of a relaxing saturday : )

I was too tired to write all these yesterday, but I really enjoyed myself on Saturday 🙂 No photos for now, since I haven’t uploaded ’em yet.

Saturday noon, lounging lazily at the beach with S, XQ and YL (aka the leongster). Main activity of the day? Bridge: a truly excellent way to pass the time of the day.

Spent like hours sitting/lying there playing away, before deciding dinnertime was up and about, and we cycled down to Changi Village for dinner. It’s not like I get to do this everyday, so it was great fun to me at least 🙂 Then we were like the mobile bridge brigade, playing bridge wherever we happened to stop at.

It was a long and tiring day, I tell ye. Happy tho’.

of a long forgotten line.

… I loved you once. Yep, I know I’m a fool. But do you truly understand why? I hope you do, ‘cus I still don’t.

I was really surprised, and kinda shocked when I saw this sentence appear on PR’s diary. It’s been so long ago that I’d nearly forgotten it all; that I was the one who originally penned that line.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Head down to iam tandem and download the PDF then. A lengthy read, but well.. if you’re bored it should be pretty amusing : )

Rolling Bomber Special

Although this isn’t new, and you don’t know what Power Rangers are (wtf?), I guarantee it’s still hilarious. Starring Shingo Katori of SMAP.

Some preview shots of the film

Click here for the link!

(I think this short film can be found in SMAP’s DVD, ‘SMAP SHORT FILMS’)

of the zorro sequel

The Legend of Zorro opens today, and ahkein has already watched it w/ S and XQ. Two words: great show! 🙂 I really like the action scenes, all so nicely choreographed; Zorro’s fights look like something out of a Matrix movie. We were laughing away at the corny one-liners as well, cheesy humor works as a good complement I suppose. Not too bad, it’s definitely one of the better movies out there right now.

But be warned, for potential movie-goers. Apparently, GV has this new policy in place now. For Wednesday shows (which are supposedly $7), an extra $1 will be charged if it’s the first week screening for that movie. So.. I kena chop and paid $8 for a Wednesday flick, pui.

of the other carl’s jr

The other Carl’s Jr outlet at Raffles Place, near Cecil Street. Much smaller outlet compared to the one at Marina Square, diners are advised not to sit outside when eating alone.

.. imagine walking inside to get a drink refill or more ketchup, and returning to your table to find a flock of marauding pigeons pecking away at your food.

Yep, the pigeons seem to be that ballsy all right; I had to literally wave ’em away with one hand while chewing on my fries.

of the promised land.

Here’s a nice article I got in my email. I really think the guy makes a hell lotta sense, so enjoy! *heads back to revision*

The Promised Land

I still believe in magic when it comes to “matters of the heart.”

But only if the approach is sound and founded in reality, not
fantasy. The bottom line is we are all basically after the same
things. We all want to be loved unconditionally, and told
everything is going to be OK. It’s just that we all go about
attaining these things in different ways.

One of the sad and brutal realities of life is that true love is not
a birthright. It is possible to “fall through the cracks” and never
cross paths with that special someone during our brief journey
through this life.

It’s oh so easy to write a laundry list of what we want in a mate.
The true test of character, however, is to be able to look in the
mirror and use that same laundry list to assess ourselves. Are we
our type’s type? Or is our “type” simply a fantasy person who is
always “out there” somewhere but never materializes?

I’ve talked to dozens of women over the years and asked them what
their “type” is. They usually proceed to describe this sort of
wonder man who is a hybrid of JFK and James Bond. I then ask them
if they’ve ever dated someone like this. The answer is no. I then
ask them if they’ve even met someone like this and, of course, the
answer is no. In other words their idea of what their type is has
nothing in common with the reality of what’s attainable for them in
this lifetime.

As my father once said to me, “To meet the right person you must
become the right person.” I think I’m finally starting to
understand what Dad meant by that simple yet profound statement.

At some point, hopefully sooner than later, we all might benefit
from applying a more realistic and sensible approach to the pursuit
of love. That moment will come at different times for each of us.
Because at night, when we lay our heads on our pillows and face our
moment in the dark, we only have to be honest with one person,

As the days and weeks and years pass us by, the state of the dating
scene is only getting more challenging and pathetic. Probably the
greatest culprit is the misuse of the “C” words. There’s a
destructive trend in our society that confuses chemistry with
compatibility. (Hollywood has sold us a lie.)

I’m starting to think that there’s another “C” word that’s even more
important than the previous two: Companionship.

In the final analysis I don’t believe there are any absolutes. The
thoughts and opinions I’ve expressed here are both fluid and
ever-evolving. I suppose it all starts with “hello” and, from
there, let’s all have faith that the hands of destiny will lead us
to the promised land; a place where fantasy flirts with reality and
magic is still alive.

Geoffrey Ross

of yet another complaint for the Nth time..

.. about my bloody braces.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate ’em? Well if I haven’t, yeah I officially declare it once again: hate.my.braces

Bear with me, or skip this post. I just had my dental appointment, and this is one of those days when it hurts like hell. Hurts so much to bite, I wish I could just rip the damned things off right away.

And yep, the bloody things totally screwed up my dinner. I could only chew with the extreme right molars, and my mouth was restricted by rubber bands so I could only open it up like 2cm. IF there’s even 2cm. Add a sudden attack of gastritis, and I was in total bliss just now.. NOT. Even the food at Jack’s Place just now tasted like crap, ugh. But man, was I a delicate eater just now or what. It was like the first time in years I ate in such a prim and proper manner.

Hate my braces, argh. Fcuks.