of a minor op.

For those who’ve noticed that unsightly bump near me eyebrows for the past months, yes it’s a cyst not a pimple. And it’s been irritating the heck out of me, so I finally went ahead and removed it at the hospital. (Blardy lucky I signed up for the Aviva hospital coverage plan last year, else I’d be paying thru me nose for this.)

I’d originally thought that it’ll all be just a walk in the park. You know, something like walk in and thirty minutes later I’m out, free and easy. The procedure certainly didn’t sound like it was that hard. Make a cut, remove all the pus, sew it all back up and we’re done; something like that.

In reality, I had to go the full nine yards. Deposit my valuables, change into hospital gown, wait, shuffle off to the operation area, wait, read some magazines before it was my turn. Approximate waiting time in all: close to two hours.

*No pictures for this post; my camera was somewhere inside along with me other possessions during the op. I wish they’d recorded the entire procedure on video though, it’ll be interesting to see how it was actually like.

So I got to lie down in the operating theatre again, two years after my dental op long ago. Bright cheery glare of the spotlight, tied down with a team of hospital staff. All for removing a damned cyst, geez. I guess I got what I was paying for.

Then.. came the painful part. Personally, I don’t really mind injections. However, I’m absolutely against multiple injections in a short time. The operation area got like six injections at once, whee. I was tearing while it was going on, the feeling ab-so-lute-ly sucked. Damn but I hate local anaesthesia. It reminded me of the other time at dental, when the dentist made several injections to me gums as well, and the aftereffect? My lower jaw was literally numbed, and I walked around the house with me lower lip feeling like it’d turned into a gigantic German sausage or something. You know how lousy it feels when you can’t even close your mouth to stop the saliva from escaping? Yeah, it felt that bad.

This one was thankfully fast, after all the waiting. My eyes were closed, and I could only hear the surgeon talking.

“Knife.” I certainly didn’t feel the cut, numbed as I was.

“Forceps.” Trying not to imagine what exactly was being done.

“Sucker.” (Insert whining noise as blood and pus was sucked up.)

And before I knew it, the entire thing was over. A row of nice black stitches, some antibiotic cream applied over it and that’s all there is to show.

Happy Chinese New Year to me, Z.

of a movie review: memoirs of a geisha.

Caught ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ just now w/ SJ jie @ Cineleisure, and hmm. The level 9 cinema’s kinda small, but quite a bit of legroom. Not too bad, I’d say. The sound system’s way overpowered though. Go to theater 10 if you ever want to catch a fright flick with your girl or something; the sound’s guaranteed to make her jump at the slightest trigger ;p

About the movie? That’s another thingy altogether. Sometimes it really sucks to read the novel beforehand. This movie might’ve been way more enjoyable had I left the book alone, Z. I was totally demoralised by the time five minutes or so of the show had passed, and things didn’t really get better, only worse. Slouched further and further in my chair, and got prepared to be disappointed.

But well, as usual novel-to-screen adaptations are subjected to time constraints, and textual expression is way different from visual. Some things you can empathise and feel, from reading. To bring the same effect out using film is totally another issue altogether.


To my dismay, the story’s been thoroughly shaved, and certain liberties taken with the plot to make it fit. Things like General Tottori as Sayuri’s danna being totally out of the picture, Nobu’s gift of the stone to Sayuri, and his promise to become her danna if he ever requested for the stone. The emergence of the angmoh general (?) and his involvement in the well-being of Iwamura Electric, hmm. I certainly didn’t remember any fire in the Nitta okiya (correct me if I’m wrong on this), and the magnificent scene where Sayuri threw the Chairman’s hanky away left me gaping. At the plot change, yes; not at the great scenery.

Another subtle plot change was the blatant highlighting of the Chairman’s desire towards Sayuri/Chiyo. Every now and then there’ll be this look on his face, and the unfinished sentences, blah blah blah. In the novel it was like a bombshell when the Chairman revealed his intentions, really hit me by surprise there.

Brainwipe mode, and Nobu becomes unexpectedly outspoken in the movie, declaring his fondness for Sayuri, whew. Whaddahell. It makes for a more interesting movie experience though, so I supposed that’s a good thing.

The good thing about the movie was the great effort made in details, you could feel like you were really watching life back in that era. Thumbs up to that, truly rich and vibrant experience, especially in Sayuri’s dance performance. That certainly wasn’t anything the book could capture, and only the movie could’ve brought it to life.

Overall? Not too bad a movie, if I close an eye and take into account all of the limitations. I’m just happy I didn’t burn a weekend ticket on it, phew.

This goes to show how bored I was.

Saw these shoes @ Beetlebug. Not too bad, hmm.

Side view.

Bought this pair in the end though : ) Eyeballed it some days back, snapped it on the HP and.. came back for it just now.

