;)) ended up really going for a run just now. not really sure how far i ran.. perhaps close to 2km at most ;p but i was going at a pretty fast clip, more or less my usual pace when i ran my rounds back in ns. nahh… definitely slower 😉 i’ve slackened since then.

it feels mindlessly exhilarating to be jogging out at night, grinz. with the cool night air and the relative silence, you could just concentrate on your running and clear your mind of everything else. ohm..;p

oddly enough, the run brought back memories of jogs back during my unit life, hiaks.
– runs with ah ben and yinghao (usually..) running figures of either 0, 6 or 8 in camp. other guys like andrew and mervyn would join us on occasion, but they usually couldn’t keep to our pace :X
– interval training with yinghao at the slope infront of soce. siong but fun, laugh. the slopes that we’d encounter while running, and how i’d usually endup behind ben but infront of yinghao ;p
among the older guys i was one of the keener runners back then hiaks. the rest of the guys simply weren’t that interested in running. slacking was another issue altogether of course.. haha 😉 i’m all for slacking too! too bad i never got to hit ippt gold timing before during service days; the closest i ever got to was 10:00 :X so near yet so far. oh well.. hope for miracle to happen in future ippt days ;p there’s always cat y to look forward to hahaha.

nice read 😉
was browsing thru buzz’s blog just now 😉 his entries’ll really make you laugh out loud, smile. the humor in the words simply make you feel feel that way. be sure to give it a read!

running out of reading material during work hours tho’, and i’m resorting to buying the straits times every morning to occupy my mind during transit. either that or sleeping :X
robert jordan’d better publish the next book for wheel of time soon.. arrrgh. i’m still waitinggg.g.gggg.g. altho john grisham has new works out already.. but i’m kinda giam siap right now :X haven’t even bought the king of torts yet sighs. tom clancy’s jack ryan series are a no-no for me.. the plot’s gone all way downhill 😉 unless i get my books back from cin, think i’m not gonna touch tom clancy for now; i wanna read everything together ;p

bah, got a buncha interview questions from alan to fill in now, think i’ll stop here 😉
nightz to u all.

kaopeh time

kaopeh time.
geez, yet another day when i reach home after 830pm, thereby giving me the great honor of missing yet another basketball session tonight at changkat, spit.

i probably don’t smell very good, i’m hungry, tired, wet from the stupid rain, and extremely irritated from work.

just so that i could use the fucking cargo lift at level 17, i had to
– climb up to level 19 and wait for a xialan bangla to operate the lift and bring me down.
– wait like an idiot at level 1 for the cargo lift to come down.
– wait again patiently like an invisible man while an entire bunch of workers from another company moved THEIR stuff up and down the building, until it was my turn to use the lift. (yeah, i was INSIDE the lift the entire fucking while.)
the entire process took me like 20 minutes to nearly half an hour. just to use a fucking lift? man.

add the fact that i left my i/c at wda along with my colleague’s, and my bro just wore a new shirt i bought out for his fucking pool session without even asking me.. shrug. being pissed off is a mild term to put it. fuck it.. think i’m gonna write ot for today as well. if staying at work from 6 – 7pm without dinner isn’t ot, i dunno what it is. fuck the manager if he’s gonna argue over this.

dunno why but my temper seems to be on the rise these few days, heh. i jump from emotionless to red-hot in seconds, so it seems. perhaps the lack of entertainment’s really getting to me liao. work seems to piss me off effortlessly. i almost always get to do overtime everyday, what with preparing stuff for tomorrow’s job(s), briefing for tomorrow’s projects.. nb.

and then there’s this stupid new regulation which says that we have to wear uniforms during work hours nowadays, reason being the subcontractors complaining why they’ve to wear the company uniform when we don’t even wear it. man, i haven’t seen ANYONE in the company wearing uniform during work time on a regular basis lor. oh well. wait till the others start wearing before i do.

lots of stuff to kaopeh tonight heh. oh well, i’m done. time to take my fucking bath, dinner and continue to rant if i’m still in the mood. or maybe go take a jog if i’m still in the mood AND if the rain’s petered off.


