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Just updated a new blog in my menu above, that of my good friend YL 😉 (Look at the link titled ‘ah long’) Feel free to take a look at this link.

Why the unusual domain name? I didn’t ask, but it’s prob thanks to the fact that his camera’s a Sony W-1 lol. It’s more of a photo gallery rather than a junkheap of words like mine, so don’t expect articles but instead captioned photographs. More in the way of ‘A picture says a thousand words’, eh?

Have fun looking at the photos! 🙂

*For those who were wondering about why Rainia’s blog is inaccessible now..;p She mentioned that her server’s expired, oops? Either the domain or the hosting, don’t ask me which one ‘cus I didn’t check the details either heheh. I’ll update the new link when there’s further news. Y’all will have one less blog to read for now, albeit a colorful and highly interesting one.

Freedom of speech?

Found this thread by delinux14 in HardwareZone forums, makes for quite an interesting read although I don’t think the government’ll agree hiaks 😉 Copied it over here incase the contents’re locked over at the forums. Enjoy!

Come Jan 1, 2005, downloading mp3s will become illegal. Bus fares will increase, university fees increase and we are still not allowed to chew a piece of rubber because a stupid bugger stuck one in the bloody MRT TEN years ago. Yep and when sporeans complain, what do they do? They build a casino so they can make us bankrupt faster. Our ministers say, “DONT EVEN THINK OF ENTERING IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED INCOME.” Yes man, welcome to Singapore of two-oh-oh-five.

Now i am a PAP supporter because I have no choice. Our opposition is **** and the gahment sues the mangkok that dares to question them. That Singh lawyer is always on stand-by 24/7 three-six-five days a year waiting to bang some backside in the courtroom. Speakers Corner my LJ. Standing up there is like free frag for the PAP sharpshooters. It is sad. Our potential talents are moving overseas and getting replaced by Chinamen from PRC who says we Sporeans are filled with pig swills. And they get PAID to study here, eat here, f**k here and then after finish studyin, they **** off to their kampung. NICE MOVE PAP. As if that is not enough, they still wana invite FT(foreign talent) so that sporeans can ‘upgrade’ themselves. The ANG MOHS live in Sixth Avenue with houses that look like Camelots while we Singaporeans live in our Highly Dangerous Building (HDB). They drive Ferraris while we take the MRT. Then they take our jobs. As if that is not enough, they f**k our girls too.

People say Spore Gahment has no corruption. Yes, which is why our ministers earn over $1m a year while we sporeans slog like slaves til we lie shrivelled and starved and bone replaces skin. Our girl MP (forgot the name is it Dr Lily Neo?) used to drive a 4-litre Jaguar and then an Alfa Romeo and then a Mercedes. That is already the biggest corruption ever. Then they hold their annivesary (not Singapore govt’s anniversary but PAP anniversary) at the entire Indoor Stadium, with all the works. Cost? No one knows because no one has the balls to ask.

And where do they get the money? GST, ERP, and the taxes we pay every year. They must be very happy next year. Bus fares gonna increase and then NUS also increasing their fees. More money to the coffers while our pockets become more miserable.

Then theres the mp3 issue. CANNOT dl mp3, CANNOT distribute mp3 everything CANNOT. You get fined $1k for every megabyte of song you download. I have 1000+ songs. News headlines “19-year old fined $10,000,000. He says he can’t pay”. Bravo. What do we expect next? Thats what we get for signing that FTA. FREE TRADE AGREEMENT. Yeah rite, wtf is free in this world? What you get for free you pay it with your balls LATER. RIAA in the States is suing 10-year old kids because they have a Britney Spears mp3 on their harmless lil iMAC. So they say, “the recording companies are losing money”, very CORRECT i agree. But they hand out million-dollar contracts to artists like Ashlee Simpson or Yellowcard who sing ****. Where do they get the money? Picture this. The artist only has to sing once and all the recording company has to do is buy blank $1 CD-R, record the singing, add a few ****ty words on the cover and you get the album which costs $20+. Give $1 to the artist, $0.50 for advertising and the rest they keep. The truth is, people still buy albums. Correct interpetation – “They are only having less profits.” Its a farce. I have no probs buying an album but ONLY if i choose the songs i want. The Metallica St Anger album which i took the trouble to order was the biggest pile of crap that ever laid on my poor ears. So which is more wrong? Downloading mp3s or punishing a ten-year old for an amount of money he has yet to see let alone touch?

