random thoughts before zz.

old man making noise about me not putting a carpet underneath my chair, saying it’ll spoil the parquet flooring. er, wtf?

#1: i wasn’t the one who bought the damn swivel chair w/ wheels. infact, i was against the idea but he bought it anyway.

#2: no one forced him to lay the parquet flooring initially.

conclusion: wasting money on carpets (and it’s gonna be like the third/fourth carpet since we moved in) is akin to stabbing a person in the guts and then trying to staunch the bleeding; why fcuking bother in the first place? gee.

stan’s still busy chionging spiderman 2 on the xbox; think the vodka he had just now’s keeping him damn bloody awake. the 7-11 staff even asked if i was 18, and i just smiled and casually replied,’oh i’m 23.’ sigh, talk abt being baby faced.

and like i was tellin’ pr just now, nu ren cannot hong too much. among other stuff like putting on foundation for her bf. 4 door wardrobe. cancelled trip to phuket.

yawn. sleep!

interesting =)

found this topic in sgforums while surfing aimlessly after supper just now; the concept that even chinese might’ve been worshipping the same god as the christians in the beginning is quite an intriguing one imo, do check it out!

n yep, there’s another website worth checking out, as referred to in that forum post.
lots more reading!

woohoo, furniture shopping!

it’s been a busy day today =)) went down to ikea w/ stan, looking around and deciding on the table. originally wanted to get the galant series, but stan suggested getting the jerker workstation instead. good call i must say, since i’m currently blogging on it. ah damn, ikea doesn’t have any images of my table, toobad.

the noon was quite educational though; stan was learning how to demolish furniture properly ;p tore down my bed, his old table and the computer table and threw them all downstairs for good measure.

the cleaning up took quite awhile ;p had to lug like 5 big bags’ worth of rubbish downstairs, not to mention vacuum, mopping blahblah. but it’s definitely worth it hiaks. room’s nice and empty now, waiting for my purchase of another jerker table next month, and the beddinge sofa bed the subsequent one.

project room redecor, chiong ah! =)


finished with work ;p been working for the past four days, been real tiring heh. but i’ve made alot of progress in iam tandem; finally gotten past september grinz. 171 pages and counting..

time to relax and enjoy tomorrow =))

had my haircut just now, and was dozing off all the way in the saloon =X really tired just now heh heh. couldn’t even eat much, just half a plate of carrot cake but three cups of grass jelly =X what can i say, i’m always thirsty, esp after bball. n yeah, bball was good today! didn’t get in much baskets but passed quite a few nice ones =)

and i’ve splurged a wee bit already just now =X went and bought the jacket i was talking about previously; $89 but fits like it was tailor made, not to mention looking good =)) bought spiderman2 also, otherwise stan wouldn’t have much to do with the xbox. andddd angel’s heart #12 is already out.. but. out of stock =( sadz.

did i mention shaman king (the manga) has a crappy ending? read #33 m’sia print, and it SUCKS. man, should kill the fcuking artist.

heading down to ikea with stan tomorrow to buy the new tables, woohoo. guess i’m gonna be busy the entire day cleaning up the room n such.

*tampines has kbox @ pavilion level 2? woot, won’t have to go so far in future =)

final addition ;p saw this in an email, sounds pretty interesting.

“To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love.
But then one suffers from not loving.
Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer.
To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love.
To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy.
Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer
from too much happiness. I hope you’re getting this down.”

– Woody Allen


was wondering about breakfast after my morning swim, and ms’s comment about ljs breakfast some time back made me decide to try out long john silver’s instead of the usual nasi lemak.. no egg turns me off nowadays =(

anddd.. it’s definitely one of the better ones i’ve eaten so far, among the fast food restaurants =)

the toast is crispy yet not too hard, going quite easy on my lousy teeth ;p good for people with braces? hash brown’s light and.. brittle? sorta went to pieces the instant i used too much violence on it :X have to be gentle man.. haha. a tad too oily but well you wouldn’t be eating hash browns if you were into a healthy lifestyle eh?

sadly enough i couldn’t find a picture of the meal, the website seems to offer only the us ljs stuff and not the singapore ones, bah. overall the portion’s not too heavy for breakfast, just nice imo. maybe a little too pricey though, $4.70? shrug, it’s fast food after all, you’re paying for the rent, staff and aircon etc.

$89 jacket @u2 =( damn expensive tmd.. but i think i’m still gonna buy it :X looks good, feels good! payday payday..

am i..

losing my sense of empathy somewhere?

was watching dodgeball last night, and it didn’t really appeal to me as well. there were some funny parts, but for the most part i was rolling my eyes at the corniness of the dialogue. behind me, i could hear some of the other people laughing their guts out. was it really that funny? ponder.

the theatre was quite empty yesterday, think it must’ve been the fact that i caught the 1730 show heh. was going for the 1930 show originally, but i waited for ls’s reply until about 1700, and no reply = fcuk it, watch it myself. not gonna waste my time waiting til she replied before buying the bloody tickets. and as i found out from her sms later, my guess was right ;p she was too tired after work + not interested in watching dodgeball anyway.

the ticket seller was nice enough to give me a seat dead in the center =) and with no irritating heads infront of me to block the screen at that ;p happiness. i could slouch all i wanted in my seat and still see the screen perfectly.

ah.. back to work today! beng’s gotten thru the interviews, guess i’ll be seeing him again in a month’s time =) wonder who else got the remaining two vacancies.