Tampines is turning into a playground? Hm.

of some new jay mvs.

Roaming around and saw these the previews for these two MVs up for viewing, so : )

The theme for 霍元甲 (Jet Li’s upcoming movie if I’m not wrong) and 黑色毛衣 respectively on this page, so happy viewing!

of being bored.

This is just a post to show that I’m still alive, nothing else. Arites, maybe the fact that I’m bored as well, as you can see from the caption.

I’m kinda inclined to share some educational techie articles here, but I seriously doubt the people who click on our blog would bother reading detailed articles on IPv6 security, the new AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 processor, the different types of DVD media that’re available in the market, learning more tips and tricks in Windows XP, creating graphical passwords but yeah.
Bottomline is that who’d bother reading all that crap? So there; check ’em out if you’re bored, ignore if you’re not.

In further updates to our reality@home, I’ve tried to get Diablo up and running on the home network, but apparently there’s some glitch I haven’t figured out yet. I’ve enabled IPX on the network, and the frame type is the same *but* our two PCs can only create separate games and not play in the same one. WTF? More troubleshooting when I’m bored; this sucks.

End of post for now; I’m gonna continue looking for tech articles. Geek mode : )

*Update: finally dug up this other article by David H. Freedman about how truly insecure our networks are. Interesting revelation heh.

of the bangkok trip!

Arites, I’m back from the Bangkok trip ;p To be precise, I’ve been back since yesterday, but I was too busy unwinding to actually start on this entry. All in all, I took 175 stills and 7 videos with the mobile. (The figures alone declare my shutterbug mode, heh.) Discounting X-rated unglam shots and boliao pics, it boiled down to 40 odd pics. There’s some which S hasn’t passed around yet, so these’ll be all for now.

First day – arrival
It was a blustery morning when we left Singapore for Bangkok, and man was I happy to see the sun over there. The days before the trip were simply nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Crap.

In the words of the journal entry on my notebook.

“.. It’s certainly been a long time since the last air flight; @ least the problem w/ the ears’re gone. There’s a slight bout of queasiness on the stomach tho, although pretty much under control @ the moment.

Exhilarated? Hardly ;p It looks like a field of clouds from the window, cottony and fluffy. One could almost imagine that you could bounce on ’em. Too bad there isn’t a camera handy, brr. My mobile’s off.

The two ladies’re busy sleeping as I write this, & I’m kinda bushed as well. Yawn. Does the aircraft look flimsy or what? Hmm. Now I can relate to what Jack Ryan always feels about airplanes.

Time to start on my book; it’s ETA 1245 (THT) later.”

The plane that brought us to Thailand in one piece.

A bloody long queue, before we could get out of the airport. Sucks.

On the cab to the Asia Bangkok Hotel ;p Passing under a highway.

Checking in at our hotel. That took me quite awhile; more waiting.

I found this caption extremely amusing; talk about misleading instructions.
There’s no keycard needed at all. Apparently, you could leave your key with the hotel staff, but all you needed to do to get the key was to say your room number and your name. We were really skeptical about the security involved in that, so we ended up lugging the key everywhere.

This one was kinda funny in its own way. Anti-Money Laundering Office?
It reflects the reality of the place, that such a big building would be needed to house this department.

Discovery Centre, our first stop. See the EGV at the top? There really is a Golden Village cinema there, gees. More on that later.

The girls went into this stationery shop and got trapped inside for quite some time, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the things inside.(You would too, if you’re someone who likes cutesy writing papers, memos and stuff like that.)

It’s inside MBK shopping centre, so keep an eye out for it if you wanna buy stuff on that.

B$235 all-day dimsum buffet? That’s like less than 10 bucks per person, woah.
That poster alone stopped us in our tracks.

The start of the dimsum flood ;p Good food.

S asked the waitress for chilli, and this was what we got: all possible types of chilli. Talk about customer service.

Chomping away, hard at work.

The movies there cost like B$120, still bloody cheap. We caught ‘Just Like Heaven’ over there, and yes it’s still a stupid thing to watch movies over on a holiday but who really cares 🙂

The theatre was big. Rephrase that, it was big.

This was the second movie of the night, a Thai production.
We certainly couldn’t understand Thai, but the subtitles were there, and we were game to try anything so ;p

S had to show the picture of the movie poster taken on my HP to buy the tickets.
After that, we looked up and saw.. ah.

The name’s actually written up there: ‘Khao Niao Moo Ping’.
It’s a film about a young girl and her puppy, really really lengthy flick with a sad ending; they got separated and the girl died in the end. Good show for the dog lovers, and it sorta showcases the plight of dogs in Thailand I suppose. But I was so damn bored in the middle, I fell asleep and realised later that I hadn’t missed much. But hey, you’re looking at the guy who fell asleep while watching LOTR:TTW.

