tweak time!

think i literally spent the entire night fiddling around with the tracks on my sony md :X
long overdue overhaul done there, replaced almost all of the tracks heh heh, get to listen to some new stuff at last. the new version of sonicstage (the dumb software that i’m forced to use in order to upload the songs onto my netmd) pretty much sucks in user friendliness ‘tho; prefer the old one.

one phenomenon that i noticed (but didn’t attribute to sonicstage) was the increasing lack of disk space on my C drive. it wasn’t until i was having serious trouble uploading the last four tracks from my elt everlasting album (i’d ripped the damn songs into .wav, encoded into .mp3 THREE TIMES and errors occurred everytime.. was really getting pissed) and i saw my free space measured in kilobytes that i decided to figure out what the fuck was happening. and yep, the dumb sonicstage was hogging like 800 plus meg of disk space because of the compressed music files it created before transfers. gee -.- 1.7meg per file, and i had 800+ meg worth? way lotta songs. i’ve killed like 90per of the stuff anyway; there were some david tao songs i couldn’t get rid of due to the overly long filenames ;p microsloth windoze two dozen seemed to find it sufficiently amusing that it rejected my delete commands for those songs.

but yes, after three hours or so of waiting, my new playlist is up and ready.. chock full of every little thing, l’arc en ciel and other assorted japanese bands.. bwahaha :X
hope i won’t have to do this again anytime soon, major waste of time bleh.

a phrase which stuck in my brain after talking to qinglong the other night ;p

from his account, the girl seems to be a fervent support of chauvinism. working full-time but expecting him to foot the bills for everything, and i mean *everything* ;p
the mother also sounds demanding, wanting him to support her precious daughter with all possible means, ugh. what’s her problem man.

and i thought equality of the sexes was in trend? he’s just a student man, albeit an nie undergrad but still getting a meagre allowance. barely scraping thru with tuition and the allowance, and he still has to dig deep into the pockets to pay. sad 😉

and then he was saying that if he ever lost it (i.e. his tolerance) he’d set her down gently.

i was like ‘fuck it man, why bother? you think she’ll treat you that nice if it was the other way round ah?’

.. as usual. brain to mouth response time measured in nanoseconds.

qinglong’s more kindly in nature i guess; to him everyone deserves a break, and the usual ‘do not do onto others what thou wouldst not do onto yourself’ rule applied.
in my context, fairness never comes into play in reality.

maybe i’m just a biased asshole for thinking like this, but nice guys *always* endup being losers so why bother? there’s plenty of nice guys in the world already, don’t think i’ve to contribute to the loser population by being another one of the nice docile sheep 😉

baaaaa. ;p

and yessiree, 3 bags full (of shit) fer u; the wool got lost somewhere heh.

leggie status.
swelling’s gone down, but still feels a ‘lil stiff. light jumps (i.e. slight testing of the leg) at home conclude that the leg is *definitely* not at 100%; the spring seems to be unwound somewhere heheh.

well then, treatment again tomorrow!

gotta start packing for sentosa as well, and confirm the list of people coming. seems like meng’ll only come at night after work, and lishi’s not coming ‘cus of her back; poor girl. confirm the rest on thurs i guess, now’s too early to tell.

time to resume downloads of survive! :X nitesie.


so once again i looked around inside the hdd for pics to upload ;p and we endup with..

– shohoku team (湘北) no.11, kaede rukawa (or more commonly known as 流川枫) from the much-loved (by me at least, bleh) japanese manga slamdunk. this pic has him looking like before he drives in, with a closeup of his features on the background.. kewl 😉 and i’m still waiting hopefully for the second series.. if takehiko inoue ever changes his mind :X

– two characters from yet another japanese manga saiyuki (最游记), namely genjo sanzo (玄奘三藏) and son goku (孙悟空) in contemporary wear. sanzo looks really nice with his hair tied up like that ;p my ideal hairstyle haha.. for now :X but nah, not gonna dye my hair blond heheh, asians look out of place in blond imo.

