A freebie preview (part II) & the nice doggie

Woo wee, it seems like the streak’s starting once again 😀 Won preview tickets to My Girl & I @ Cineleisure! Now if only I can keep this up hrmmm..

Review’ll be coming tomorrow after the show, so keep yer eyes peeled ;p

Edit: nice pic of doggie husky from the Chatuchak weekend market, courtesy of Adri’s recent trip!
(Forced to put up image copyrights to her, bah.)

Oversleeping, busted shoes, orange sodas and others.

Missed out on basketball this morning (yet again), thanks to fatigue + deaf mode on. Apparently I’m immune to my HP’s alarm blaring when the deaf mode’s on. And of course.. if even 五月天’s 花 (that’s me alarm) can’t wake me, you can be sure that nothing else can (barring natural disasters, alien invasions and the like).


Light workout on the shoulders and back in the afternoon.. and I was wrong. Sunday isn’t an empty time at the gym at all, it was fcukin’ packed. TMD, I had trouble even getting a bench to do my shoulder sets, and that’s never happened before; how sucky is that? You know it’s a lousy day to swim when the edges of the pool’re packed with people. Then you take a closer look. A third of the pool’s for kiddie lessons and the remainder, peppered with weekend warriors and families. Crowded pool, crowded gym; I hate weekends. Prices go up and it’s crowded everywhere; whaddahecks?


The shoes I wear to work have been officially declared RIP; ’tis definitely time to get a new pair ASAP, this sucks. They’d been looking kinda worn but heck, I certainly didn’t expect them to have holes. I can actually poke a finger into me shoes from the sides and touch the feet, how kewl is that now? 3 year old Bata shoes, oh well. They’ve outlived the Bata acronym Stan was talking about the other time (i.e. Bata = Buy And Throw Away).


An interesting post on tenchi muyo; love from a chemical aspect.

Wise words from TriplePeriod: “Thing is, its just so difficult to find someone who connects totally. Chemistry, looks, character. Just 3, but its not easy to satisfy and I refuse to settle for less.”


Pretty nice song by 南拳妈妈, titled 桔子汽水. Easy enough to pick up, shouldn’t take too long to memorise methinks. (Wish I could say the same for 曹格’s Superwoman though *rolls eyes* Tough to sing, lengthy lyrics). The lyrics’re filled with teenage romance though, brrr. No longer an adolescent, me is. There’s another solo version of the song by Lara of 南拳妈妈 though, different lyrics different title, and it’s the theme song for 恶作剧之吻, which seems to be a popular Taiwanese drama serial. (Thanks to PR for the heads up on that). Something new to sing in KTV next time!

唱: 南拳妈妈


全:就这样牵着你一直走 (这路没有尽头),就是喜欢你偷瞄着我(的害羞)。
全:就这样牵着你一直走 (这次绝不放手),我会努力变成属于你(的流星)。

全:就这样牵着你一直走 (这路没有尽头),就是喜欢你偷瞄着我(的害羞)。
全:就这样牵着你一直走 (这次绝不放手),我会努力变成属于你(的流星)。

å”±: Lara





– Discovery of the day (night): the teh-o-peng at the kopitiam below me office caters to diabetic wannabes; seems like the drink’s swimming in sugar.

– Neverwinter Night’s sitting at home as I speak; still not installed.

– The textbooks lie somewhere on the bedroom floor as well, forgotten.

– Mental design of the main web goes on; I need to get it down on paper.

– Listening to 五月天’s 乱世浮生 on repeat all day long defeats the purpose of having a 512MB MMC with a hundred songs inside.

– Video clips of Hebe in her earlier years available on YouTube.com; 1999年殘酷舞台另類歌唱比賽, 2000 宇宙美少女争霸赛, 装摇滚猪 (?).

Reminder of the day: Talking things out solves a lot of problems and decreases white hair growth; never try to keep issues bottled up.

A freebie preview, & the rest of the day.

Barely two hours of sleep in all today, since I only turned in at 6 a.m.; and that sucks especially when I’ve to wakeup earlier today for the preview of Nanny McPhee. It certainly looked like a darn lot of people got the preview tickets, and woo wee all of the people I was supposed to watch with were late I arrived much earlier than the rest (Aloy, his gf Nadia and Ellen).

And as usual, the gripe I always have about free seating; Singaporeans love to do this, I tell you:

X X X X O X X X O O (where X = filled seat, O = empty seat)

Blardy fcukers, leave those one seater gaps in the middle so other people can’t sit together, that’s really a smartypants idea y’know? Wait till you get the short end of the stick, TMD. Not 100% of everyone does that of course, but most of ’em. See it on MRT all the time too, righto? We’re just plain afraid that sitting next to a stranger will infect us about some incurable dipshit virus, methinks. Stupidity is incurable, I tell you this.

