of the exam results

My exam results just came out today! (And I didn’t even know that until a colleague woke me up from sleep with his phonecall, exclaiming about results being released zz..)



But it might not be what you thought. Just to elaborate things further..

Not too bad I’d say. Let’s hope the rest of the subjects in this course’re that easy, heh.

“Just be yourself!”

Q: “How can I get the girls?”

A: “Oh, that’s easy! Just be yourself!

Probably the most cliched advice you have heard in your life. But you can’t say it’s totally wrong.

Because it is true.

It’s just that most people have heeded it literally, without giving it any second thoughts.

“Keep on waiting, that right person for you will appear someday!”

“Just be yourself, because someday a girl will like you for who you are!”


If you’ve followed what they’ve said exactly, you are only digging your own grave.

Think about it: If “Just be yourself” works, then you wouldn’t be in this situation now. After all, you HAD been yourself for the past X years, haven’t you?

Either the information is wrong, or you have misread it some way. It couldn’t be the former, since it has been validated by so many others.

This begs the question: What does “Just Be Yourself” REALLY mean?

Two words:


That’s right, self-improvement. But isn’t that a totally different meaning from “Just Be Yourself”?

You see, “Just Being Yourself” is not about simply being the same old you.

It’s about becoming the ‘you’ that you really wanted to be.

If you’ve always wanted rippling muscles, hit the gym.
If you’ve always wanted to sing like a pro, take up classes.
If you’ve always wanted to be slim, start exercising.
If you’ve always wanted to be a confident guy, learn how to.

The logic is simple: If you want something good, you have to be qualified first.

Let’s look at women: Do you think women followed the “Just Be Yourself” rule? You decide.

– They spent hours making their hair, applying make-up, pampering their skin before going out.

– They spent thousands of dollars on accessories, clothes, shoes, bags, make-up, diet pills and anything they can find in order to make themselves attractive.

– They read up on women’s magazines that analyses men inside out, with tips on how to attract them.

You see, women had been self-improving since puberty.

While we were having eraser fights, collecting Dragonball Z trading cards, discovering the secret of internet porn, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in malay subtitles on TV2, and burning insects, girls were busy absorbing information from women’s magazines.

But why did they want to self-improve at such a young age?

Because they wanted something good (i.e. handsome guy, slimmer body, beautiful hair, better skin, prettier face, etc.) and they had to work for it.

That pretty girl in your class didn’t become pretty by ‘just being herself.’ She went through alot of hard work before becoming attractive. Don’t forget, every girl had gone through an ‘ugly duckling’ period before.

You are still in the ‘ugly duckling’ period. It’s now your choice to decide whether you want to become a handsome cob, or live comfortably as an ugly duckling.

P.S. For the ignorant, a cob is a male swan.

Coloured bubbles, anyone?

A man has finally discovered the secret to creating colour bubbles, not easy mind you.

It took creator, Tim Kehoe, 11 years in collaboration with an expert in dye-chemistry, Ram Sabnis, to create something the world has never seen before: Zubbles.

Apparently, it’s so good that Popular Science has decide to do an exclusive report on him. Here’s an excerpt:

“Sabnis’s solution was to build a dye molecule from an unstable base structure called a lactone ring that functions much like a box. When the ring is open, the molecule absorbs all visible light save for one color—the color of the bubble. But add air, water or pressure, and the box closes, changing the molecule’s structure so that it lets visible light pass straight through. Sabnis builds each hue by adding different chemical groups onto this base.

“Nobody has made this chemistry before,” Sabnis says. “All these molecules—we will make 200 or 300 to cover the spectrum—they don’t exist. We have synthesized a whole new class of dyes.” Sabnis also impressed Darlene Carlson, a former 3M chemist who helped Kehoe and his partners write the job ad. “What Ram did was an extremely difficult bit of chemistry,” she says. “Somebody without his experience in dyes would not even know where to start.”

Without the lactone structure (a phrase Kehoe had never heard before Sabnis presented it), Kehoe might have toiled in his basement for many more years and never made the dye he needed. Yet without Kehoe’s obsessive dedication and belief in the idea, the project never would have been funded. And without his years of experimentation, Sabnis’s dyes would have slipped straight down the walls of the bubbles.”

Definitely takes alot of determination and courage to pursue a dream that seems impossible, IMO.