treatment part 2.
cycled down to the medical hall @ tampines central after work; it was then that i discovered i was actually pedalling on one leg.. haha. the injured foot was merely there for show :X

spent like half an hour on acupuncture and reflexology there, i think my ankle felt better after that.. i think. maybe it’s just the psychological factor of seeing a doc about it heh heh.

my eyes fractionally widened in mild curiosity when the doc pierced the acupuncture needles in, but well.. minimal pain as usual. *phew* heng man. no matter how bochap i am about pain, watching a needle go into my extremities does not feel very nice ;p my foot felt numb after awhile, after being poked in three places. add the odd looking fan contraption that was pointing at the leg, and it was soon numbness + heat. reading helped to ignore the dumb feelings for awhile, til the doc came back and attached crocodile clips to the needles -.-

“feel anything?” she asked, after switching some device on.

*mentally pondering.. what was i supposed to feel eh?*

“er nothing leh..”

i managed to shoot my mouth off that far before the current hit me and my foot began to feel tingly..


“ok. got liao.”

any later and i suspected she would’ve started upping the current, sortof what the medic did to me last time during physiotherapy in tekong ;p

xiaohui chose to call me right then, (as she’d just seen me on my way to central) and had fun laughing at my predicament. tmd ;p like i was telling her, i was definitely gonna go to sentosa on saturday, pai ka or not bleh. i’d definitely be happier lazing at the beach if you compare the alternative; slaving away at work on a SATURDAY.

*fast forward to reflexology i.e. physical abuse on the injured limb*
lucky the doc was a she, else i suspect i would’ve definitely started howling my guts out.. the way i did when i sprained my wrist in sec school. some discomfort/pain, yes. oh well, for the sake of my ankle’s long term wellbeing i shut up and continued chatting pleasant inanities with the doc.

meanwhile, i was cursing and swearing in the confines of my mind.

“does *this* hurt?” (doc pushes down at particularly sensitive spot)

“eh.. still ok la.” (whilst trying to grin in reality)

“bloody hell that’s PAINFUL lor! !@#$@#%@#$ “(screaming inside brain)

everything after that’s pretty much prosaic; went home with a bandaged leg, ate my medicine like a good boy and gaped at the guy who was singing andy lau’s songs on 欢乐颠峰. man.. is he good or what? ;p wish i had vocals like his =( mine tends towards the screechy and whiny category heh heh :X

may my bloody ankle heal soon! seen too many sprained ankles from friends around me to have much faith in shit not happening again.. better to get the treatment done once and for all :X should i get an ankle guard? hmm.


my ankle is *still* swollen. nb. no more bball for two weeks.

was trudging up and down tampines area in search of a medical hall that actually had a reflexologist around on sunday noon.. to no avail until i ended up at 201 bleh. oh well, for 20 bucks i could walk with minimal discomfort, quite worth it i guess sigh. going down after work tomorrow again, make sure the swelling goes down in time for sentosa man.

fell asleep at 5am (or thereabouts) in the morning, and only managed to drag myself up from concussion at 2pm, so i guess ’tis partly my fault i had to topo up and down for treatment ;p but well.. tired ma! :X

went down for prata with stan just now, bumped into sharon n her mother den talked abit about coming sentosa stuff, but ended up sittin’ at different tables ‘cus i didn’t want stan to feel left out :X late night yakking with stan, eating my usual kosong prata + teh o peng, and bought kambing soup to eat back at home later (he was the one who suggested it bleh), and bumped into qinglong *again*. been seeing alot of him recently, think i’ve bumped into him at least thrice in one week? talked awhile below his block, updates on life n so on before we parted ways.

nothing much else, ignore leg, enjoy the kambing soup that’s beside me and go zz.. nite.

pui part ii.

just came home after my ot. and my ankle’s currently swollen, fuck. twisted it during bball in the evening, and tot everything was all right, since there wasn’t any lingering pain. yeah.. right.