nothing better to do tonite, so might as well continue ranting ;p

just realised that my banner looks horrifically ugly. in other words, i must’ve been really, really mad to even put it up. think it’s time to design some better lookin’ stuff.. hmmm.
*half an hour passes in hands idly fiddling with photoshop*
think this looks slightly better.. least it’s not my stupid face anymore hiaks.

met junhao (one of my mates in camp last time) for dinner yesterday at dhoby ghaut. his first comment on seeing me. “walao.. so beng!” -.- think his hair’s even longer den mine. maybe ’tis the longer + unkempt + dyed hair, or the earring, or the clothes, or a combination of the above factors ;p whatever. talked quite abit about life since the last time we met (which was last mid-year before he ord-ed), and crapping about camp stuff in the past.

went over to mechmaster.. and played one of the most horrible games of pool ever. geez, if i tot i was off form on saturday night.. i was wrong 😉 i was playing like a damn newbie. well.. perhaps even worse than a newbie; at least newbies had something called beginners’ luck.. ‘tho i had lots of luck too. bad luck. i could almost guarantee my white ball’d ending up in a pocket everytime i hit it hard.. sadness. and you would’ve thought that 5+ years of playing pool/billiard would’ve been enough to get that part over with.

he’s coping quite well with ntu life, but seems to have trouble coping with c++. anyone in hall 13? feel free to help him out ;p don’t think his oo concepts are firmly in place yet. good to see him tho 😉

think i’ve lots of catching up to do with other kakis man, people like brian (from my renewal days) eugene, lawrence (from sispec), alex, tx, aik, linhai, shawn, lk n win (poly mates), aloy (from hotl3), and so many others i’ve like not been bothering to stay in contact with. hais. i’ve enough trouble trying to maintain contact with my gang, not to mention others.

oddly enough, working seems to be allowing me to have more time to do my own stuff? on the other hand, 99.9% of my frens (who’re mainly either in ns OR studying) are too busy to meetup, so what’s the point of having free time even? sucks when i’m like the only guy i know who’s working fulltime ;( i endup wandering around alone most of the time doing stuff like renting comics, windowshopping, swimming, basketball blahblahblah.
of course.. the feeling of loneliness doesn’t strike me as acutely nowadays.
then again, what’ll hit me hard nowadays? 😉

stupid things that make me grin
– as reported on today’s straits times: the government changing its stance on building new hdb flats, from *not* building anymore 5-room flats to considering withdrawal of the 1985 stance on *not* building new 3-room flats. what’s their problem man, lol. why bother to even build more flats? our population’s not even getting enough babies to replace the current batch, and they’re worrying over sales on housing? everyone live together la..;p save money.

– some dumb auntie using her miniscule handbag to shield her face from the sun. so old still heow, hope she gets more wrinkles. oops, did i actually type this out? 😉
unless her face really has the same surface area as the dumb bag, i doubt it’ll make much difference ;p kinda like giving a tissue to a totally drenched person to dry off. then again, if she did that long enough it’ll be pretty interesting too, hiaks. imagine having an untanned area the shape of a handbag on your face ;))

– one of the receptionists at a client company being absent, and a cute girl taking over the spot for today 😉 not a beauty queen by any stretch, but i’m not a 10/10 either ;p enough to make me grin that’s for certain. nowadays, my facial muscles sortof involuntarily cramp into a wide grin whenever i see any babes close by. cannnnnnnot make it.. how am i supposed to gek seh (i.e. acting like i have an attitude problem + jaw ache) with this going on? but back to the main topic.. what a welcome sight for sore eyes esp during work hours 😉 heh heh.

rot on ;p

大条, and a change of plans

just got into my first serious debate against my manager ;p
previously gotten into quite a few minor arguments already, *all* of them regarding money i.e…
– the time i got injured during my first week of work, was on mc and they deducted my wages *and* didn’t allow my medical claims, stating MOM regulations as a backing. wahliao.. damn pissed that time. but i lunnn 😉
– queries regarding the exact method they used to calculate my overtime pay, which of course led to how they calculated my hourly pay in the first place.