Yes and theres the bloody casino which they’re gonna build next. How about Sentosa Prison next to it? Singaporesn are already habitual gamblers. Singapore Pools, toto, 4D are addictions and now they’ve discovered the Fourth Horseman by building a casino. Singaporeans are crazy about their Yusof Ishaks. Not him but his face. We gamble away $5b in Genting, how much more if we have just one on our soil? Families split up, sue themselves crazy everyday over money issues. Read the papers everyday, turn to Home and w/o a doubt you’ll see a full-blown sensational soap opera where families go to court because the poor deceased old man didnt write his will properly. He must be stamping his feet in his grave. Not only that, you see people getting chased by parangs because they failed to pay the Ah Long Sans. Some nuts even kill themselves because of a few miserly dollars. Singaporeans are Kiasu and Kiasee. Kiasee to lose what they can have and kiasu because they can never have enough.Yeah and then we ask ourselves how come Msians dun face these kinda moral problems with their Genting. Simple, because they have NO money. No Money = No talk = No problems.

PM LEE said “Innovation and Entreprenuership is the key for 21st century.” Well our young lads are interpreting this all wrong. They think they can become Bill Gates overnite if they think “outside the box”. Problem is, inside the box is plain and empty, like their brains. Some even say no need study can earn money. See Sim Wong Hoo. I only have this to say – be a monk. Thats the only way. Stand outside the temples so those ppl who;ve come to pray for riches can give you their loose change from buying 4D and Toto. You sit down the whole day and then you get to eat also. Only con is you cant think of girls or the cute nun next door. If you do you will go to hell.

So we have the PUB (Pay Until Bankrupt), PAP (Pay and Pay) etc and then we also have the “everything also cannot” laws that keeps the chains of the Spore slaves firm and taut. Cannot litter because CWO scares us. Then also, cannnot chew gum because wait some auntie step on it then she scream and shout at the gahment how? ERP, GST, COE, things you have to worry before u even go to ROM. Must go EM1 and then musnt go ITE. In The End, havee to go NUS or NTU or SIM or SMU. Have degree also have to slog like hell just to earn our keep. Worse still, we might end up selling porridge. Stress, slavery and scared. It is truly a great time to be a Singaporean.

post X’mas activities.

Something dumb just occurred to me while I was typing away at the blog post title; why do we use ‘X’ as a contraction in place of the ‘Christ’ for Christmas? Is it supposed to represent the cross that Jesus died on, and thereby be a suitable calligraphic symbol in place? Then again, why not use ‘t’ instead of ‘X’ then? ‘X’ looks sorta like a lopsided cross, don’t you think ;p Hang on out and I’ll see if I can find out the exact reason later. We’ll get back to this later.

And yep, today’s the.. lemme check the calendar beside me, I THINK it’s the 26th. Yeah, it IS the 26th. I’ve lost track of time ever since I started working at this job; prob that’s why I’ve monthly calendars pasted at home AND in the office ;p An unorganised mind requires frequent reminders.

Talking about post Christmas activities, mine was busy getting mauled during bball today, and catching a few hours of shuteye before I came to work. The office Christmas party must’ve been something, because there’s this bottle of year 2002 Jacob’s Creek Shiraz sitting on my desk for some reason I don’t know about. Conclusion: either the rest of the company staff are getting less alcoholic OR the wine tastes shitty.

*Note: this is a fcuking long entry, so I’ll prob split it into portions for easier digestion. Ready? Here we go ;p

Christmas Eve
How was Christmas for you guys then? Yours truly had been abso-bloody-lutely all ready to leap into bed and collapse till evening, since I’d been working on 23rd night. I’d even cancelled my driving lesson so that I could snooze away in peace ;p Talk about having a peaceful Christmas eve.

An unexpected SMS from SJ jie asking me to get out of the house for my Christmas present stopped that train of thought in the end ;p Thought I was late, took a cab down.. and she was late as well -.-
*shakes head and sighs over ten bucks lost on cabfare*
Over lunch at some vegan restaurant down at Middle Road, the present (or rather presents) were unveiled; a $30 voucher for U2/G2000 and another $20 voucher for Kinokuniya :O I do believe that they were the most expensive Christmas presents I’d ever received up to date. Thanks again jie! 😉
(I wasn’t totally an ungrateful bastard, since I paid for our lunch bleh.)
Since the other friend she was meeting hadn’t arrived yet, we ended up walking around Bugis Junction windowshopping. Nodsie, windowshopping ;p She’s one of the few people who’ll look at clothes and foist ’em off on me for trying 😉 Tried on clothes, shoes and that was about it. I’ll prob buy the shoes I’d tried that day, but that’s for later hiaks.

