aaannnddd.. it’s on the way!

just received an email from the seller; my aj’s been sent via ems! now to wait n see.. *anticipates*

finished encoding the first three episodes of slamdunk anime on vcd too! woot =))
there was this bug during the ripping of the .wav file which stumped me for hours last night, but i finally managed to lick it by following advice on the forums. lucky shit.

wish i had that big a mouth :X

right now..
i’m actually very very.. sleepy. i was about to concuss with ‘patriot games’ right open infront of me when i fought it off so that i could continue encoding my slamdunk episodes into mpeg-1 format, and so here i am.. unable to zz, not encoding and rotting as usual.

i’m actually very very thankful that i’ll be leaving mossad in about 2 weeks’ time.. phew. had enough of this crappy job. it has the job scope of an cpl (i.e. NO job scope) and the pay scale of a 2lt. but then again, i’ve been bitching about this damn job ever since i started heh heh :X

and i thought i could stand it for a year before i fled.. too bad. the 1.3k pay just kinda pissed me off beyond reason, and motivated me sufficiently to begin looking for a new job in ernest. toss in a goodly dollop of luck, good timing and interview performance and tada! new life beginning soon =)) like what the old lady at home’s always been saying ;p i’m a lucky asshole, destined to luck out through life without too much effort.

hope nz finds his soon. i know it absolutely sucks to be jobless, and it prob feels magnified by a factor of a hundred when you’re not a swinging bachelor like yours truly. my frantic hunt before ord was already driving me to the depths of low morale at times, but at least i was living on that meagre five hundred odd dollars still. i can only imagine how bad it feels to be at home and no interviews.

all i gotta say is, keep trying 😉 and put more effort into the cover letter/resume. i’m not really sure if it helps, but at least you’re doing something constructive eh?

wonder if i’ll get off work early tomorrow hmm. it’s supposed to be payday man.. and i’m like really, really broke. and i need to shop for clothes tomorrow, ‘cus g2000’s sale ends this month :X

and i’m still stuck with nowhere to go tomorrow.
reason a. financial constraints.. ’tis gonna be a tight month till my next payday.
reason b. social constraints.. no friends to go out with.
reason c. physical constraints.. i’m damn tired. i need more sleep!

for some odd reason, bits and pieces of the past kept flittering around my brain during work today. mostly it was things she said. what did i think? i just mentally went ‘hmmm…’ and continued terminating the damn connectors mindlessly. think my bloody gray cells do that occasionally just to give me that miniscule rise out of the delusion that i’m totally useless/worthless. eh.. i’m wasn’t ah? food for thought.

(five seconds later.) nah, not working. i still feel like shit ;p
despite the firm thoughts that convince me i’m shit in human form, i think i’ll still be going ahead with the bday plans. already killed so much brain cells over it, it’ll really be a waste if i don’t execute it to perfection hmm. wait n see ;p

there was this article that i read somewhere about nice guys, and it went something like nice guys isn’t really what females want. more like someone who can entertain ’em, give ’em a sense of security, financially, mentally.. and physically? kinda makes sense. i mean, who’d wanna be with a klutz that can’t handle his own problems eh heheh. no wonder the fun guys get all the girls ;p

and shit happens in the family today.
minor shit of course. stan lost his bike at school. or rrrrrather, it got stolen. he was out for hours with his friends after school, all in a desperate attempt to locate the bike.

idealistic kids -.-

if i were the bugger who stole the bike, i’ll definitely hide it away. who’d parade the stolen goods after the dirty deed man?

i’m not actually saying stan is a klutz, but i’m kinda insinuating the fact that he is. i mean this is like the second bike he’s lost since secondary school? maybe he’s just damn suay this time round. no biking to school anymore, not until i switch jobs at least. he’ll be able to take my bike then. incidentally, my bike’s like 6 years old ;p bought it since poly yr 1 and it’s still alive. that’s why i always advocate against washing one’s bicycle ;p making it look grimy adds years to the appearance of the bike and turns the opportunistic thief off heh heh.

