of bball @ changkat; hmm tio qie 😉 by some other guys from the tampines west cc group lol. there was this big-sized guy who was really strong.. hmm either that or i’m really getting weak. shrug, anyway. i got bumped off by him quite a number of times while playing haha 😉 the other guys in my team were quite concerned i guess, asking if i was all right, oops. guess i must’ve really looked frail ;p i replied with one of my usual stupid grins. ‘still gotta work tomorrow man, take it easy haha.’ on the way back, it set me thinking though. i seem to have become extremely bad at bball lately; bad @ dribbling, half-baked at shooting with a slow release, out-rebounded when it comes to competition, lousy defense.. hmm i don’t know what i’m good at anymore. perhaps i’m just playing because i like to play 😉 reason enough? seems that time whizzes by in a flash, and i’ve already been playing bball for more than 6 years? not much improvement though, lol.

good AND bad news today regarding the bball competition; it turned out that we’d be facing another team instead of the vaunted punggol team i.e. the lion dance group from changkat. haven’t played with them full court before, but i can bet they’d win us in stamina and speed, as well as accuracy. shrug, i won’t be playing most prob anyway, gotta send zaoliang off at the airport this sunday bleah. see u idiot, i’m sacrificing my bball time cus of u k! bonk.

k, now for the bad news. met alan in the evening at changkat after work, and darryl tore his ligament (ankle ligament tear..? dunno. ’tis the first instance i’ve heard of.) during the game, and was recuperating in hospital now. man, sadness. if it happened to me i think i’d really go down into the dumps.. seriously suay with a capital bold underlined S. shit happened as usual.

de workz.
continued my work at harborfront today. i..
– laid more wires. as usual. the new clipsal boxes my manager ordered seems to be of a low quality.. the boxes were beginning to fall apart while i was lugging ’em from the van to the site, a mere 20-30 metres.
– concealed the bloody wires in partition walls. easy ;p
– have gotten into drinking two glasses of sugarcane juice everyday for lunch. slurpz. yep, they’re the big glasses btw 😉
– highlight of the day: learnt how to singlehandedly pull a bloody 38m wire from one end of an office to the other end while precariously balancing myself on a 10-step ladder, sweating gallons. the thought that there’d be absolutely nothing comforting (read as SOLID. everything’s flimsy for some weird reason.) you can cling on to in the event of a misstep makes the stress level absurdly high for some reason 😉 of cuz, the nearby red hydrant pipe was pretty inviting as a handhold, but i’d surely be sacked if i really grabbed that during my fall and it suay suay BROKE, flooding the site. don’t laugh, it’s happened before 😉
– stretching myself carefully while on the ladder, and carefully pulling the wire along the tray when the familiar feeling comes.. the wire’s gotten tangled at the other end again, fuck. so off i go down the ladder, walk all the way to the other end, smooth the wire nicely yet again before heading back and climbing the damn ladder to carry on pulling.
– repeat if shit happens.
*note: normal people do these sort of stuff with 3 people in a group at least. there’s a reason for that ;p there’s supposed to be one more person at a corner or the other end, helping to untangle the wire(s), as well as one more in the middle to help pull the wire, easing the load.

worked till about 6pm before we went back to the office, and got caught in a traffic jam at the expressways (while debating about the massive loads of cars bearing SD-blah license plates surrounding us, and whether the belting would give out on us before we reached the office and leave us stranded in the middle of the expressway), so 7pm when i finally reached the office, duh. zhiming, yijian, edmund and gladys were all seated, peering at their own copies of a new floor plan (i’m guessing it’s the coming TNT project. none of my business.. muahaha.) ran off for home as soon as i sorted out my toolbag; i haven’t even had the chance to update the telephone extensions for TNT i was doing the other day.

at least my toolbag’s lighter now 😉 i managed to get my hands on a proper box for storing nails and screws, instead of the various containers i was using previously ;p found measuring tape and a square rule as well in the old storeroom the other day too, grinz. more stuff to use ;))

privvy stuff? nah!
thanks to some of the people who messaged me after reading my recent entry; was esp surprised to see qinglong’s message 😉 if u’re reading this, thanks for your words of encouragement man. but for the hantus who bother to visit my blog and keep silent, i’m clarifying this once again.. i am not feeling suicidal! ;p so there.

surprisingly, i’m going out on valentine’s day after work though; asked enough people out already haha 😉 lishi’s all right already, so’s sharon and erwin. the rest of the people are either.
a. busy e.g. weekend duties, part time job, yada yada. or.
b. attached i.e. so they’d have their own programs ;p
think we’d be catching a movie hmm. i’m thinking of watching along came polly. i’m a sucker for ben stiller movies as well as fantasy romance movies lol 😉 unreal lives appeal to me. ben stiller’s performances in zoolander and meet the parents got me laughing away, so i’m hoping for the same in this 😉

i think this is the first time i’m sending out flowers on v-day to more than one person lol, too rich? oh well, ’tis just a token anyway, think i can still afford it. one thing i’m abso certain.. i am most definitely not gonna send flowers or anything to.. hmm nevermind. think you get my drift 😉