My evening was spent as a good boy with me mother ;p It’s one of those rare times that I’ll actually spend the eve of a public holiday with her, and man was it pricey or what? I spent close to 50 bucks for a dinner of two people ;p Blame it on my curiosity for trying out food I’d never eaten before heh. Mother was absolutely stuffed on the seafood pasta she had though, while I proceeded to demolish my turkey & bacon sandwich, chicken nuggets, half a plateful of her pasta and a banana split. Talk about eat-till-you-explode..

After nicely standing in line for the obligatory 30 minute queue at Cafe Cartel, I had been more or less ready to bash in the loudmouthed moron was behind us. Man, the idiot sounded like he was giving a public address about the virtues of National Service to everyone in the near vicinity. Yep dumbass, I understand that you’ve been through NS, unlike the rest of your kiddo poly mates who’re awestruck by your fearsome exploits. But can you keep your fewkin’ volume down? Believe me, there’re loads of better ways to impress people than to brag about knowing what SISPEC, RP, ADA etc stands for and the various shitholes your friends all ended up in -.-

Long entry indeed eh? Let’s take a breather here, and continue when you’re done.

Christmas Day
I had much more fun on Christmas Day than the eve in comparison ;p Caught National Treasure with NZ, MS and S, and a KTV session from about 8 plus p.m. till 1 a.m. Talk about singing yourself hoarse ;p

National Treasure’s a good film IMO, only that the plot’s too straightforward. Damn but Nicholas Cage seemed to be the ultimate genius when it came to treasure finding or something. Clue, inspiration, tada! Of course, it wouldn’t be fun if he got stuck at some point and ended up not finding the treasure right? Nevertheless, a little unreal. But since when have movies been realistic? ;p

Something funny happened while we were ordering our second round of drinks though, somewhat in the way of spontaneous humor. The others stopped me from ordering several times because they all thought the first drink I mouthed off (hot HONEY) was for MS (as opposed to hot LEMON TEA) when I was ordering it for myself, and I ended up somewhere between pissed and downright laughing because I couldn’t order my damn drink in peace ‘cus I kept getting interrupted. I was literally fcuking shouting that “the drink’s for ME, ME, ME!” before they finally got the hint. The service staff was grinning away too, and I think my tragic performance at ordering the drinks turned out well anyhows, because we ended up with 6 drinks, 3 drinks like what they ordered and 3 cups of hot honey for me ;p No extra charges at that, call it sympathy from the guy to me haha. It doesn’t sound funny when I write it here because I can’t sufficiently describe the hilarity of the situation. Yeah, blame it on me bad vocab ;p

YF joined us after the KTV, and we headed down for Madam Wong’s Bar impromptu while NZ/MS went home. It was my first time going down there, and imagine my surprise when I bumped into O (poly classmate) there, who was milling around the dancefloor looking for his buddies. I wasn’t really sure it was him at first, but nonetheless slapped him on the back when he walked past, figuring that my eyesight wasn’t that bad. Thankfully, it wasn’t ;p Turns out he’s now working too, but we didn’t get to talk too much there; too noisy.

The music’s decent if you’re into that type, sorta reminds me of Double-O. The DJ’s better ‘tho, and be damned if the dancefloor isn’t crowded. It was more like going to the beat in place rather than having any actual elbow room to move around -.- There was this girl who was dancing on the stage and got pretty high, so before I knew it S and YF were catcalling, and the girl was grooving with some guy minus her top ;p Nice bod, nice moves, what can I say? Although YF was the one who suggested that we come down, he seemed pretty bored by the place and headed away from the dancefloor quite a few times; signs of old age? ;p

There was this funny auntie walking around the dancefloor selling roses of all things, and whee, talk about Ah Beng looking roses; have you ever seen a rose wrapped by flashing multicolored lights? I certainly haven’t. Trust me, it looks low class, crappy and downright stupid, not to mention the fact that it was being sold at 10 bucks? C’mon man, it’s not even Valentine’s Day ;p I blanched after hearing the price, and told her no thanks. A few seconds later, I reconsidered, and tapped the auntie on the shoulder.
“You sell cheaper I buy!” I shouted into her ear, as per SOP. Shouting’s the only way to get anything heard when the music’s so goddamned loud ;p
“You want the lights anot?” She replied in kind.
WTF, who needs those dumb lights? I shook my head.
She gesticulated a 6. Nah, not low enough.
“I’ll buy if you sell at 4!” Shouting and holding four fingers out, just to be sure she got the right idea ;p

For what the dumb rose’s worth, I won ;p
Dunno why I bought it anyway, it’s a spur of the moment thingy, and I didn’t even get a close look at the rose when I bought it. But hey, ’tis the thought that counts, isn’t it?