i think his mind’s default switch is labelled somewhere along the lines of ‘wherever ye friends go thou shalt follow.. with no questions.’ simply has to have friends along to do everything, even for part time jobs and school cca choices. he’s always the head-somewhere-in-the-clouds kind, not sure where his footing is, no sense of direction, no goals no purpose, the typical mindless herd animal.

shrug, can’t expect him to be a cold fish like me i guess.

in a rush to go for lessons? man. like i told him, why be in a rush man ;p late late lor.. big deal. the tutor/lecturer can mark you as absent, but he can’t stop you from sitting in and listening to the lesson right? more importantly.. make sure you don’t drop your valuables and lock the damn bike properly.


stayed up till about 2 a.m. last night, but it was pretty worth it =))
won an ebay auction for my aj xii! finally. the price range’s still affordable to me. (for now..)
already paid up thru paypal just now, hope the shoes come asap heh heh.. looking forward to ’em.

work work.
the nasi lemak stall @ the tanjong pagar food centre (the one on level 2 above the wet market) is really good ;p had it for breakfast today, woot. had a drumstick+egg+ham and it’s only two bucks? the rice’s really good =)) smells good n tastes better. and yep, there’s more than one nasi lemak stall ;p i ate at the one with the channel u yummy king poster on its front.

work today was a joke again; reached my site w/ my colleague yj to find out that.. the furniture’s not ready yet *again*. that’s why i had time for the nasi lemak breakfast ;p yakking away about handphones, shoes n such while waiting for zm (another colleague) to drive over from science park, and we headed down to suntec for lunch :X

was planning to play a few rounds of percussion freaks.. but the damn machine’s spoilt! think i shouldn’t come with zm ;p everytime i go to the damn arcade with him the machine’s either spoilt or missing lol. suay. ended up playing the dumb sogeki sniper game -.- got S for the first two stages, but what’s the damn use? gameover-ed at stage three as usual.. the stupid heli boss is just too hard to hit. in all my attempts so far i’ve only completed that stage like *once*. i think my aim leaves more to be desired :X

the three of us wandered around suntec after that, looking at courts’ relocation sale. there was a pair of earphones @ $24 which i could’ve bought but heck, i’m kinda poor right now. i saw a sofa which looked pretty good, and gave me some further ideas on how to decorate my bedroom in future. replace the bed with an L-shaped sofa bed ;p place the tv beside the door and there.. we have nice positioning heh heh. not in the near future anyway.

misc tots.
the bloody rain’s really irritating the heck out of me nowadays; days when i’m in the mood to head down for bball.. it rains, tmd. really need to go down and shoot some balls if i’m to get back in touch man.. this is really a bad trend. play bad + no practice = play worse next round, imfo.

and yeah.. i’ve finally finished downloading slamdunk fansub eps 1 – 10 through bittorrent! phew. next step’s to see how many episodes i can squeeze into one cd heh :X
10 down, 88 more to go!

nothing much to think about nowadays; pretty mindless work, mindless life (if you discount my recent fanaticism on online auctions in my search for bastard manga/lolw/aj xii n slamdunk downloads..) and oops. i’ve been getting quite a bit of sleep at home lately. weird? even when i sleep the usual hours, i don’t feel as tired. batteries must’ve recharged somewhere along the line heh heh.

got started a little bit on my new blog template ;p took a piece of paper and drew a rough layout. concept art still in the works, but i’ve gotten a bit of inspiration on the title banner 😉 wait n see heh heh.
btw, can frames be used in blogspot templates? thought about it a bit, and it seems a bit odd doesnt it? i suppose i can host the side frames on geocities though.. hmm. currently planning on using table and cells to split the top/left/main frames. should work out i guess?

time to start on my new issue of reader’s digest and clear up my table of its clutter; i’m not sure why but endless pieces of paper seem to litter the damn thing mutter mutter. lookin’ forward to getting more s11 and buying new furniture for my room from ikea man..