after those few times, i decided that i’d claim ot on any fucking occasion i stayed back to work, so long as it extended beyond 7pm. 6 to 7pm.. suan le 😉

and of course, it’s been going quite well recently, until just now, hiaks. i was called to stay back (yet again..) to work on programming a panasonic phone system, cleaning the fucking office (which i’d managed to skip successfully for 2 weeks straight), and some other various odds and ends, all the way until 730pm. nothing went wrong until we were closin’ the office and i sauntered off happily, planning to write down my ot duration for today.

enter edmund, my manager, mouthing ‘wa.. like that also want to write ot ah?’
*raised eyebrow from me* ‘aiya.. still stay back ma.’
after that it sortof deteriorated into a debate about what exactly entitled an employee at my company to overtime pay. from his point of view, so long as one’s own work was unfinished, he should stay back and finish it before going off.

granted, i accept that so long as the work is reasonable. but imagine man.. just imagine.
you go off to different companies to do work in the morning till evening, and usually reach office at about 6. that’s work i.e. cabling of network/telephone lines, relocating points, troubleshooting faults.. all pure technical stuff. after you reach the office, the work continues. briefs about the next day’s job(s), preparation of necessary equipment at the very least. if you’re suay (like my other colleagues) then you have other paperwork lined up for you, which of course doesn’t earn you any overtime pay. isn’t paperwork work? and all along i thought working hours in this place was from 830am to 630pm at most ;p

he responded with the fact that we took our time between jobs, taking coffeebreaks and such. i replied ‘er.. it’s not like i got a choice ma. uncle bring me along i can’t say no right?’ his opinion was fairly entertaining, to say the least 😉 he actually said that the time in between was a privilege, not an entitlement, and he could call us back to office in between those jobs. har, what fucking privilege excuse me? hello.. if i’m in boon lay and i gotta head up to north area for servicing the vehicle, it’s abit spastic to ask my colleague to waste 40mins driving back to tampines, drop me off at the office and drive back to the workshop isn’t it? duh. not to mention days when we’ve had to rush to 5 locations within a single day. not only crisscrossing singapore in the process, but finishing work at 7+pm, only taking a 20min lunchbreak in between. man. for a measly 960 bucks.. seriously fuck ’em 😉

i ended up not writing the ot for today and meekly apologizing to edmund, in view of the fact that my boss was within sight. not a very nice idea to cause a ruckus in my 4th month.. too early hiaks. wait till i’ve finished learning all there is to learn *then* haha.. that’s a different tale altogether.

lunnn… hiaks. humans. you simply gotta respect them for the level of bastardy everyone resorts to when it comes to money. fuckin’ scrooges 😉

shift in plans.
was thinking abit during work today, and i think i’ve decided on some major points to my future for now.
– i’ll work full time until 2006 at least, when i’m 25. hopefully by then my savings’ll be quite substantial.
– use whatever money i have to kickstart my degree education, hopefully full time, if not then part time. it’ll definitely be an overseas degree; i don’t wanna waste four fucking years in a local university horsing around like an idiot just to get a bachelor’s degree. don’t have enough time for that.
– my degree’ll most likely be related to either networking or telecommunications, depending on my interest and my knowledge to both fields at that point of time. at least i won’t be wasting my time in mossad all this while ;p related field.. hiaks.
– if i ever get a driving license.. the only car i’ll buy would be a volkswagon beetle. lol, odd resolution 😉

bwahaha, finally!

bwahaha.. finally.
it’s taken me like three nights of poring over websites.. but i’ve managed to convert the dumb divx movie to vcd format! 😉 happiness + sense of achievement. been a long time since i’ve taken more than a day to solve stupid issues like this ;p brains must be rusting like mad, heh.

and after almost a week of constant rainy evenings.. the skies cleared for awhile just now, enough for me to go down changkat and play abit before the rain started again ;p damn, but i suck man. missed like X attempts at the basket, where X is like 10% of the total amount. spit.

