of the penguins today.

Caught March of the Penguins with Adri today, and I’ve got to say it’s one of the more interesting documentaries I’ve watched up till now. French narration nonewithstanding, (I’d have preferred the English version but NOOO, Singapore doesn’t have it! English first language my ass; what the hell) the movie was still understandable, with English subtitles to boot.

It’s also gotten me wondering on how exactly do the bloody penguins survive, with such a high mortality rate. Penguins horlan (and not contributing to mating) on their way to the mating zone, eaten by underwater predators, chicks dead in their eggs before hatching, starving to death, frozen by the chill winds, eaten by hungry predators, blah blah. Walao, and it’s not like the penguins can have multiple births or something, it’s a strict single egg laying thing. Madness.

The baby penguins look real fluffy and cute though, with their grey feathers. Adri was predicting that the stores’ll be coming out with the plush toys to capitalise on the mad rush of newborn penguin lovers. ;p I think I’ll go into selling fluffy baby penguin toys as well if I had the capital.

Yeah, anyway. Go watch it if you haven’t, bring your female friends along and watch them squeal at the cute lil penguins. On a weekday though, no sense spending $9.50 on a damned flick that’s less than two hours. I’m strongly against paying so much dough for a movie nowadays, brr. Talk to the hand, movie cinemas of Singapore. Me definitely not gonna give you the satisfaction of earning a weekend ticket’s price from me err.. heh unless of course, I kena forced to watch bleh.


A song from 品冠‘s latest compilation, titled 后来的我. It may be just me, but all the new songs are very, very typical of his singing style. I like the lyrics for this particular one, however.

歌手:黃品冠 作曲:品冠 填詞:瑞業 編曲:洪敬堯

明明沉默 怎麼看似在笑我假裝沒牽掛


*我難過 每一次愛過最後都錯過
 (我難過 這一次愛過也錯過)
 還掙扎 雖然你的冷漠已給了我懲罰
 我難過 如果祝福對你是個解脫




我難過 是不是愛過更明白錯過
告訴我 有沒有不許你離開的一句話
我難過 明天醒來孤單的你和我
在這城裡生活找到幸福嗎 一定偶爾會聽說
在這城裡生活你還幸福嗎 我只想靜靜聽說

of birthday presents

So Meng got his present yesterday (well ahead of his actual birthday) and he seemed pretty pleased with the 80GB hard disk. So pleased that he called everyone who’d chipped in, and proclaimed his undying love (?) for them. Spare me the love, I say.

Erwin, on the other hand suggested that we shouldn’t buy each other presents, since it was so blardy difficult to do the collection of moolah everytime. (It certainly took him long enough to realise that, considering the fact that we’d been buying presents for years lol.) But hell, who cares about the money part? I’ll still be buying presents for the rest until.. I dunno. Until I become too disabled to even do that I suppose, hiaks.

I was getting alighting at a bus stop just now when I noticed this JC couple talking at a bus stop. Uh huh, so what else is new? Juvenile romance certainly isn’t. I ignored them and walked off to SAFRA. A good two hours later, I walked back to the bus stop.

.. they were still there, fondly talking. Couldn’t bear to leave each other for the day I suppose 🙂


of those buzzing buggers.

I, am tired. Very, very tired.

Tired enough to yawn barely ten minutes after I entered the office, yawning so wide that I could probably swallow a baby whale whole and not have to burp after that. *shows gaping jaws* And I’ve been yawning the entire night, even as I’m typing right now.

The first assignments from school have been happily dumped back to the unit advisors, and I’m blissfully rotting for now 🙂 I’m half-wondering if I’m actually prepared for the exams though. Rot rot rot rot rot. Bah, you wish. Somehow life for me never seems to consist of idling, ugh.

Earlier in the day, the brother and I took an hour or so out of the house (at my suggestion) and sat down somewhere outside in the neighbourhood, simply enjoying the breeze. You’d find less stale air in an unopened crypt than our house; it’s a bloody furnace on days like these. And so, we talked. Talked of idle affairs, and others not-so-idle.

Stuff like the recent plague of mosquitoes that’s been invading his room, and the assorted bites he’s been getting on a nightly basis. He’s been entertaining thoughts of either torching his entire bedroom so that the nasty little buggers could be roasted, or simply wearing earplugs to sleep on a permanent basis just to escape the buzzing of the mosquitoes. Army stories from ahkein, about the amazing swarm of mosquitoes I had to fend off during my guard duty at the PLC live firing range. Seriously crazy bloodsuckers, those $#^%@%#$. Immune to both insect repellent and mosquito coils; sibei hardcore.

If only everyday can be as peaceful, hrm.

Sian ah!

of random scratchings.

The mind is my forge, and the pen, my hammer.
I spin thoughts from the aether, and craft them into words of substance.

With cursive strokes, I write.
Formless ideas into elegant prose, unspoken affection to undying romance.

The screen is my canvas, and I paint.
Words of various worth; gold, silver, and others.
Sculpted, into a form that holds my thoughts.

Others might speak, with rainbows from the painted art.
In moving celluloid, or the strummed harp.

For me?

Words are all there is, and all there will ever be 🙂