was up till 4 a.m. editing a video clip of a ktv session two weeks ago, changing it from mpeg-1 vcd format to realvideo 10 using realproducer (which i haven’t touched in 5 years or more.. gee) and burning it onto a cd-r. well, it wouldn’t be that bad if it was worth the effort; the dumb thing’s that i only realised the problem after i was done 😐 the main reason why sharon couldn’t view the video at first was due to the cd-r being faulty, not the video codec. *spits in disgust* oh well, what’s done’s done. at least i got a basic grasp of the controls in realproducer; it’s a pretty friendly program imo, easy to use. thanks to this, i’ve also just gotten a reminder to junk *all* my benQ cdrs to prevent future accidents.

so the conclusion’s that i only got like 3.5 hrs of snooze time before i had to go for work. funny thing was, i didn’t feel that tired today, and even wokeup before the damn alarm(s) went off? must be the realisation that mother’s not in and i’d have to wakeup earlier if i wanted to have breakfast ;p

monday un-blues.
the typical monday depression doesn’t really apply to me ;p i only feel sian on sunday nights, when the dread of another week comes. by the time monday rolls around, i’m more or less resigned to my fate and looking forward to the end of the day heh.

two new workers today, and both seem to be even younger den me geez. (and i tot i was already pretty young..) having two more guys around sped things up pretty much, and i was free to head off to another room to install another 4 network points by myself, going contrary to the uncle’s suggestion that i take one of the new guys along to help. no thank you, small job i’ll rather do it myself ;p own time own target anyway. laid the wires, nailed the pvc casing, punched the wires into the pds 110 block all by myself heh heh, minor sense of accomplishment. least i know i haven’t exactly learnt nothing after 6 mths.

today’s payday too! judging from my initial projections, it looks like i won’t get to save much money this month either; most prob too many outings.

unfortunately, splurged quite a bit too ;( newman new issue, 天下 new issue, first new issue also (with spidey as the cover.. couldn’t resist it), and i renewed my membership with comics connection after buying all 9 volumes of the 最游记 manga, taiwan ed. just bought ultimate spiderman trade #9 a few days back at bugis kinokuniya as well, and i think i’ve spent over a hundred bucks on reading material alone. ugh.

another of those odd jobs that i rarely receive nowadays; got a message from jianhao asking if i wanted to help with the purchase (inc. installation of windows os+office) of a hdd for meihui’s uncle’s comp. no idea about profit margin.. dunno what’s the requirements/budget of customer, dunno age of the comp as well.. but heck, it’s for a friend anyway. chin chai la 😉

judging from my estimates.. i think either a 80 gig or a 100 gig internal 7200rpm hdd should do the trick. haven’t thought about which brand to go for yet ‘tho, been awhile since i last headed down to sim lim. anyway it’s not that soon, wait till i receive confirmation before i buy the thingie.

time to settle down and start reading my purchases 😉 took me 2 hours to finish my dinner, being too engrossed in reading just now haha. chiong ah!


least that’s my supposed choice of activity for tonight ;p

if you’ve read my previous entry, den i guess you should know i was more or less a walking zombie today, and i still had to work bleh. fortunately i’m not the one doing the climbing up n down on ladders, else i’ll prob be in hospi being treated for compound fractures or something instead of blabbering here.

as usual, i watched and helped abit, more or less like completing our set targets for today and wrapping things up after that. ‘cus in work like this, it’s quite hard to do a bit of something; you either *not* do it or finish it in a single shot before you scram. and of course for me.. doing overtime on a saturday wasn’t really a viable option ;p not when i was the only one incharge today lol. colleague went to attend his son’s rom, and so i was king of the hill :X pushed for the guys to finish and pack up by 4 pm, and after a short kopi break, i was soon lying on my back on the lorry, the guys driving back to paya lebar and me snoozing without a care in the world, listening to my md and reading eddings (before i fell asleep that is). the wind was getting pretty irritating though, kept mussing my hair left right up down.

before i left my worksite, i’d began calling people on my handphone to arrange for a dinner meeting.. but well, bad day to organise this sorta stuff. everyone had something on bleh. qin had dinner with his jc friend, win was accompanying another kaki who just became single, meng scrimping over dinner expenses (even tho i offered to pay), nz + his gf n huiying were studying for their acca papers, yf celebrating his bday with his gf, sharon goin out with another buncha friends.. woo man. in the end it was like nick and me, period. i volunteered to cancel the outing at that point ;p couldn’t be bothered to go city hall for dinner with a guy. note: it’s not just about the sex only, it’s *one* guy somemore. forget it save $ for another day betta ;p

hmm yeah, think i should go print my june calendar now and update my forecast of events for this month.. is this coming wed a public holiday? heard from one of my guys it’s vesak day. i think i’m really losing track of time here 😉

and there’s this supposed bowling session @ safra that was set in motion about half an hour ago.. cancelled too bleh. suayz.

