of the latest crap that’s been irritating me.

Taken outside HMV Tower Records, Suntec City. I really, really, really dislike that stupid song that goes ‘ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding dong dong dong dong dong dong dong‘ like some fcukin’ moronic kid, replete with techno music at that. Wa lao! I don’t mind people saying I’ve lousy taste in music, ‘cus if that’s good music.. then I’ll be more than happy to be *not* part of the crowd. 🙂

of an unusual request.

I hadn’t planned to blog tonight, but like what the title says out loud, an unusual request from the friend came in, asking for yours truly to ‘write something more interesting leh‘. And I quote:

Alan says:
ur blog will provide me wif a laugh wif ur observations
Alan says:
like the cars outside changkat
Alan says:
go blood bank

So, I guess I’d better write something.. ‘interesting‘ before all the readers run away screaming from my blog eh?

Then again, there isn’t anything interesting right now, hrmmm.. unless we use this.

This atrociously juvenile picture of me was taken a few days back, when I realised that:
1. I had plenty of time to burn before reaching the office, and
2. I was bloody bored, with no visible means of entertainment.

Nope, no stupid schoolkids tripping on flat ground and falling on their faces, no birds divebombing their way into glass windows, no yowling cats screwing around to increase the general feline population in Singapore. Maybe evening’s too early for the sacred act of procreation. (Unlike humans, it’s never too early for sex.) Yep, life at that moment was that peaceful. Alright, normal if you discounted one nerdy fellow squirming around, trying to snap his own pic on the mobile. I’m sure that I got a few odd looks from the passersby, but yeah who gives a damn.

At the rate I’m aging, it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be perpetually mistaken for being a fresh poly grad until my late 20s at least, if not 30s. Perpetual youth isn’t always a blessing ;p There’s this security guard at my office who gave an odd look at me, and after a few moments of hesitation.. decided to pop the question.

Eh 小弟, you working here part-time ah?”

I suppose I should’ve answered something ridiculous, like:
1. “Ya lor, school holidays no money, come here earn money la. Secondary school pocket money very little leh.”
2. “Simi part-time? Cannot tell I 30 years old liao meh?

Enough dumb replies, but yeah that’s an illustration of my life on a daily basis 🙂

Enough of the dumb looks, let’s go on to another more.. interesting issue, wink. After all, this entry was made on a request, so it’d better be something related, grins.

What do you do when a female (whom you used to have an interest in) started giving you mixed signals again? One day she’s waving the welcome banner, and the next it’s the let’s-just-be-friends signs all over again.

Other than the obvious conclusion that it leaves the guy spinning on his head and totally confused about the female and everything else in life, I think that the girl’s equally confused about how she stands on this issue as well. How should the guy react then? 🙂

In ahkein’s theorem, it would be advisable for the guy to conduct a initial feasibility study on whether any actual attraction exists. Are you interested in the female at all, or are you hooked simply because she’s exhibiting the right signs? No sense in going for someone you’re not really attracted to, eh? Think it out before making any moves; no sense wasting your time and effort on a bad investment.

Up next would probably be compatibility. Can the two of you talk comfortably? Do you feel relaxed in her presence, or does uncomfortable silence reign half the time on a date? Communication is the king of important factors, IMO.

Test, test, test! Test the female, get her out, talk to her on the phone, look for signs and above all, have a good time while you’re at it. Walk around, let yourself loose, make fun of the things around you and get ready to have a laugh. After all, you can’t be on the losing end if you’re already having fun 🙂

of the supercompactor.

It feels like I’m trying to cram ten thousand tasks into every single day, ugh.

Romantic lyrics, and tough to sing with the soaring chorus; yet another 王力宏 track that I like a lot 🙂 I wonder how I’ll sound like, when I screech away on the mic.

王力宏 – Forever Love

爱你 不是因为你的美而已
我越来越爱你 每个眼神触动我的心
因为你让我看见Forever 才了解自己
未来这些日子 要好好珍惜

爱我 有些痛楚 有些不公平
如果真的爱我 不是理所当然的决定
感到你的呼吸在我耳边 像微风神奇
温柔的安抚 我的不安定
所以我~要 每天研究你的笑容 Ooh 多么自然

* Forever love Forever love
从今以后 你会是所有 幸福的理由 *

沿途雨季泥泞 偶尔阻碍我们的前进
感到你的体温在我怀里 像阳光和煦
巧妙的融化 我的不安定
不可思议 证明我爱你的理由 Ooh 多么自然

Repeat *

你感动的眼睛 我沉默的声音 彷佛就是最好的证明
就让我 在说一次 I love you oh~ (直到永远)

Repeat *

Forever Love Forever Love Forever Love

of a wisecrack.

“Women now have choices. They can be married, not married, have a
job, not have a job, be married with children, unmarried with

Men have the same choice we’ve always had:
work, or prison.”

– Tim Allen

This one simply set me chuckling when I read it 🙂 Poor guys.

of having the sunday off.

I’m so used to working on Sundays that it actually feels odd for a change, to have the day off. I’m sitting in my room lounging about, with no actual plans. (When there’s actually a shitload of things to be done, like studying for the lecture I skipped yesterday, getting down to the tutorials, refreshing on the CCNA and thinking about when I should retake the damn paper buttt.)

And I think I’m just gonna ramble here idly, instead of writing about anything in particular. Not in the mood for a lengthy discourse on anything in particular 🙂

There’s this song I heard some time back, which I liked so much that I ended up buying the CD on Saturday. Gees, and I haven’t bought a CD in years. First-hand that is. It’s a group who call themselves The Coral, and one of the tracks titled In The Morning has a really catchy beat to it. I really like that one 🙂 Will prob get around to loading the song here when I’m in the mood, but meanwhile it’s gonna stay on my PC and the mobile.

Boredom spawns idle thoughts, and crazy ways to work off energy. Whenever I get too bored at home, I inevitably wander to the living room, get down on the floor.. and do pushups. Either that, or it’s the chinup bar near the kitchen. Kinda weird isn’t it? It should be good preparation for the next IPPT though 🙂 Now if only I can find the mood to run, hrmmmmm.

I’ve been looking through the textbook for this semester on internet security, and it so reminds me of the CCNA syllabus. All the damn techie specifications, theoretical crap, I absolutely loooooooove it. Not. Looks like another hunk of junk to swallow, understand and regurgitate at the exam, bleargh.

.. think that’s enough for now. No new pics for this post, since I haven’t had time to take anything even remotely interesting yesterday.

of letting the pictures talk.

My legs’re itching for some reason, and yes the cough hasn’t cleared (the good buddy leongster has offered the rationale that he might’ve infected me with it last week when he came over. Damn!) Lazy to write more, so here’s a few from the HP as usual. Snaps of the day, as always. *continues scratching legs*

XQ giving S the evil eye over dinner last night. 🙂

Lonesome looking fries, standing aloft in the chili sauce.

The only existing hardcopy of iam tandem, the one book I’ve written so far. You mean you haven’t read it? Go download and read la.. 🙂 I may not be J.K. Rowling, but I think I can string a coherent sentence together at least.

Couldn’t-care-less, gulping lime juice over a second dinner with the sister.

of the coughing fit.

Argh, I’m into this real bad coughing phase. It’s not painful on the throat, and I merely cough ‘cus the damn throat itches. ORD-ed guys should understand what I’m talking about; it’s something like the Tekong cough. Yeah, that stupid non-stop coughing you get from the rust-filled water at BMTC.

.. then again, I don’t think I’m drinking any dirty water now lor!

This is getting bad, ugh. *coughs yet again*