Colour the world with your dreams, Kehoe!

of a new fastfood (?) restaurant

Dunno how many of you have seen this place before, but it’s my first time yesterday hmm. Seems to have opened only recently though. (Or have I really not been to Orchard in a long while?) Pepper Lunch’s situated opposite Yoshinoya in Takashimaya S.C., in B1 if I remember correctly.

Anyway, the food really doesn’t seem too bad, although you can expect it to be pricier than the average price tag of fast food; maybe somewhat in the range of Carl’s Jr?

(While waiting for the food.) And here we have contestant #53 on display!

Erwin’s dinner: beef rice something or other. Heard it’s quite good, although I didn’t sneak a mouthful. “Hurry! Turn it over!” The pan’s still bloody hot when served, and apparently part of the fun’s turning the food over to ‘cook’ it.

Hamburger steak with egg, my pick of the day! The waitress rattled a stream of instructions, which I didn’t catch the first round. (or the second round either)
Apparently, you’re supposed to spread the gob of butter on the meat before flipping it over to cook.

Anddd then, add the garlic sauce that’s on a small bowl beside. (That’s the teeny ‘lil thing hiding behind the rice.) The hamburger’s quite good seriously, although a little soft (it started to go to pieces when I poked at it with my utensils, brr.) Quite filling, on the whole. About $15 for my meal, complete with drink. (Drink’s a little teensy though.) Quite a good place to eat, if you don’t mind spending a wee bit more.

Note: quite possible that you’ll have to queue to get in on weekends, but yeah it’s worth the wait ;p

A street performer in imitation of a statue. He’s really good though, didn’t move a single muscle ;p

of this morning’s taxi driver

So it was a lousy rainy morning just now, and I was yakking with my cab driver of the day. And as it turned out that he was pretty knowledgeable. The average driver I met with tended have their eyes glazed over once I mentioned I was in the IT field, followed by a slight pause and “.. orrrh IT ah. money good hor?”

.. good my arse.

Anyway, the morning driver not only knew of the different fields in IT, but had heard of my university, could discuss about various probable health issues that arose in your later years when you did not get sufficient rest. And after that, he launched into his theory of how a country used different means to ‘capture’ the spending power of foreign expatriates (or foreign talent for that matter) who came here to work and send money back.

All in all, pretty enlightening morning. Too bad I was too tired to listen, bleh.

of a fateful twist

Yeah, so the title sounds dumb and corny. Who cares, I’m kinda tired ;p Just walked home from Pasir Ris in fcukin’ 37 minutes, and that’s super duper fast. (I doubt I can beat this record anytime soon.)

Alrightey, so for a short review of the performance. It’s my first time watching a theatre performance, so I was sortof going wide-eyed at everything around me like some kid in a candy store.

The obligatory narcisisstic shot, before the performance began.

The place is great, IMO. The acoustics were great, and I could hear the performers clearly despite my lousy (i.e. cheap) seat. In addition, I had a relatively unobstructed view of the performance. Of course, that opinion only lasted until an auntie with a curly puffball hairdo decided to plonk herself infront of me, and I had to sit really, really straight up to have a good view. Crap.

Before performance: my front view. Circle 2, row JJ.
Extremely high, extremely back: this is what you get for $48.

To my right. It must be fun being an usher; get to watch all the performances for free, and get paid while doing it, bleh.

And.. to the left. Look at all the empty seats. That’s how many people I had to stand up to let pass. *rolls eyes*

One thing about the seats though; I reached there way too early, and ended up having to stand up frequently to allow the other fellows through to their seats. Irritating, especially when I had to repeat my act twice more during intermission -.-

Note: you might want to bring a book or something to entertain yourself during intermission, if there’s no urge to visit the restroom; kinda boring while waiting.

About the performance? It’s really captivating to watch the thespians in motion, and my respect truly goes out to them. Imagine having to sing, dance and act in a performance that lasted a total of two point five hours, gees. It must really be draining, when you think of the fact that there’s no bad takes allowed. IMO, they really performed flawlessly 🙂

The set was really cool as well; it’s actually a house being rotated for different scenes. Interior of the house, the outside, the terrace and the side entrance, bloody well constructed.

Halfhearted shot taken of the performance; the rest of the time I was too busy watching. See the red thingies to the left and right? They’re Chinese subtitles for those who can’t catch the dialogue.