more garfield!

this one seemed pretty funny too, so i sorta put it here as usual :X

damn computer has been hanging pretty efficiently ever since i’ve started downloading the fansubs of slamdunk, pui. hopefully i can get a new pc soon enough.. bleh.

and my budget’s damn screwed up.. my shopping list’s too long! :X
need new clothes, new specs, new supply of contacts.. blahblah. and i think i need a haircut again before i start work at new job.. sians. money money money.. shortage!

nothing much to rant about tonight; i’ll post a few jokes i saw on zug last night 😉 damn fcuking funny hiak hiak. enjoy =))

the funnies, part 1 – two liners (or less.)
A guy walks into a bar.

The Seven Dwarves were in the bath and they were all feeling happy….
So Happy got out.

Two fish are in a tank, one turns to the other and says:
“You drive and I’ll man the guns!”

So, a baby seal walks into a club.

your daily garfield (?)

k la, so i haven’t been blogging everyday.. so it can’t count as a daily thing eh? :X
not in my blogging mode these few days ‘cus i’ve been busy trying to get slamdunk ovas online, but haven’t managed to get the 4th one yet bleh. too bad..

and of course.. i was busy looking for chinese translated editions of bastard!! comics; namely the recently released ‘complete’ editions volumes 1 & 2. results? nahhhh, not available. another publisher has taken over in taiwan, hopefully they’ll be more enthusiastic about publishing new books =))
(did i mention that issue 23’s released under comics world already? go get it!)

embarked on a trip to locate my damn aj xii’s in singapore, but failed miserably bleh. went queensway shopping centre, suntec, orchard and got a big fat zero in return. called all the authorised nike vendors listed in the nike website.. and got nothing either. arrrgh, fcuk it. i’ll order online when payday comes. my and1 shoes are really going into the frictionless stage.. i’ll starting wearing out my socks (and the soles of my feet) if i wear it any longer.

and yeah, not to mention the fact that i’d just played one of the most self-disgustingly lousy bball sessions ever on sunday morning. if the rest of the guys weren’t pissed, i sure as hell was pissed. suppose i could blame the ball, blame my sprained finger, blame my fatigue, but end of the day?

i suck.

online shopping @ ebay’s another ongoing thing as usual; still bidding for my lolw books from this singapore seller, and hopefully i’ll win this time round. if not? life goes on with my neverending search for lolw i guess.. ;(

i.. am.. so tired.

not to mention sian.

i think my current social life’s heading back into the recluse stage; time to save money while the rest of the guys head back to school and study hard. siannnnnn… with a capital s. wonder what if there’s any outings/events i could look forward to.. bleh. not unless someone (or me) organises one i guess.. sighs. no ktv.. no billiard.. no movies to watch.. stone mode.

let’s shove it for now; i’ll rant another night.

footnote of the day – i’m so disgusted at myself sometimes, it’s a wonder i don’t spit at myself when i look in the mirror.

dumb changes.

yeah yeah, so i haven’t gotten around to overhauling the page.
i’ll get to it when i’m in the mood ;p
right now it’s just the changing of the blog description and rukawa as the blog pic =))
nice? :X

sometimes i really wonder, why bother ah.. why bother.
a fire needs that nice little spark on the fuel to get lighted up, same theory with relationships.
and it’s pretty obvious that spark’s nowhere to be found on this issue.. so wtf? i’m kinda out of lighters, matchsticks, tinder/flint etc too.

ah.. fcuk it la.. hiak hiak. why bother indeed. forgoing the entire forest for a single willow is indeed supremely stupid.. i think i’ll just be content with the empty skies above me, and the trees can go screw themselves.

singlehood is good after all. for now?

my type of humor ;p

subscribed to garfield and dilbert comic strips recently, and i just saw this particular one in my inbox 😉 pretty funny to me.. ‘cus it’s the sorta thing i’ll do :X

and the winner for late birthday cards this year goes to..
jie of course kaka. who else? :X
sorta recognized her handwriting as soon as i saw the envelope; and of course.. the fact that not much other people would actually bother to send a card heheh.

i think she actually spent some effort in finding this card; it’s a mainly bluish-white card with winnie the pooh, tigger and piglet on one side.. and they’re throwing a basketball towards a bucket on a board (which decidedly resembles a basketball hoop/backboard) and bballs/sneakers/tee shirt icons in miniature all over the card.