The movie has a simple storyline, easy to appreciate and a nice little ‘everyone lived happily ever after’ ending. The initial part’s filled with scenes of childish misbehaviour and such an orgy of destruction, it’ll fill you with horror/fascination, and make you swear off having kids next time. Either that, or you’ll turn into a maniac who’ll whip the kids into strict submission ;p Comparing notes after the movie, realising none of us could tell Nanny McPhee was actually Emma WatsonThompson until much later into the movie, that proves the power of makeup once again. IMO, worth a weekday ticket. (I’d rather watch this than Pink Panther anyday, bah.)

Lunch at Miss Clarity Cafe, with the (I-forgot-what-my-dish’s-name-is-once-again!) it-has-sausages-and-looks-like-chicken-ballotine-blah. (At this point, you can be sure that I definitely have a lousy memory for Miss Clarity dishes.) Triple Choc cake as dessert (look at image above). Idle talk, eat, serve and repeat until food finished. Quote from Nadia: “STALKER!” (Apparently reading her blog but not leaving comments = stalker, argh. To borrow Aloy’s language, I is not stalker!) Entertaining non-verbal dialogue from the couple; one with eloquent facial expressions, the other mouthing entire sentences in silence, laugh. Splitting ways thereafter, with Aloy/Nadia heading to Bras Basah for Aloy’s book hunt ;p (Wonder if he did find his book, but betting he didn’t.) Too bad Aloy’s going back OZ for school tomorrow, less of a fun fellow to hang out with bah.

Ben & Jerry’s new flavour, Dublin Mudslide: ended up trying it, slurps. Nice, But give me the all-time favourite Rum&Raisin anyday.

Windowshopping mode around Suntec. Talk walk, Bodynits sale up to 70% woah, but nothing interesting. Talk walk, ah Ranger Skype phone, but not on display. Talk walk, nice Adidas Climacool sleeveless top hrmmmm. Talk walk, Adidas wristbands bought (not me). Talk walk, collected me darn textbooks (heavy shite). Talk walk, Marks & Spencer’s chocolates bought (not me x2). Talk walk, dragged me + books home while Ellen went off elsewhere (blardy crowd on MRT, that sucked).

Mad rush to gym after that (gym instructor: “You better make this a quickie ah!”), finished bicep sets in <15 minutes, best ever timing for workout. Off for 500m swim thereafter (blardy crowd in pool plus lane ropes for kiddy lessons, that sucked too.) Short bball session after giving in to temptation, blisters on feet (blardy hell this sucks). Feels darn good to be playing ball again tho : )


Hilarious quote of the day from the DJ mailing list: “He needs to give that team a Bible. Only God can help them. They’re terrible.” – Charles Barkley

Reminder of the day: Never, ever play basketball barefoot. That sucks.

Feedback time!

Comments from ZY at supper just now; the text color’s too unreadable and the navigation’s ‘messy’ (another one, Z). This sucks. Does everyone agree on the messy part, or do you agree that Hemingway rocks? (Personally I think it’s pretty kewl, ‘cept for the display of two posts only. That really sucks. But I’ve seen someone else who’s done a workaround to display four posts!)

Comments please ;p

On another note, I might actually start on coding the main page pretty soon, starting to have inspiration hrmmm. Simple one with a banner at the top, navigation bar and main content pane. Black with.. gold theme? I’ll have to reinstall Adobe Photoshop for that, but ah whocares. Time for the drawing board! Just CSS, HTML and graphics design hrmmmmm.. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

More grunting, dinner & KTV.

All I’ve to say is, the Elite protein supplement Infusion recommended in me other post is definitely much better than both GNC and Twinlab’s stuff. Tastes a whole crapload better for one ;p As to the effects, let’s leave the harping until much later, it’s too early to tell. I think the almost daily runs are having an effect though; today’s run didn’t feel as bad as the previous ones, when I panted like a asthmatic dog. (A sweating one at that; dogs don’t sweat do they?)


But once again, the weather seems to be having fun at my expense. I got caught in a sudden downpour, and it promptly hit the brakes once I reached shelter, water dripping from every darn extremity. Hoi, not funny alrite!


It’s been quite awhile since I last snapped any pictures (of human beings), so here goes.

Self taken potshot at the mother’s behest; don’t ask me, ask her. Notice her skulking around in the background?

Shot with the mother before I left the house; this one looks pretty good.


Ended up hanging around Kinokuniya for a while, and I ended up taking snaps of all the interesting books. Stuff like..

Stuff that I might buy.

Tom Holt’s You Don’t Have To Be Evil To Work Here, But It Helps. Skimmed through the first chapter, and it looks to be a good read : ) Office scenario-ed story, leave this book alone if you’re having nightmares of work.

Michael Cordy’s The Lucifer Code. I was thinking “aye, pirated Da Vinci Code?” initially, but nah it’s kinda different yet along the same genre. Thriller, science/religion juxtaposed theme. The first chapter looks interesting as well, but I couldn’t be bothered to continue reading. (Standing at the shelf to read a book sucks.)