One interesting thing about watching movies over there: right before the movie starts, everyone will stand up to pay respect to the King while a short video of King Bhumibol is shown. We were stunned during the first movie, and rushed to our feet (a la monkey see, monkey do mode) before we realised what was happening. I was better prepared during the second movie ;p

Interesting T-shirt caption isn’t it? Too bad I didn’t buy it in the end, sighs.
They only had L, and large is a little too big for me.

Taken at the connecting walkway in the MBK area: LS and S.

Same position, me and LS.

That was more or less how the first day ended.

Second/third days

The pics here are kinda mixed up, so here we go.

Dying on the beds after a hard day of shopping.

Taking the BTS to Chatuchak market, it’s their version of our MRT.

Some of the stuff being sold at the market there; look at the size of those eggs, really bite-sized I tell you.

We didn’t spend too much time there, since the girls didn’t seem too interested in the second-hand stuff sold there, and we left early. I didn’t get to see the pets being sold there, argh! 😦

One of the urinals in the Pontip (I think that’s the name) shopping center.
I was kinda wondering at the purpose of the cut lime inside.
Disinfect? Smell good? Whatever.

KFC, Bangkok. Look at the plates man. Look at the knives and forks!
It reminds me of the KFC in my younger days ;p

I should’ve taken this glass home or something. KFC is good 🙂

Fried grasshoppers, bought from a roadside stall.
I was curious as to how it tasted like, heh. Crunchy but not much else.

Elephant on the loose! The handlers were offering bags of cut bananas to feed the elephant with. I didn’t try that though, hmm. Wasted.

Platinum Shopping Mall. This place’s over at the Pratunam area, and man is it big or what? We spent like an entire day over there, and we couldn’t even cover all the shops before they started closing.

Note: alot of the shops begin to close at 5pm.

Coconut time at the food court upstairs.

Fried glass noodles. Look at the composition of the noodles, 50% bean sprouts?
Too bad for the bean sprouts, they remained uneaten till the end.

Yet another wasted one. I should’ve bought this T-shirt 😦

Tired girls. I like this shot, best of all the ones I took IMO.
It has a very natural feel to it. They didn’t agree though, heh.

Tired me and S, taken with a long arm.

B$19 hotdog! There was a B$15 hotdog at another place we saw, but I forgot to take a snap of it. Bangkok seems to have a hotdog culture or something, there’s places selling hotdogs all over the place.

The holey coconut 🙂

The consummate skill of S, Queen of Coconuts. Look at the flesh coming out in a single piece, whistle.

We caught the Calypso Cabaret at our hotel as well, not too bad a performance I’d say. Too bad there’s no live singing, but lip-sync instead.

ahkein with the performers, #1.

ahkein with the performers, #2.

The three of us with the “star of the show” (as S says it). He’s really funny and expressive 🙂

Foot massage after that, weeee. Relaxing.

The sum of me purchases, all laid out on the bed.

4th day
Waking up early, S and I heading down for the hotel breakfast while LS washed up and got packing. And while checking out, who do I see in the lobby? My manager 🙂
Apparently Asia Bangkok’s a favourite among everyone eh.

On the cab back to Don Muang Airport, you can read the sign up ahead if your eyesight is good. Then again, maybe not.

Shit happens yet again. Our flight was first delayed, and then we got this: a veritable throng of disgruntled individuals all waiting for their turn. We waited half an hour here, pooi.

Waiting to enter the damned departure gate.

Boarding the plane at long last.

And finally.. Changi Airport 🙂 Back in SG once again.

of sucky weather and recent whahapperns.

Quite a few of the blogs I read have been ranting about the weather in general, and I figured it’s time for me to hop onto the bandwagon as well ;p The heavy rain sucks! Good for snoozing at home of course, but not when I’ve like a gazillion things to do, bah.

Like the other day when XQ and I were running to and fro SLS and Tampines getting his uncle’s PC all ready; the rain only contributed to the downtrodden mood. It took us the better part of an entire day, but that part’s more or less settled for now.

In addition to that, we cobbled together a working PC (contributions of computer parts from various quarters) for the brother, and the wireless LAN at home’s running fine, encrypted with WPA, and the bloody file-sharing on our network’s done as well. It took me awhile to realise that my firewall was blocking access from the brother’s PC; dumb. The performance of BitComet’s still a little doubtful though. Phew, big load off the to-do list I’d say. LAN gaming at home in future ;p

I’m still tired though, even after sleeping a solid 12 hours today. I’ll be overseas from Thursday, so expect to see a few choice pictures in the next week after I return ;p Busy day tomorrow!

*Minor note to everyone: I’m still in hermit mode, so don’t expect to see me outside anytime soon.