of the unexpected – prelude.

Staring, but not seeing. The endless scenery outside the window seemed to be all but transparent to me.

“Sa souvraya niende misain ye.”

A phrase I’d read somewhere that approximately read as.. I am lost in my own mind. Lost. And with lost, came loss.

The end of my stint as a full-time National Serviceman had finally come, and it seemed like a time as fine as any other to take a trip alone and head down Malaysia, visiting relatives I hadn’t seen in years. Yep, no one else but me and the trusty camera, the Canon Powershot A40 that’d captured so many fond memories.


A journey to clear the mind of all the painful recollections from before, and high time to decide on the future paths that awaited, unseen.

Looking around the vacant cabin, I wondered if the rest of the train was this empty. It was probably sheer luck that I had the entire place to myself; I wasn’t in the talking mood anyway.

On hindsight, it’d been a silly decision to take the train in the first place, since a bus from Singapore would’ve been considerably hassle free in comparison but nooooo, it had to be the tougher route. I scratched an arm absentmindedly.

Stretched back on the bed, sleep seemed so near, and yet so distant.

Thoughts lurked at the fringes of consciousness, and I suppressed them ruthlessly. The point of a holiday certainly wasn’t to start on a guilt trip and bash myself senseless; let sleeping dogs lie.

I sighed; sleep was certainly a long time in coming.

of an idle (but still funny) quote :)

So there I was, remarking to the brother about constipation in general last night.

“Odd that you can constipate for days on end and not feel the shit piling up right?”

“Think of how long your intestines are la; confirm can store alot of shit inside.” Not exactly verbatim, but a general approximation of his impromptu reply.

Incidentally, how long are our intestines? I was curious anyway, and Googled to find out.. and woah, is it long or what? ;p

No wonder I feel like I’m always so full of shit 🙂 Figuratively.. and literally.

*The brother hasn’t been blogging much, due to extreme blogstipation. (To borrow a phrase from the recluse, copyrights none but acknowledgements given.) Writes a post, and ends up feeling that words aren’t doing his thoughts justice so trashes the post entirely. Hopefully things’ll change for the better, but for the moment all of you’re more or less stuck with me ;p Bear with it.

**Update: NZ pointed out on SMS that shit is stored at the rectum instead of the intestines. Need further proof? At least the theory on being full of shit’s disproved ;p

of late night kopi.

(Thanks to the impromptu server maintenance by Blogger, I lost my previous post and had to retype everything. Middle finger salute! Mumbles about having to retype everything..)

Ahlong (aka the leongster) and I had our monthly kopi session just now, albeit on a roaming itinerary. Yakked for a while at the coffeeshop near my place, while he guzzled rojak. On to the bench at S’s void deck (turned our that S, our resident party girl was already out having fun) where ahlong played around with a pussy attempted to befriend a wary stray cat. Hunger pangs struck after that, so it was time for roti prata at another 24hr coffeeshop.

Topics for the night were mostly (but not restricted to!) on the fairer sex; stuff like how one buddy sent us an SMS with nothing but a full stop (to find out what that means, do read iam tandem, bleh. *blatant advertising mode*), about why ladies had a fixation on marriage by a certain age e.g. 25, about relationships in our local circle of friends, and about whether us swinging bachelors would heed the gahmen‘s advice and start our own families in the future. Idle talk for bored people at night 🙂

ahlong: international man of mystery, grins.

On another note, sleep mei‘s been experiencing crap at her new job i.e. kena makan by company. Given her current predicament, hopefully she’ll quit and get something better ASAP 🙂

Makes me wonder about the skinflint bosses/companies that proliferate like flies in this society and should be lynched. Haven’t they heard of staff welfare before? But of course, in the working world you’ve to always protect yourself. No one’s gonna help you if you don’t look out for yourself eh? Food for thought hmm.

Always protect yourself 🙂

of the may freebies, part 2.

Caught ‘The Jacket‘ today with brother, after an hour or so of window shopping around Suntec City. Saw some nice shirts buttt.. save money, so sua. Shopping list’s gonna get longer and longer if I carry on looking ;p Funny thing was the sales guy who kept buzzing around at one of the shops in the Heeren.

Your friend shopping, then you not buying ah?” He asked the brother.

Well done, friend eh? Granted that we don’t resemble each other at all, but I must really look like a young kid with the current hairdo to be able to jump the 6 year age difference -.-

Entered like 15 minutes early but hmm, the Lido theatre was pretty empty. Pretty great contrast to last week’s House of Wax, when we entered 10 minutes earlier but got crappy seats. For pre-movie entertainment, there was this moron in front of me who rocked his seat backwards a few times and smashed into my knees a couple of times, earning muttered curses repeatedly from yours truly. (Had contemplated scissoring my legs around his blardy neck and choking him to death if he’d done it once more, bleargh.) Well, those who’ve gone to Lido should know how cramped the seats are 🙂

Anyway, I’m not gonna do a full writeup of the show here, so Google the movie synopsis or something. The movie’s pretty short, you get to see Keira Knightley nude for a few seconds (brief eyecandy factor), but the plot’s pretty transparent most of the way; only the ending was a little unexpected. In what sense, you ask? Watch it if you’re curious 🙂

I won’t rate this as a must-watch movie anyway, go rent the VCD or something if you’re interested. What with the movie ticket price hike and the show content, it’s not really worth the money IMO.

And that’s all for today.. eh not. One other disgusting thing seen on the MRT just now: a couple fondling each other like the entire train was empty or something, bleargh.

(I’m not a prude or something, and all for Public Displays of Affection (PDA) as well. So long as they like it, shrugs.)

So, actually it wasn’t a big deal eh? Not when it’s a homosexual couple.