went for pool at night with alan and zhongyang, bumped into huiying + her poly junior there. i played ‘fairly good’ in the first half hour, deteriorated to ‘barely scraping thru’, and finally got to the ‘simply cannot be bothered’ mode and started anyhow playing. geez, oversaturation even ‘tho i haven’t been playing for like a month? cannot make it man.. simply cmi.

wondering now where i should be heading tomorrow afternoon, ponder. no destination as of now, z. maybe meeting junhao for dinner, heh. odd turn of events, but oh well. hope i don’t endup staying out too late.. tiring monday coming up.

assorted rants

assorted rants and raves.
– noticed i’ve been getting more and more cuts man.. on my fingers, hands, arms -.- not to mention broken fingernails from trying to strip telephone wires barehanded :X mann.
– it’s been raining so much that i haven’t had much chance to go down for bball ;( sad. not to mention being drenched upon during work hours ;p it’s a miracle i haven’t fallen sick yet.
– gonna get more flab if i still don’t exercise regularly.. geez.
– gotta save money.. cut down on expenditure!
– it’s so farking hard to convert a divx movie to several vcds.. tried all of last night and tonight, wasted 3 cdrs and got a big red FF for fucking failure. think i’ll try to do it by this week tho’.. chiong ah!

birthday wishes!
in about an hour or so it’s gonna be huiying’s birthday, no present tho.. oops. guess i’m gonna send an sms and leave it at that :X she’s one of my schmates from ngee ann, also another former swimmer, and part of our group as well.. (one of the lesser active ones)

was planning to buy a present for her as well, but after i sent a few messages out to ask for suggestions.. the overall response sorta killed my enthusiasm. since everyone can’t really be bothered to take time out to buy.. why should i be the one to do so? man. wanna fuck it, let’s fuck it together baby. apologies to huiying on this count :X sorry ger.
but still, happy birthday! 😉 fortunately.. no more upcoming birthdays this month on my forecast. phew.

the earstud still feels pretty weightless.. waiting for another week to pass before i remove it and change it to a earring i suppose. wont be very good if my piercing closes up now, lol. slowww.. time is going so slow.

on a more positive sorta count, i did up my room a few days ago 😉 bought a whiteboard and several mounting boards, and placed them around my wardrobe. i guess it looks more organised now.. sorta.
now the doors of my wardrobe are stuck with black-bordered blue boards, littered with pinned garfield comics, mandarin song lyrics, a monthly calendar.. my ns recall manning list, and…
a picture from the straits times which shows darren lim and evelyn tan together, evelyn feeding a strawberry into darren’s open mouth. sweet 😉 put it up partly because the photo looks really nice, 俊男与美女. but like what i told stan, ’tis also a reminder of what i can’t have, smile.
just got my first ever IR8A form.. yay. i’m officially a tax-paying citizen? man.

work sample.
visited carlson marketing group at harborfront in the morning, worked on their network lines.. and started yakking to this other guy who was working there part time. he’s a compsci grad from np, roughly same ord date ‘cept that he ord-ed later by a month. job market’s bad, so he decided to rot at home, work part time while waiting for univ application results. good life. too bad i’m not entitled to luxuries like rotting at home, unlike the fucker who sits at home everyday 😉

went to ikea to work on their telephone lines in the noon, and got the chance to sample the hotdog franco was always raving about in camp last time. it’s not half bad, but not really worth the raving about, grinz.

after that, it was on to jalan boon lay for work at some temporary structure there, a sorta consultation centre for the residents on renovation or something. would’ve been a nice job if it wasn’t for the stiff ceiling boards and bloody rain. but i managed to work more or less smoothly there; felt good hiaks. laid the wires, terminated the connections with rj45 connectors alone and without instructions ;p auto gear’s good when you know what to do.

i miss bball! spit. bloody rain.

rot on.

bloody rain, recap, and lurking thoughts

bloody rain.
wokeup to the welcome sight of raindrops falling away like bloody nobody’s business, spit. all well and good during the weekend when i’ve time to snooze i suppose.. but on a monday? geez. ended up reaching the office later than usual, being resigned to taking the bus.