what can i do.. what can i do. look forward to bball tomorrow!

lack of sleep -.-

just came back from watching shrek 2 @ cineleisure w/ sharon n erwin.. and am i tired or what? it’s almost 4 a.m. and i have to work later? man. lucky i wokeup at 9+ a.m. today bleh.

and of course, like all sequels.. the first part’s usually the better one. shrek 2’s still pretty funny but hmm i dunno. maybe i’m just too tired to guffaw that much heh. it’s just one of those movies that’ll bring a trace of a smile to my lips but not keep me laughing throughout i think, hmm. quite a short movie, but still worth watching tho 😉
erwin threw the ticket stubs away, argh! (quote erwin) “har, u got collect one meh? i left them at the seats lei.” sian half.

wasn’t even planning on going out tonight, but one phonecall led to another, and in the end erwin + me met sharon after work and headed down to city hall (only to discover.. no more late night shows gee), then hailed a cab to cineleisure for the show. lucky we didn’t have to take a cab back.. 65M’s still around. $2.50 per pax’s better than $10++ total for a cab after all ;p but the bus driver was a maniac on the loose man.. i was being bumped up n down on my seat all the way ;p bloodyhell.
minor note: don’t ever order gyoza @ yoshinoya ;p not realli worth the money, too much air filled inside the damn things haha.

toothy issue.
just adjusted braces @ cgh again today, and had lunch w/ stan @ kfc. oddly enough i could finish the entire bloody zinger but *not* the cheese fries? funny teeth. my ortho told me my treatment’ll take 3 years.. *minimum*. MINIMUM. waliao eh, i began my treatment in nov ’03? means it’ll be nov ’06 at least before i can remove ’em. sadness.. think i’ll be single for 3 years more at least hahaha, damn ;p

was too bored, and went to calculate my estimated expenses so far on the damn braces. it goes up to like $1.8k so far? whee, seems like quite a lot :X

was reading yiting’s blog, and she seems pretty despondent. what can i say.. what can i say. she’s far more eloquent at expression than i am, nothing much left for me to comment anyway. from her words, she has tried hard for a better shot at life (as compared to yours truly) but hmm. shit happens?

from my pov.. all i can say is. i don’t see the point in living too.. but. there seems to be so many things i haven’t done in life, and suicide’s a pretty dumb option, considering all the efforts spent to nurture an asshole like me and if i slit my throat that’s it game over ;p pretty irresponsible to say the least.

there’re times when i feel so damn sick of being alone, and wish for someone to hold to and confide, and to be there for someone else, and to know that another person’ll be there for you no matter what, all the things that comes with a relationship. reality often intrudes at this point, reminding me that relationships don’t get bought at the supermarket counter; i’ve to go and actively look for one. at that part i can’t be bothered enough heh.. yet. but i’m starting to feel a little better now.

besides, since shit happens to me so frequently, i’m still hoping for the occasional miracle to happen haha. things are bound to even out somewhere ;p don’t believe i’m *that* suay.

heard that one of my frens flunked his univ modules again. another shit happens i suppose, and hoping he doesn’t take it too hard is kinda impossible i guess. sometimes i wonder how i would’ve fared had i gone the jc/univ route. probably struggling my way thru bloody univ modules as well too 😉 provided i’d managed to pass my theoretical ‘a’ levels in the first place :X

but i’ve never much regretted going the poly route haha, it’s opened up my thinking pretty much. not a better person by any shot, but a more realistic one.

argh, why do i have to work tomorrow! sians.

where’s all the time gone to? part 2.

here goes an entire night again.. man. done nothing but play around with my 3120 :X
surfed the net and found some related stuff to entertain myself, like:
alan’s handphone portal. local website, lots n lots of nokia-sized wallpapers and some 4 chord midis. (esp for lousy nokia hps) i was busy downloading the macross ones, while stan was fixated on those with the spectacular scenery. the pooh and tigger wallpapers reminded me of the past, heh but well past is past.

– using midi maestro to tweak the midi files i had, adjusting ’em into 4 chord midis for my hp. it’s a really good program for mixing midi files, too bad i’m using a free trial bleh. uploaded a bunch of final fantasy midis and other assorted songs i found on the net.

