Talk about activity-packed days, and today was definitely one of the more happening ones ever since I started work on this new job =)

– went down to HSA for my blood donation early in the morning. Fortunately I’m not afraid of needles/blood, but it seems to have gone the other extreme :X I usually gaze at the big needle going into the flesh absent-mindedly, instead of other normal folks who tend to cringe and look away at the spectacle. Not that there’s any pain involved of course; the anaesthetic’s already taken effect after all.

– had lunch/shopping/chitchat with SJ jie =) She really looked like a poly kid today, what with a normal tee, jeans and a haversack.. not to mention the SPECS :O It’s been years since I last saw her with specs lol.
Blip of the day: I screwed up during lunch time, and locked her SIM card accidentally :X We had to call M1 to unlock her card, and I was busy impersonating as her brother so that we could bluff our way through hiaks.

– stoned at Takashimaya for two hours or so while waiting for NZ. I was part of the dumb crowd standing there watching Zoe Tay sign her way through the pile of calendars eager fans had bought at Kinokuniya today, hmm she looks good up front despite the growing pregnancy ;p Nick Shen also looked all right and was quite articulate, not to mention fluently billingual.

– listened to LS rave about her getting lost with K at Bukit Timah; it sounded like one of the highlights of her life, from the way her messages read ;p

– KTV at night with NZ, MS, XQ and SC. I’ve realised the truth.. 搁浅 is simply too hard to sing ;( My voice was straining its guts out at the normal parts, and sorta went to pieces at the higher notes. Sigh, more practice! Either that or get surgery for my vocal cords :X

– went home with SC on a cab, but the damn driver sortof got down the wrong expressway exit and took a whole big round to come back to our place. Bloody moron; I’d already specified the exit to get out, and the road to travel but he still managed to screw it up. Oh well, partially my fault anyway.. since I absently nodded my assent when he asked whether to exit on the road up ahead.

Something definitely felt unusual today though; can’t put my finger on it yet and I think I simply cannot be bothered. I was pondering on what exactly triggered the change in attitude for a while just now though, too abnormal. Ahh, heck.

On the other hand, should the ’23’ idea be reinstated? Big waste of money for no good reason, and it’s definitely one of the ‘invest-money-into-a-black-hole-with-no-viable-returns’ sort of thingy. Less than two weeks to go, I still have time to decide again eh? But three words: what’s the point? I thought I’d already agreed to give up on being a moronic doormat -.-

Here’s the Saturday Garfield strip for those who didn’t have Straits Times.

End Of an ERA

Changkat was stunned into submission today…A host of old and young generation of players had absolutely no answers to the likes of ronald, vincent, kim choon and guoren. Absolutely no where close. Old legends like Ah Kheng, zhiwei, victor and edward and middle generation players like xtra09, plus youngsters alan, heng, uncle alan and simon was simply brushed aside..Spectacular stuff from the invaders. The Changkat players actually lost almost a total of 20 matches in a row, in a space of 2hrs, from around 5pm to 7pm. Xtra09 was playing quite well, but of course simply no match for the power play and the rebounding abilities of the invaders…How Shaq and Tao Sheng was so badly missed…Absolutely crushed….And absolutely no answers…Is this the end of the road for the legends of Changkat, if you like, urban legends.

On another note, finally 3 weeks down to the final exams…I gonna be psyched up for it and give my best…To keep my dream of being an economist alive.


曲/唱:周杰伦 词:宋健彰

# 久未放晴的天空 依旧留着你的笑容
哭过却无法掩埋歉疚 风筝在阴天搁浅
想念还在等待救援 我拉着线复习你给的温柔
暴晒在一旁的寂寞 笑我给不起承诺

* 我只能永远读着对白
读着我给你的伤害 我原谅不了我
就请你当作我已不在 我睁开双眼 看着空白
忘记你对我的期待 读完了依赖 我很快就离开


读着我给你的伤害 我原谅不了我
就请你当作我已不在 我睁开双眼 看着空白
忘记你对我的期待 读完了依赖 我很快就..