*note: i haven’t even begun to describe the inner workings of the card ;p

the sidenote on the leftmost of the card caught my eye first, so i’ll start from there.
“Oops, didi, sorry tis card is late! Hee…. :p (this part is in green)
I hope u like my card! (this sentence is in blue for some weird reason. why ah?)
A’ 22/7/04” (and it’s green again.. the mystery of the changing inks? hidden meaning ah kaka)

splashed across the remaining space of the card are four bballs (colored orange somemore.. kaka) at each corner, with lines to denote bouncing of the ball(s), my name on every bounce and even an arrow explaining it.. quote “BTW, this is suppose to be a basketball bouncing. Hee! Tis one’s upside down.” and words all over the main space of course 😉

“To My Dearest didi, (black ink)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (bright orange marker outline and yellow fill all these, and a yellow smiley face beside ’em)
Hey, how time flies! When I got to know you, you were only a 18(?) yr old young chap! Now you are 23! So it’s 5 yrs we’ve known each other! Incredible, Haha to think that our friendship starts on e internet and it’s still going on! =)
(er sorry lor hor jie, i wasn’t even seventeen when you knew me hahaha. so it’s actually closer to 7 yrs rather than 5 bleh)

Mmm, just would like to tell you that you are one of my best didi I’ve ever know! Always manage to make me smile with your funny message via irc/icq/email/blog. And of cos e ‘real’ you is just as nice, going out all the way to help me look for thing like laptop.. bleh. I Really Really appreciate those actions! Oops running out of space… anyway, stay happy and sunshine will follow you always! Hugs! A’ 2004 姐” (all these in blue ink, hmm…)

see.. i’m good right? i even censored your name kakaka 😉
thanks for your card jie! even ‘tho it’s late, hugs. appreciate the effort you spent on it =))

and no.. i’m not finished. longwinded eh? not my fault.
i tot i was done too when i’d finished reading the card at the lift landing.. and then i spied this teeny pink piece of paper with more words on it.
“wah, still not finished?” (internal mumble)
i carried on reading.

“Hello didi,
Hee, Just in case you lost my addie…
(censored address)
I like my card on time! hee hee! =)

ReLie jie”

-.-  (facial expression plus giant sweatdrops)
mmd. please lor.. you think i’ll be late? ;p just wait and see.. i guarantee u’ll be *guilty!*
:X  夸张 la. but thanks for providin’ me w/ the addr, i’d really lost yours haha :X oops.

oh well. grand total of three bday cards this year, and one’s from the blood bank. (already thrown away into the rubbish heap.)

the day.
done my medical checkup at shenton medical grp during lunchbreak today ;) 
and as usual my topo sucks, so i nearly couldn’t find republic plaza :X if it wasn’t for luck intervening.. ugh.

everything was done pretty fast.. urine, blood, vision tests, medical examination, chest x-rays.. most important thing? i didn’t have to pay. (phew.) the doc was a bit wayang ‘tho, he was even faster than the camp med officers who did checkups. not earning his keep man..;p but i didn’t manage to have a decent lunch, only had like a damn cheeseburger takeaway from bk.. period.

rain bloody rain, and no more bball! supposed to meet nz, damn rain. sians.
ahlong’s gone home after early release of school, so no more kopi session too.
sian ah!

save money save money..:X

n oh yeah. here’s a shot of my much desired air jordan xii (black/white)  *slurpz*

(The link’s dead, sigh)

kewl eh? =))