– coding workshop’s polyphonic wizard ;p saviour of the day. without it i wouldn’t have been able to upload ringtones at all. only discovered that after i deleted the thing last night and couldn’t upload a single piece of shit at all this morning :X another trial demo sighs.

mobile@home lotsa midi files for u to try n upload onto the hp. use right click/save as. be warned, lots of shit mixed up inside ;p takes alotta sifting.

– downloaded and installed some java games also (uploaded courtesy of oxygen manager ii) but the fucking games gave me null pointer exception on execution, so i deleted ’em. nb.

signed up for gprs thru singtel today, after calling singtel cust service and checking up why the fuck exactly wasn’t 3120 an accepted model for gprs services. the cs guy was nice enough not to bite my head off and told me the solution nicely ;p but made another critical error. i mms-ed nz the photo we took on saturday.. and gprs charges are at $0.52/k. i sent like 48-49k worth.. shit? oh well.. wait for the damn phone bill to come i guess.

1 a.m.! man.. another crazy night gone. and stan’s just about concussed in his bed already, so i guess it’s my turn ;p g’nite.

where’s all the time gone to?

waliao, it’s already past 1 a.m., can’t believe it ;( spent the entire night infront of my pc doing inconsequential stuff like:

– uploading ringtones/wallpapers/images of frens for addr bk onto my new hp. sideline issues like trimming the appropriate midi files down to size, getting the right images etc which took like hours :X not to mention encountering problems with the pc suite, which didn’t allow me to upload ringtones + leaving me stumped. until my meagre logic intruded and solved the issue, heh.

– downloading new episode of gensou maden saiyuki and manga scans of tenjo tenge vol 11. *and* clearing hdd space by burning saiyuki reload eps onto cdr.

– trying to watch tv AND eat dinner while multitasking thru the previous tasks.

– NOT managing to finish my read of today’s (yesterday’s now) straits times and this month’s reader’s digest. not to mention the new eddings novel. plenty of time the next few nights ;p

bedtime yet again, time to look forward to boring workday once again hais. have i mentioned before that supervising people at work isn’t exactly very interesting either? rather stressed over their safety, and the ruckus it’ll cause if any damage to either property or humans happen. pray harder? ;p too bad i dont pray.

but of course, whenever i get too sianned out of helping in tiddly wink chores like:
– applying for the daily work permit (15 min task, dont ask why)
– carrying odds and ends (brainless work)
– supporting the ladder (and breathing in tons of plastic dust again..)

i simply find a spot and rest for awhile ;p heck, can’t expect me to stare at two people working from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. eh? either i’ll go mad or i’ll fall asleep right where i stood :X

nitesie people.

hrm, this pic.

l to r clockwise: qin, me, ms, sharon n nz =) Posted by Hello

kewl, free hosting of this pic by photoblogging 😉 do check it out for those fellow bloggers who’re always moaning over insufficient free hosting for their pics ;p


just saw the photos from the sat chalet posted online, and yep i look like shit as usual. nah, i think i looked even shittier than usual, hair was pretty mussed up and i didn’t even realise it :X still saved ’em into my hdd anyway heheh.

spent some time after work at tampines central queuing up @ helloshop to change my hp, cost me $98 for a 3120 after trading in my 6510 hmm. if it wasn’t for the bloody drownin’ my 6510 went thru.. and the regular power offs it’s been doing recently ;p could’ve saved the $. it’s good that i’m changing it anyway, time to get rid of all the old msgs that i kept in the 6510 once and for all.

the new hp’s still alrite to me anyway, and the phone’s more than i expected heheh. kinda aimed this one cus it’s one of those few camera-less phones; not gonna bring bloody 3310 to camp in ict period man.

it allows images in addr book, speakerphone, but lousy 4k colors, 4 tone polyphonic, no infra red port, no to-do list function, no voice recorder ( i lost my voice recordings of meng snoring at our last sentosa stayover AND the recording on sunday of huiying n sharon singing 旧梦.. man!), expensive original data cable ($83 bucks? geez i haven’t bought it yet cus it was OUT OF STOCK everywhere in tampines, incredible..) so i can’t upload any wallpapers or ringtones into my hp yet bleh. having a hell of a time re-entering names and numbers, cus most of my regular contacts were stored in hp memory instead of sim card ;( siansie. think i lost some numbers along the way too :X

took a look at sans bookshop on the way home, and splurged another 15 on eddings’ new work (in paperback finally) – the elder gods book one of the dreamers. i’ll post a review when i’m finished with it ;p

and yeah, i dyed my hair again today, services rendered by mother ;p cheaper. but it seems i was overcautious, and chose a shade too dull bleh. now kinda regretting :X