of the may freebies, part 3.

Well.. XXX2: The Next Level was supposed to be my next freebie review, but I hadn’t had time to watch it yet since the ticket’s only available for shows from Mon – Thur, so I guess I’ll be watching it alone 🙂 That’s for another day anyway. (Or is anyone interested in catching this show? I’ll be watching it on either this coming Wed or Thur.)

Initially, I hadn’t planned on catching Return of the Sith even though it was one of those long-awaited movies I had been very interested in catching.. but somehow or other, I winded up with freebies from my company for the show. Talk about luck 🙂

In a nutshell, this final conclusion (sort of) to the Star Wars saga sets all the pieces into place. I’m a closet Star Wars geek, so it was kinda gratifying to see how the whole thing ended 🙂

How Palpatine rose into power from a mere senator of the Republic, and finally manipulated his way into the seat of a self-proclaimed Galactic Emperor.

The famed Order 66, when almost all Jedi were exterminated in a single move by the clone troops, whom everyone thought were absolutely trustworthy. (Righttt.. trustworthy up to the point when they fry you with blaster beams that is.)

And the highlight of the movie, Anakin Skywalker’s fall from grace into the Dark Side, and his rebirth as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. (I hadn’t known that he had all his limbs amputated before being put into the armor though, hmm.)

All in all, the movie was too tightly packed IMO, leaping from event to event. It felt like a play being acted out rather than the smooth transition between movies a normal movie had, more like “Act 1: Anakin and Obi-Wan rescue Palpatine“, “Act 2: Further political machinations of Palpatine” and so on. Brrr, no good. I would’ve preferred a longer movie with more details, so let’s hope the DVD has an extended version 🙂 But.. still worth a watch on the big screen, for the great special effects if nothing else.

(Alert: Star Wars geek rantings follow on after this.)

Various interesting (?) observations during the course of the movie:
– Ewan McGregor’s excellent portrayal of a younger Obi-Wan Kenobi, complete with wisecracks and humourous quips in the dialogue. Thumbs up 🙂
– Mace Windu and Palpatine’s duel, where they shattered the windows and Palpatine’s hair was wildly flapping and yours truly was idly wondering “Eh how come Windu’s hair not flying around? Oh yeah; no hair.” Classic brain lag.
– Padmé’s observation on Palpatine’s ascendency to emperorhood. “So this is how liberty dies.. with thunderous applause.” Nice.
– How Anakin’s eyes became yellow with slitted irises when he progressed into the Dark Side, and his ability to use Dark Side moves, like the force choke on Padmé.
– Anakin’s increasing self-blindedness to reality in the course of the movie, only seeing what he wanted to see.
РKinda sad that his love and desire not to lose Padm̩ to death lured him to the Dark Side. And ironically enough, his betrayal of the Jedi led Padm̩ to lose her desire for life, and fulfilled the premonition that she would die in childbirth instead of preventing it.
– Luke being sent to Tatooine, and Leia to Alderaan under Bail Organa’s care. Yoda’s exile, Obi-Wan’s study of the Force as a means of further life, construction of the Death Star.. the pieces of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope being moved into place.
– Various cameo appearances; Moff Tarkin and Wedge Antilles near the end of the movie. Chewbacca in the part where Yoda was on Kashyyk. I didn’t notice the Millenium Falcon landing, despite clues from forum posts 😦

(end of rant.)

Will leave the rest inside my brain, bubbling as the thoughts are 🙂

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