What’s in a Mentor…

Xtra09’s attempt in being a good mentor was really being tested today…Had to console a really depressing Chenghao who supposedly THOUGHT he is going to drop to Normal Academic, although there’s no comfirmation, and of course Zhong Rong who once again display a jekyll and hyde personality at home… Being a mentor is not as easy as i thought and finally it’s certainly different from being a friend..A good mentor can be a Real friend and vice versa, whereas a so so mentor can only be a friend. Why is this so? A good REAL friend will always be there whatever happens like a good real friend and do follow ups with all the heart and passion…This continues even after your tour of duty. This is something i am trying very hard to emulate. Thanks to the Ngee Ann guys for whatever mentoring and friendship that was given to me all these years…You all are kinda of mentors to me too…I am not forgetting the rest although i am not listing them out.

Going to Yuan Ching early in the morning, hopefully to allay some of Chenghao’s fears of dropping into Normal Academic, which i really hope that doesn’t happen of course. But if it really happens, at least i will be there for him. Got a call from Zhong Rong’s mother also…Looks like i got to work doubly hard at trying to initiating conversation between them. I don’t know, but at least i don’t really have problems communicating with my parents. Yes of course, they are my mentors too, but i really can’t understand why my 2 kids doesn’t see theirs as mentors.

Can i be a real mentor? i certainly hope so…At this point of time, i think i am only at the stage of a friend and a so called “mentor”.

Are you thankful for what you have?

“As Christmas draws nearer, I find that it is important to reflect on our lives and be thankful for the blessings that we have.

I am thankful that unlike me, who has foolishly wasted my vote on the opposition, many Singaporeans has made the right choice in deciding to vote for the PAP.

I am thankful that unlike other countries who are wasting their time tackling unimportant issues like recession and rising unemployment, our goverment has decided to address the most important issue of the day since being returned to power- dirty coffeshop toilets.

I am thankful that from now onwards my descendents will no longer be condemned to using filthy public toilets.

I am thankful that instead on concentrating their efforts on frivolous things like stimulating the economy and creating new jobs, the goverment has been focusing their time and effort on important things like clean toilets and a $500 million budget for World Cup 2010. At least the jobless will be able to stay at home and watch soccer instead of doing stupid things like working- these things should be left to the FTs.

I am thankful that LHL has not foolishly tried to run for election in a contested ward because who knows, he might have lost and we would not have our next PM.

I am thankful that the difficult decision of deciding who should be the next PM is not up to the Singaporeans to decide.

I am thankful to the goverment for doing the thinking for me- saves the effort. I have already made up my mind, now I am just waiting for the goverment to tell me what it is.

I am thankful that in a nation where 75% of the population are idiots, in the future we will have the King of Idiots to rule over us.

I am thankful that the NSS is not vote buying by the goverment.

I am thankful the our goverment is not like some other repressive regimes that throws its opposition into jail, instead they will be made bankrupts in courts presided by judges appointed by the goverment.

I am thankful that despite owing their jobs to the PAP, our court judges are still able to remain just and impartial.

I am thankful the unlike other countries, our labour unions is controlled by the goverment- otherwise we might have labour strikes if the unions are too concerned with improving the lives of our workers instead of working with the goverment in finding ways to cut wages.

I am thankful that even though I am paid like a third world second class worker, I can still have a first world lifestyle.

I am thankful that even though we are a first world society in many aspects, our wages are still competitive with third world countries.

I am thankful that the CEOs in Singapore are among the best paid in the world- second only to Hong Kong in Asia while our goverment recommends that the wages of ordinary workers be cut to save jobs.

I am thankful that the average wage for a CEO is $1.1 million while the average wage of a Singaporean is $20,000.

I am thankful that our goverment believes in equality and a fair distribution of wealth.

I am thankful that it will take me 15-20 years to pay for a HDB flat.

I am thankful that the NTUC has decided to help the workers by lowering their prices so that I don’t have to go down to Carrefour or Cold Storage for cheaper groceries- instead I could just do my shopping at the neighbourhood NTUC.

I am thankful that the chairman of the NTUC is appointed by the goverment instead of being decided by its members.

I am thankful that our million dollar ministers has come up with the brilliant plan of cutting wages to reduce business cost to protect existing jobs. It was a stroke of genius. Only an uneducated idiot like me would think of things like cutting corporate taxes, reducing rents, temporarily suspending the ERP system or maybe even cutting the GST and reducing the costs of living and doing business.