it was still ok while i was rushing out of the house to meet sharon, yf n nick later on, and ok until i began work. at that point i was almost limping slightly all the way, but since the pain level was still within tolerable limits.. shrug ignored it.

guess i’ll have to skip my morning bball after all; time to visit acupuncturist bloody hell. first time i’ve sprained my fuckin’ ankle.. what can i say? least i’ve played bball for a straight 8 years without ankle injuries heh. sortof muttering that to myself on my way back after bball just now ;p



wrote about 3 or 4 paragraphs, and had trouble publishing the damn post so i kinda lost the entire thing. not gonna rewrite everything, bo eng ;p

so all i’m gonna say is.
i’m heading offline to format jianhao’s pc now.



rushed down to expo just now with stan to checkout the incredible sounding $999 laptop offer (see jie, gan dong ma? haha) and.. the bloody thing’s out of stock. but well according to the sales guy it’s a lousy p-iii so.. not really worth it i guess :X the sale’s pretty small-scaled anyway, nothing much to browse bleh. but stan managed to buy two blank mds at $1 a piece, quite worth it ;p

going offline soon to start formatting/reinstallation on jianhao’s pc; think i’ve put it off long enough.. heh heh. just find it irritating to unplug my monitor, keyboard mouse and wait for the damn software to run, cus something shitty *always* happens somewhere. oh well, chiong ah!

tomorrow’s gonna be a sleepless day literally i think.
– work entire day, hope i can get off work earlier.
– meet the rest at city hall in the evening.
– meet colleagues at 11+ pm, head down to science park to work till 6 am.
– bball on sunday morn.

die 😉

kewl stuff i found in my hdd =))

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pic on left? spidey’s new look! but it’s been years la.. haha :X old hat for the spidey fan.
and the other’s the last samurai teaser poster ;p wanted to buy this bugger from ebay at one point man, looks so kewl :X better than all the other last samurai posters at any rate heheh.

pui chao nua.
manager just called, telling me that he’ll up my pay by this month (which i’d been waiting eagerly..) by.. a measly fucking 100 dollars?

and he even asked me if that was ok with me, and went on to explain his rationale, and his assurance that he’ll increase my pay again at the end of the year when i’d worked a full year. of course, i cheerily agreed and yessir-ed away on the phone, and gave the innocent phone on my table the one finger salute, not to mention mouthing ‘fuck u’ right after i dropped the line.

and my weekend’s burnt this coming sunday; supposed to go down to science park and do work.
fuck, no more bball.
and of course.. double fuck, my weekend’s gone just like this.

yeah, new project’s come and it’s back to full time hauling of cables woohoo.. 200 odd wires to lay, with an entire labor complement of *two* people, me and the uncle.

fuckin’ colleague who briefed us on the project prob’s gonna have his hands clean most of the time, since he’s the *project manager*. sometimes you just can’t help but be astounded by the fairness, oops i mean the *lack* of it. the uncle i work with has to do everything from top to bottom, whereas the other fellow gets off becus he rides a bloody vespa and therefore has no room to carry a stepladder around?

and he’s able to take a week’s worth of leave overseas and not have the manager complain. i bet if anyone else took that long a lapse he’d be whining nonstop heh. not that he’s a really, really evil fella.. but well. there’s an evident contrast in the workload between him and the rest i guess. shrug.. not my fuckin’ problem, shouldn’t care. i’m out of this place by hook or by crook come feb ’05, so ;p fuck it baby.

warehouse sale at expo?
just saw this pamphlet in my letterbox, abovementioned sale going on at expo hall 5a, 24 to 27 jul, hours from 10am to 9pm. it’s by the safe store (whatever that is..) and the stuff it lists are mostly
– household items (rice cookers, coffee makers, washing machines),
– audio visual products (tv, mp3 players, vcd players)
– it stuff (laptops, desktops)
– and other rubbish.

maybe you should check this sale out ah jie, it mentioned notebooks going at $999, dunno how good the specs are though haha 😉