S was complaining about having to hold on to that while dancing though, hiaks.

Eating at Geylang Lorong 11 for the you tiao and soya milk, and taking a quick walk around the red light area looking at the women who were strolling around looking for clients. I guess there’s no need to explain what kinda clients eh? ;p BTW, YF was the curious bugger who suggested this, not me. Kein was only interested in walking straight and being conscious at that point, since his blardy contact lenses were making his eyes so dry after extended usage. My eyes approximated something like this -> -.-
S merely mumbled about being uncomfortable walking around in that area. Understandable but hey, it’s not my idea ;p Thankfully, it was a quick recon like what I said, and we took a cab straight home right after. Took a quick bath after walking S home, time I fell asleep? 530 a.m. or thereabouts, and I got up at 9 a.m. for bball this morning ;p Inhumanly inflicted self torture, if I may so say myself. Man, I hadn’t had such deep shadows beneath my eyes since secondary school days. Thankfully, the few hours of sleep erased that.

And that’s about all there is ;p Thanks for reading people, enjoy the Monday blues muahaha. (I’m not working on Monday BTW.)

3 cheers for the Navy.

Behold, the Navy’s new propaganda: ‘TransMariners’ comic book!

The local government is making effort to promote creativity among the people. On the other hand, the Navy is plagiarising other people’s work (Transformers) and using it as their propaganda.

Is it me, or is there a strong irony somewhere? Hmmm.

And unless the target group is at people below the IQ of 50, I assume that they’re trying to insult our intelligence.

Did they really expect us to believe this shit and join the Navy? Maybe they really assumed that we’re idiots.

Everything about this comic book sucks, even though it is a plagiarised work. How shameful.


And what the hell is the “One Career, Many Dimensions’ motto supposed to mean? You get to meet aliens? Or perhaps a colony of morons from another dimension?

– Ugly robots.

– Dumb storyline.

I hope they can provide something more EDUCATIONAL next time, instead of such stupid bullshit. Gosh.

anddd i’m back!

Back to work I mean ;p

After a hiatus of a mere sevenday, it’s amazing how badly my bod’s taking things. I started feeling tired at 2+ a.m., and nearly concussed flat out at 3 a.m. -.- It was only by unmatched effort (and several trips to the toilet of facewashing) that I finally managed to stay awake. Anyway it’s almost 5 a.m., two more hours!

It’s not like I slept alot today anyway, suppose I only have myself to blame for the lethargy 😉 After a slow lunch at home, I crawled my way out and bought the Chuangyi edition of Saiyuki Reload #4, rented comics and wandered around Tampines Central as usual. The striped shirt on display at U2 caught my eye, and I ended up trying it out. Looked all right, though a wee bit too long, but the $59 price tag scared me off though ;p No Sir, no more irresponsible shopping for this month; I’d splurged enough already.

Update on my Xbox gaming career ;p
Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone’s one of the tougher RPGs I’d played so far, with no buyable healing potions, lousy fixed camera angles and fcuking fail-the-bloody-mission-if-any-of-your-characters-die. Those aside, it’s got good graphics, realistic characters and a decent if short storyline, with a straightforward game plot and no sidelines totally. Zero replay value, and it’s definitely not worth buying ;p Rent it from X-Square or something if you’re keen, I’m sure anyone can complete it within three days. Fortunately, I borrowed it from ZL, who’s managed to secure a fulltime job as a programmer down at the Esplanade after two weeks of jobhunting. Talk about fast ;p (And why would the Esplanade require programmers? Beats me too, but heck.)

It felt like another typical lazy afternoon, and I slowly ambled my way back home while munching on some pastries from Four Leaves, soaking up the warm afternoon sun. *shakes head* The copycat version of the Rotiboy they sell simply doesn’t match up to the original. I’d read about Four Leaves and Breadtalk selling Rotiboy as well, but to my disappointment, Four Leaves sold pirated copies and Breadtalk didn’t have any at all. Time to make a trip back to China Square if me tastebuds ever decide to try Rotiboy again.