The music and dance choreography was like whew.. excellent too. Totally blew me away. More of a musical than an actual play, but the story elements were nicely executed as well. Hmm, then again, it’s also a murder story with light-hearted local humor injected, and it should appeal to the local masses greatly 🙂 Really funny, I kid you not. I was laughing pretty often at the dialogue, and especially at Ah Si’s solo singing portion about killing chickens.. oops spoiler here. And one thing, I really admire their vocals. Gee whiz, if you told me to sing like that I’d probably burst from the effort. Their projection’s way powerful, and I was really touched by the musical portions.

If this is how good a local production can be like, I wonder how the really expensive international musicals are 🙂 Conclusion? It’s been a educational experience, do catch ‘A Twist of Fate’ while it’s still on! Time for me to sleep soon, brrr.

of a disappointing potter movie.

And I’ve *finally* caught the Goblet of Fire today at Suntec; right after like 99% of the people around me have caught it. Funny why the theatre’s almost full even on a weekday afternoon, Z. Doesn’t everyone have anything else to do other than watch this bloody movie? (Then again, I should ask myself the very same question.)

Lots of distractions in the theatre today though; stupid kids discussing the movie in (very) loud whispers, and mothers tending to their noisy kids. And a female beside me who got extremely irritated at me. Why? Simply because I forgot my seat number, dropped my pouch and made her miss like ten seconds’ worth of movie advertisements (yeah wow, big deal) while I was squeezing past her to recheck my seat, retrieve my stuff blah blah blah; yeah you get the idea. I wasn’t really feeling guilty though.

Before you start reading my comments, it would be wise to note that I am a bit of a purist when it comes to novels being converted to screenplays. Leave too much out and I’ll start ranting and raving, like now.

Lord of the Rings, IMO was a good piece of work: retaining the feel of the book while keeping it to a manageable size. This movie reminded me of Star Wars Episode III somehow. It looked like the director took a chopper to the book and hacked it into pieces, refitting the shreds into a mere two and a half hours. Extremely rushed, many scenes skipped. One example was the misunderstanding between Harry and Ron: it dragged on for quite a bit in the book but in the movie? Poof, best friends again!

Another thing I disliked was Dumbledore in this movie. He was extremely out of character, and was shouting like some loudmouth throughout. Brrr, whatever happened to the stern and wise Dumbledore of the book? I always had this image of him being laidback, in control and seldom raising his voice, and blah this happens.

And Mad-eye Moody’s image certainly didn’t fit in with my mental one as well, especially the eye. Whaddahecks, strap-on fake eyeball? He wasn’t maniacal enough for my taste too.

Some minor plots in the movie were altered also, one example was Neville handing the Gillyweed to Harry instead of Dobby. Another obvious one would be Barty Crouch Jr appearing early in the story at the Riddle house (?) as well as his all too obvious act of shooting the Dark Mark into the sky at the Quidditch Cup. Once again, where the hell did Dobby (and Winky) go?! Dropped into some black hole for the duration of this movie, bah.

The Pensieve subplot also got compressed into a single scene, something I didn’t especially like as well. Rita Skeeter’s role got downplayed, and her ability as an Animagus wasn’t even revealed. Barty Crouch Jr’s escape from Azkaban wasn’t explained, and Dumbledore didn’t even bother explaining to Harry what Priori Incancatem was. (Like the movie audience would know whaddahecks it meant. “Ooooo Priori Incan-something! What’s that ah?”)

And for people like PR who thought that the ending was unnecessarily abrupt.. actually it wasn’t. It’s just that too much got skipped in the middle, so the ending became like “woah, and THAT’S the end of the year?!”

Unneeded screen time was spent on Harry’s flight from the Horntail, and his bathroom encounter with Moaning Myrtle; excessively unnecessary IMO.

Well, enough of complaints I suppose. Everyone can bitch, but it’s not easy making a movie. In terms of bringing the book to life, the movie did extremely well. The level of detail is amazing, and the movie does manage to keep you on the edge of your seat at some points. The rest of the cast have been good at bringing their respective characters to life.

But I only have one word for it: sucks.

Shots from yesterday; exhibits at the Esplanade main hall.

Today’s lunch; nasi bryani padang @ the PSA building. Looks good, tastes not too bad too.
Ms E was an absolute paradox while eating it though ;p Weather too cold, so she was busy shiverin’. Food too much chili, so she kept burning her tongue and had to have something cold. (You could hear the hiss as the fire on the tongue was being extinguished.) But still feeling cold, and yet couldn’t drink something hot ‘cus of the food. Pretty funny, all in all 🙂 Talk about having a literal love-hate relationship with your food ;p