I am thankful that the goverment has not done anything to reduce the money going to govenment because we might not be able to afford our world class million dollar cabinet.

I am thankful to the goverment for giving me the opportunity to do my duty as a citizen in bearing the brunt of the recession.

I am thankful to the CDC for their job matching schemes and how they have showed that a university education does not restrict you to only cushy desk jobs. Instead now Singapore can boasts of the most highly educated cab drivers, cleaners and security guards in the world. Instead of cab drivers who will complain about our goverment to foreign tourist in broken english, we will now have university graduates who can tell the foreigners how the goverment will treat them better than their own citizens and how the cushy desk jobs will be reserved for them while our graduates ferry them to and fro from work in cabs and clean their office and tables for them at work.

I am also thankful to the PAP for constantly reminding me what a sacrifice they are making by forgoing their generous private sector pay in serving the nation. Instead now they’ll have to try to makedo with a measly MP allowance of $20,000 per month.

I am thankful that I can still have a part-time MP for only $20,000.

I am also thankful that our politicians don’t have to reveal their personal assets when standing for election unlike other countries. This could have digged up some skeletons in the closets and marred our reputation as a corruption free country.

I am thankful that there is no corruption, cronynism and nepotism in our goverment becuase the goverment told us that there isn’t.

I am thankful that no evidence is needed.

I am thankful that our new life sciences industry will generate at least 10,000 new jobs. Now we can employ even more FTs and let Singaporeans compete for the remaining 132 cleaning and security postions. Not to worry, the CDC will probably step in to match our university graduates to these positions as well.

I am thankful that one day I won’t have to work because my job will be taken over by a cheaper FT.

I am also thankful that I will probably starve to death because Buddha says- to live is to suffer and I won’t have to suffer anymore.

I am just thankful that I have a opportunity to show my appreciation to the goverment in this forum- more good years indeed and PAP forever. ”

Originally said by Fingwagger, extracted from the HWZ forums.

So what do you think?


Nothing much, but I’ll be slogging my sorry ass off the next few days on a freelance assignment ;p Work at night AND assignment in the daytime, where the heck am I going to find the time to sleep, geez. Hopefully the money’ll be worth it -.-

MaxOnline? Wrong!

It should be known as LagOnline, like what a lot of other forumers have commented -.- The connection only recovered a while ago, but I couldn’t access all BlogSpot pages for quite a while bleh. Maybe that’s the reason why the page views are incredibly low today ;( or maybe the quality of our posts have been steadily on the decline haha =X Whatever.

The long awaited trip to the SAFRA bowling alley (awaited by mother, not us) finally took place today. It was then that I realised the entire place was infested with kids from neighbouring schools with the shirts all untucked, all scampering about the place, heaving the balls with all their might. Perhaps this is their way of dealing with Monday blues, hiaks. I was idly wondering if they’d attach themselves to the flying ball(s) and make like superman =X That would’ve been fun to see. Mother seemed to be extremely excited/eager about the whole deal, and amused me/poook to no end. Oh well.. at least one of us had fun. Bowling was never one of the sports I found interesting, since the expense on the pocket was way too heavy; stick to basketball man, at least it’s free ;p

Got an SMS from SJ jie about wanting to meet on Thursday instead, but I’ll be working then ;p Catching a strong whiff of something bad, and it looks like plans for the entire week will have to be re-adjusted yet again.. oh well. Like I always say, 习惯就好 ;(

Minor reminder to fellow readers; don’t forget to scan your computer for virii and spyware regularly! I’ve just updated mine, gonna be doing it later heh heh. If you don’t have any AV software or spyware detectors, you might wanna check out CNET and download some. Personally, I’ll recommend AVG by Grisoft Inc for AV (read: anti-virus), and Ad-aware SE Personal by Lavasoft; all freeware, no need for those dumb cracks =)

Before I end with the usual strips..
some assorted images of 田馥甄 a.k.a Hebe! She’s so cute =))
I prefer the hairstyle she had during the “美丽新世界” & “Together” albums period rather than the recent “波斯猫” look.. ugh poookie and I hate china doll bangs -.-
The new album look’s even worse IMO, looks like some afro puff hairdo ;( sighs.

The above’s some link from a forumer’s (ReN’s) signature banner; looks great right? =))

A variety of smiles! Go to S.H.E’s forum for more images!