Tonight’s a peaceful night fortunately, good time to relearn the stuff I’d forgotten during my break ;p Talked quite a bit with MS on MSN, nothing in particular but I got questioned on some stuff I won’t mention here hiaks. Talked with YL on MSN too, and if he insists he’s all right.. shrug 😉 Who gives a fcuk.

Managed to finish reading last week’s issue of 8 Days, and I saw this cafe that looks interesting hmm.. maybe I should head down and try it. The place is called Le P’tit Breton, located at Thomson Imperial Court, 200 Upper Thomson Road. Operating hours are from Tuesdays to Sundays, 1200-1430 and 1830-2130. Cuisine? Breton fare e.g. crepes and galettes, which are wheat pastries with fillings. Tempted to try new food out nowadays, but the place is in the north, kinda sians for me ;p Nevertheless, I’ll post me findings if I do head down there.

what a dad.

Most of my chums know about my relationship with the old man, or rather the lack of one ;p I was never on good terms with him since childhood, and it just gradually faded with the years of growing up, right until I simply saw him as another stranger who happened to live in the same place I did.

To me, he was simply the figure who provided for the family and spent his free time pottering around the house engaged in meaningless activities. Otherwise, he’d be engrossed in the undefinable intricacies of 4D betting, doing his research based on obscure means like the past X years of 4D results, and seldom if ever interacted with us (i.e. poookie and me) on a personal basis, and it didn’t help that we had like zero topics in common.

Some people might quote their fathers as being role models, but no sir thankyew sir, mine was almost the exact antithesis of one. Watching his existence simply made me more determined than ever never to endup as he did. Lacking a social life, friends, interests (if you excluded the 4D), personal goals.. it was quite a wonder to me what he actually lived for; perhaps family? It was (and still is) quite a miracle that he actually managed to get married, being the nolifer that he was (and of course, still is). I suppose he could’ve thanked my aunt (mother’s elder sister) more profusely for her unwavering support fire, which eventually resulted in them getting married and two twerps called kein & poookie being produced. Some time ago, poookie and I were wondering if we would actually feel sad if he kicked the bucket at any point of time. Conclusion? A unanimous NAH. Sad but true 🙂

Although he can’t matchup to those drunken wifebeaters we read about in the papers, he is nevertheless someone I can’t click with at all. During my days of school and NS, all that ever came out of his mouth were demands, queries and hot words. What did I do then? Shuddup of course. One thing that he often used to browbeat me into submission was the fact that I was using his money, so it equalled to my having to listen to his orders. WTF? Well, I’d nothing to say back then.

The clincher really came during the end of my NS stint, when the job market was at a record state of crappiness. He quit his damn job simply because he got transferred to another workplace, and loafed around for almost ten months until the next job came, and that was due to my mother’s efforts in locating one for him. During those ten months, he was more or less an irritating figure at home who provided no income. Not to mention the fact that he caused me to frantically hasten my job search while I was clearing leave, simply because the household income was at a precarious state. At that point of time, it wasn’t about a suitable job but rather how soon I could get one. Any crap would’ve done, so long as I got paid at the end of it. Fortunately I’ve moved on from that job, and life’s been much happier ever since 🙂

But on a good side, the situation’s been turned around ever since I started working though ;p Call me unfillial, an unfeeling asshole, bastard, whatever. I’m not into trading insults with him on a daily basis, so I did the next best thing; ignoring him totally. To me he’s more or less a figurehead in the house that deserves my peripheral attention at best. I’m looking forward to the day when he loses his cool and starts to rant at me, whee. That’s when the fun’ll begin. Flame on baby 🙂

*Sidenote: I’m actually very nice to me mother, in case you were wondering 🙂 She’s a sorta friend to me, and we trade friendly insults all the time ;p No one’s perfect after all, hiaks.


I finally got around to doing the pics, so here they are 🙂

BBQ at 11 Dec

BBQ held @ YL’s place, as mentioned on another post. NZ+MS came late and I totally forgot about snapping another group pic of ’em inside, oopsie.
Note: The lighting wasn’t very good, so ;p

Kinda lazy to put proper formatting tonight, so here’s the rest of ’em in slipshod.

Orchard at 19 Dec

YF and me trying to beat the living crap out of E ;p

Me, S, C (YF’s gf), and YF, posed infront of some dumbass bite-sized Christmas tree at some hotel entrance.

E, S and me. Background courtesy of the cutout right at the Takashimaya main entrance.

YF and E, supporting Visa literally 🙂

YF + gf, at the humongous Christmas tree inside the Takashimaya main hall.
I was taking the pic at an angle so that I could capture the entire tree ;p