Still not too bad you say? How about a male gay couple?

Just ignore them la, it’s their freedom right? Sure, but try ignoring two middle-aged uncles groping each other right in front of me lor!

They were to my right, so I winced and tried to look straight.
Brother was right in front, so I gaveup staring straight after awhile.
Turn to the left = train door reflection, so I couldn’t very well look there.

In the end, I gave up and told brother to alight at the next stop -.-

of the unexpected.

The room I stepped into did not seem any different like any other one in the house, with a few people lounging about. Quite a large room, but by far the coolest one. That was a relief in itself; it’d been a hot day in Malaysia so far.

A woman down by the right gave me a look, one that said I knew her. Did I? Lady in her thirties, just the typical married auntie look, hmm. I walked over anyway, plastering a social grin onto my face and extending a hand, while sitting down opposite her.

Hello auntie, you are…?

So fast and you’ve forgotten? I’m your second auntie’s cousin ah, this is my sister’s house lor you saw my kids the other day right? And it was only…

I filtered the rest of her chatter out. And it seemed like I did remember seeing her at another relative’s home and her children; a young one of about three years who could not keep her hands off those sweets on the table and screamed piercingly, and a younger one I mostly ignored. Babies looked and behaved the same everywhere anyway; crying and always in need of attention.

The shaky grin was switched for a more genuine smile, and I scratched my tousled hair.

Oh yes, now I remember.”

We talked of other casual trivialities, and she was proudly praising her town as a “fine place to live your life and raise kids.”

Not me definitely, I mumbled inwardly; I’m a city kid born and bred, tied to technology. Rustic places like this? The environment appealed to me though, and I savored the peace and quiet like one gulping water with a parched throat, grateful to the moment.

I didn’t want to disappoint her well wishes though.

I’ll definitely come back here if I ever decide to have kids. Definitely.”

Watching her brighten up noticeably at the second “definitely“, I was kinda glad to have said it.

That won’t be anytime soon though, since I’ll have to get a wife first. Anyone to recommend?” I grinned in jest, not really meaning it.

She shook her head, but unexpectedly she gave me a knowing look coupled with a smile.

It may happen sooner than you expect you know.

Now what did that mean? Positively mind-boggling. Getting up, I made a few polite excuses, meaning to leave. Yes, I wanted to go walk around for a bit, stretch my legs that kinda stuff. No no, it was fine, I could get along by myself, and I’ll be back in a while, I assured her.

No idea where I was going though, but to hell with it. Time enough to decide after I got out of the house. Stepping over the doorway and out, I took a deep breath. Freedom! Looking out onto the quiet street… it was then that I saw her for the first time. Standing out there, looking as though she’d been waiting for me all this while.

It felt like someone had hit the pause button on me, and I froze, disbelieving.

It had happened, sooner than I expected after all.

of modern society.

Life in an urban city like Singapore comes with it many pitfalls. One of it is the moral decay and mental retardation of young people. A package of deceit, manipulation and lies seem to be dominant and prevalent as one enters his or her third decade of life. As always it usually starts during the late teen years as mild and progresses. As one ages, urban life experiences and pressures associated with it may bring out such characteristics in otherwise ordinary people. As people in their 20s seem hesistant in trusting one another, the trust which they had during their teen years simply degrades.

The source of this degradation may be past failures in love, obsession about money, women, love and power and sometimes paranoia seems to be the driving factors. Sometimes psychological problems play a role too. As I write this article, I do notice signs of an increasingly superficial, selfish and power hungry world. People now are eager for immediate success and achievement. In the past, morality restrained people’s behavior. But now the strength and scope of moral restrictions has shrunk. People don’t think about the means; they’ll just do anything. This is reflective of a nation where morality is generally defined according to one’s feelings. In a postmodern society, where people do not acknowledge any moral absolutes, if a person feels justified in engaging in a specific behavior then they do not make a connection with the immoral nature of that action. Yet deep inside, they sense that something is wrong in our society. They simply have not been able to put two and two together to recognize their personal liability regarding the moral condition of our nation.

Until people recognize that there are moral absolutes and attempt to live in harmony with them, we are likely to see a continued decay of our moral foundations.

But the world is a place worth fighting for.

It’s up to everyone reading this right now to silently ponder on how to live your life. It’s time to go back to your synagogues and churches, and learn the basics of the moral codes. You can save this world, but it all begins with YOU and YOUR personal relationship with others. It will be a slow process, but if we all start NOW, we can turn this world around and make it a better place for all and for the future.

– post by 90s_Teen in sgForums.com, click here for the link.

Nice post IMO; inspiring isn’t it? Food for thought people 🙂 Footnote here: religion’s a good way to learn to live your life properly buttttt. Don’t mix religion together with moral ethics!

of the may freebies, part 1.

Well, I’d finished this post originally but I think my bandwidth was choked with downloads and my post didn’t get saved. Big piece of crap, so here we go again! And nods, the recover post option didn’t work 🙂 Songs.

By some stroke of luck or other, I ended up with free tickets to the premiere of House of Wax, which is the gruesome awesome poster above. Caught it with brother at GV Great World just now, and surprisingly we left before the movie ended. The first two to leave the cinema at that, sads.

Too grossed out by the movie, to say the least. I think I’m not mentally equipped for psychopathic thrillers, getting too old for shocks like this ;p Weird when I can stomach stuff like watching images of decapacitations, ritual executions and sex change operations, but cringe at things like this.

In a nutshell, don’t watch this unless you like watching fingers getting snipped off with pliers, muscles getting severed using gardening shears and live humans being made into wax figures.. which in that case do go ahead and enjoy the show! 🙂

.. let’s hope the other freebies for this month’re better, sigh.