Robert Jordan’s New Spring; prequel to the Wheel of Time series. (Both publishers shown in pic.) It’s about Moiraine and Lan, if you’re a WOT fan and haven’t read it before. Not too bad, but I loaned a large paperback version from the Orchard library the other time when I was out with Aloy, so hrmm. Is it worth buying something that I’ve already read? (Not to mention unappealing.)

Stuff that I’m still waiting for, grrr.

Robert Jordan’s Knife of Dreams, latest in the WOT series; two versions featured in the picture too. Where da hell is the small paperback version?!

And of course, YOU! J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Where da hell is the small paperback version?!

I took my time snapping the HBP cover, since I’d nothing better to do anyway. Right after I finished that, a deep voice came from behind me.

“You taking picture?” It was the bookshop’s security guard.

“Eh, yeah.” *insert blur look and grin to match*

“You take picture, you see that camera over there? Camera take your picture also!”

At that point, I was really wondering to myself. Was taking pictures of the book covers intellectual property theft as well? Or was I about to get arrested for terrorist-like activities?

“Ah. So cannot take picture isit?”

“Cannot!” He vehemently wagged a finger.

“OK, sorry ah.” I apologised, and half expected him to scream at me, telling me to delete my pictures or something before he called the cops on me. But nope, all he did was to.. walk back to his spot at the main entrance and continue stoning.


Met up with Ellen at the bookshop later, heading for dinner. She was kind enough to shop for some accessories I’d wanted on her recent Bangkok trip, and we yakked for quite a bit over dinner at Cafe Cartel; people from IRC we knew, Mayday’s music and others.

Ellen’s dory fillet. Looks teeny doesn’t it? Hrmmm, definitely won’t satisfy me at any rate.

My Hawaiian pork chop. I had it the other time I came, so yeah no surprises on this one; I wasn’t in the mood to get any culinary shocks just now.

What I didn’t expect after that, was having an impromptu KTV session. Ellen suggested it instead of a movie; and since I had a $25 voucher courtesy of the CNY KTV, we were idle, why not? Being spontaneous is fun in its own way after all. We ended up paying ten bucks per person, and that is cheap; very very cheap ;p For a weekday night that is.

Today certainly wasn’t as bad as the other night with XH, and I sang with extreme caution. No kill-your-throat aka suicidal songs like Jay’s 一路向北, 搁浅 or æž« for the first few warmup songs. I could hit most of the high notes just now, ‘cept the really freakin’ high chorus in Forever Love. (I’d sung too much by that point, and my vocal cords were really dried up.) Ellen on the other hand, was constantly compraining about not being in her best condition to sing, lol. Not that she’s all that bad, but perfectionism was the word, and the eject button ended up being hit many a time tonight. Many new songs I’ve never heard of, out on display just now. Least amount of duets ever sung in a two-person session. (Not that I’ve gone to that many two-person singsongs.) Once again, the power of Cineleisure’s air conditioning is revealed to me, brrr.

Well, at least now I know who else to look for the next time I’ve have the urge to sing on weekday nights ;p


– Bleach’s current filler arc manages to stay in the ‘slightly interesting’ category. Episode 70, Rukia returns to help out, and more of the Bound is shown, albeit with no details.

– SBS 65 actually takes a damn hour or so to get to Tampines from Orchard. I should know, since it took me home just now. Big mistake, no choice in the matter.

– Neverwinter Night’s waiting to be installed; here I come!

– The new school timetable and textbooks’re due to be collected tomorrow at long last; this sucks.

– WX’s comment from the old blog that this one looked ‘messy and dark’. Dark I surrender, but messy meh?! *rolls eyes*

Reminder of the day: Spontaneity is fun, creates fun; exercise it!

Movie tickets, anyone?

Alrite, the movie freebies are starting once again it seems, after a decent hiatus. Thanks to UIP (United International Pictures), I’ve got preview tickets to Nanny McPhee, anyone interested? The show’ll be on Saturday morning, about 1030 a.m @ Shaw Tower. (Near Bugis/Suntec City)

Interested applicants, kindly drop a message via MSN, my mobile, or whatever.

Long time since I’ve posted a comic strip, so here’s a daily Dilbert: (uploaded on Flickr, no chances of it vanishing this time)

The Oasis release

Don’t Believe The Truth is out.. man, I am so going to buy this new Oasis album! Reminds me that I haven’t listened to my Oasis tracks in a long, long while. Wonderwall, Roll With It, Stand By Me, Magic Pie, All Around The World, Champagne Supernova, Supersonic and all the other shite. Fret not my long lost friends, for y’all will be uploaded onto me mobile for aural pleasure soon enough 😀

Checkout the MTV for The Importance of Being Idle, kewl song kewl video. Kudos to ahlong for the heads up. Now to wonder if the rest of the album sounds as good; but fcuk, it’s Oasis.