and by the time i managed to trudge home amidst the neverending deluge of rain after work, it was 9pm. AND i was literally soaked -.- shoes wet, windbreaker wet, jeans wet, wet wet wet. you could say i sorta asked for it, since i refused my manager’s offer of a lift out ;p but it’s been quite awhile since the last time i’ve walked in the rain, and i had all the time in the world after all :X kinda fun, but now that my flu’s starting to worsen.. i don’t really think so ;( sighs.

why you shouldn’t sing when you have a blocked nose.
had a sudden urge to listen to 无印良品, and ended up trying to sing along to their farewell concert vcd.

badddddd choice ;p i sound quite bad usually, but this time prob topped the previous attempts haha. but i really like some of their songs, like 身边,别人都说我们会分开,掌心,话题.. and songs in the concert like 离开我, 如果你还爱我,从来. so simple, yet so emotionally evoking 😉

recapz, part a.
met lh for dinner last night; think it’s been more than half a year since i last saw him ;p i wasn’t really sure of the interval at first.. then i remembered i wasn’t single when i met him lol. *that* sorta tied it down 😉

talked abit over dinner at some coffeeshop near bras basah, sampling the chicken rice there. the rice’s really quite nice, altho the msg’s prob quite a plateful hiaks. whogivesadamn :X

went down to g2000 after that, as i was planning to buy a tee i saw some months back. but after trying.. i decided another polo was better ;p and spent $40 on it. sighs, kena burn. lh bought a pair of pants for himself, same price. feel like i’ve been cheated, lol. the membership is open now, but.. $250 in a single receipt? kinda hard to achieve alone.

walked down to the marketplace at b1 of raffles city, and sampled some tsing tao beer that lh recommended. needless to say.. i found beer disgusting as usual, oops. not very nice to speak bad of stuff people nicely recommend to you, but shrug. good to be honest imfo.

lh bought norah jones’ new album @ sembawang too. nice songs man.. i sampled a few of it @ the shop before i recommended it to lh 😉 should geddit from me if you’re interested.. bleah.

recapz, part b.
spent saturday night at lishi’s bday chalet, met a few people i haven’t seen in quite some time i.e. churn mun, a junior from swimteam, and may, one of my cadets from red cross last time. the chalet’s pretty big, close to the sea, and possesses a nice open patch of greenery for miscellaneous activities. nice 😉 lishi’s family members were.. numerous to say the least. shivers ;p gonna be a tight fit to squeeze everyone in for a photo. we left early, right after the cake cutting.. and went down to tampines safra for bowling, and roti prata after that. slept at 3am that night ;( tiredz.

think quite alot of of my group people’s misunderstood about me though, laugh.
oh well.. let them be i guess. i’m not planning on doing anything stupid anyway, so why bother about rumors? 😉 whogivesadamn as usual.

lurking tots.
if you’ve managed to find my blog, then i guess you’ve noticed that my url’s changed ;p
i like keindall better than keinlv anyway. keinlv sounds like some fucking dumbass irc nick.
still pondering over i should actually go ahead and change my entire name on the i/c to something else.. not really happy with my name since a long time back ;p would ‘chua tze kian, kein sound better?’ shrugs. prob if i repeat it to myself a few million times and numb myself to it i suppose..

while browsing thru the sunday times yesterday, i caught an article on a very interesting medical condition known as the marfan syndrome. sounds like 麻烦 eh? 😉

seems that there’s no ready cure for the bloody thing, but only measures on how to prolong one’s lifespan if one has it. saddd, for the buggers who inherited it from their parents. saddder, when i just realised i had quite a few of the symptoms described inside.
but well, i don’t think i’m gonna pay a few thousand bucks on a fewking dna test just to ascertain this kinda shit, since..
– there’s no cure anyway if it’s really true, and.
– i’ve just wasted quite abit of $ if it wasn’t true.

i’ll literally laugh myself to death if i had it though 😉 everything in life’ll really seem so predestined. click here if you wanna read about it.

told lh about it while we were drinking last night, and his query as to whether my complacency towards mortality came before or after i met cin stopped my thoughts for like a few nanosecs. i pondered abit, and cheerfully replied that i’ve always been like that, only less so in the past. more or less true anyway.

rot on 😉