of innocence

So there I was, strolling my way back home (I had all the time in the world after all), and there was a bunch of kindergarten kids playing their nameless games, giggling and clapping while a teacher looked on.

NOMB as usual, so I just watched while continuing to walk by. Visual entertainment, y’know? Watching children at play is always kinda fun, if you get what I mean.

And just when the kids joined hands to form a circle, another young ‘un (who was sitting nearby) got onto his feet and scrambled over as fast as he could, wanting to join into the fun. A place was opened, and he joined hands with the rest, laughing.

Now, if only we could see acceptance like that everyday 🙂

of angels and demons.

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons.

I’d bought this bugger a few days ago at Citylink’s MPH; they were having it at 20% discount, and that boys & girls.. is definitely a bargain much better than what I could possibly find at any secondhand bookshop, considering the condition. (I didn’t manage to get a dust jacket tho’; they didn’t have one that fitted the paperback, oddly enough.)

A short review then. I didn’t exactly devour this one like I had for The Da Vinci Code, but this one proved to be an enjoyable read as well, with the fast-moving pace and nonstop twists and turns in the plot that keeps you just wanting to go on to the next page. This one took me about three days ‘cus I was preoccupied with my damn assignments, whereas The Da Vinci Code was wolfed down in less than two. The power of schoolwork, I give you that.

The protagonist (or main character, as you would have it) is once again Robert Langdon the symbologist with another sultry female lead, racing against time to save the Church this time. (After all, romance always goes hand-in-hand with heart pounding action, isn’t it so? Part of the formula of a gripping story, I’d say.) Their enemy is the supposed long-defunct Illuminati, but resurrected once again in a bid to annihilate the Church once and for all, with an anti-matter bomb no less. Interesting mix of religious symbology and technology 🙂 I especially like the way all the clues in the book were interpreted, fitting the symbols together with the Illuminati.

I remember reading reviews from other sources, where people have commented on the inadequate background research that Dan Brown has done on his books, and the fictitious stuff that he seems to have concocted to create an exciting plotline. My opinion? I’m not really caring if what he wrote was true, shrugs. It’s supposed to be a fiction novel, spare me the whining about authenticity. *rolls eyes in disgust* It’s an interesting read, and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to have a go.

Feel free to borrow it from me if you want to, but return my book in one piece please 🙂 It’s barely a week old.

of an unfunny joke

So there I was having dinner just now, and the mother was talking about something she heard just now.

“Boy, you got girlfriend liao ah? The grocery shop auntie downstairs said she saw you meeting a girl downstairs some days ago.”

I paused, and pondered for a moment. I’m not really into the habit of meeting girls at my void deck, if you must know. Then I remembered that I’d met the ex the other day.

“I think that auntie was referring to that day when I met C to get mooncakes la.”

“C? who’s that?”

I had to applaud my mother’s short-term memory. Then again, the mother remembered her by the Chinese name, so I tried it.

“LP la.”

“Ooo.. that girl ah! Is she the one who came over the other day?”

My sigh of relief got stopped halfway; she’d mistaken C for someone else. I rolled my eyes inwardly.

“Nooo.. LP is my ex-girlfriend la! The one who used to come over in the past.”

“Aiya, that one ah. And I thought you so fast got girlfriend liao, still bring her over to the house when no one’s around. But LP very nice ah, still give you mooncakes blah blah blah..”

.. you have to hand it to my mother; I think she’s growing desperate for grandchildren or something. Seriously 不好笑 -.-

For the helpless romantics

Happened to came across this website while browsing Friendster just now. I would recommend it for the helpless romantics 😉

Well, even if you’re not a helpless romantic (like me), this will still prove to be a good bedtime read.

(Minor spoiler. Highlight only after you have visited the site.) To be honest, I totally believed that it was a true story AND it was written by a girl until I clicked on the “About The Author” page. Imagine my surprise.

Nevertheless, he’s pretty good at using metaphors and putting emotions into words. And for something that is imaginary, he has definitely done a good job. Especially how he reveals each piece of the story layer by layer, like peeling an onion.

Note: In Chapter 7, there’s a hidden code waiting to be deciphered.

Jacky(main actor) sent 8 SMSes to Joanna(main actress) in a single night, and told her that there’s a hidden message with the SMSes that he just sent her.

Here’s all 8 of them, and I quote verbatim:

1) “I’m sorrie if I say anything wrong… u will still come for the appointment, won’t u?”

2) “Let me fetch you on that day, okie?”

3) “Only you can help yourself. come on, reply a yes…”

4) “Vent your thoughts to others please… it’s the only way out. “

5) “Ease your illusions! let me help…”

6) “You’ve gonna come for it!”

7) “Only you… yourself can help yourself…”

8) “Understanding yourself is most important…”

Took me less than 5 minutes to decode it, and I was grinning like a Cheshire cat after that. Corny answer.

Anybody wants to give it a try?

of 我真的受伤了

窗外阴天了 音乐低声了

窗外阴天了 音乐低声了
窗外阴天了 人是无聊了





I hadn’t remembered any nice songs from this particular album of Jacky’s, but as usual.. I was proven wrong. Or perhaps it’s just that I had listened to it at a different time and age 🙂

I like the guitar accompaniment, and the way Jacky’s vocals blend with it. And of course, the lyrics that make you go sigh and feel all sad inside.

of the sentosa weekend

Friday and Saturday had been spent over at Sentosa with the guys.

I *was* going to put pictures up, but apparently I look like a hardened piece of dogturd that’s been left in the sun for several days. So, no pictures this time, just to prevent all of you people from throwing up.

No lengthy descriptions either, ‘cus I still feel fcukin’ blur from lack of sleep.

Why am I writing here then? I don’t know either. ;p

Update #1:

I *was* going to post some of the resized pics up, but for some reason or other Blogger refuses to host my images. *sucks thumb* Another time.

Update #2:

After repeated attempts, the server grudgingly gives way; bah.

One of the rare shots on us playing basketball, courtesy of Shan. (Yep, we’re one of those weirdos who head out to Sentosa for basketball, so shoot us.)

“1.” “2.” “3.”

Arms ‘n legs up in the air now.

The hear-see-speak no evil mascots in a new package.

ahkein, S and XQ, all decked out in nerdy specs.

ahkein, with an old schoolmate he hadn’t seen for years 🙂

Tried to roll my eyes in disgust, but got found out.

Bleh. ahkein, LS and Mia Seng.

Pretty thing, isn’t it? The only thing I bothered to snap with the HP camera 🙂

That’s all for now, more pics when I get hold of more.