The Wicked

I’ve been cracking the levels on The Wicked for the past two nights, no small thanks to nad and aloy for this ;p Compared to not pr0n, it’s still not that bad; that one’s seriously crazy IMO.

Other than the absurd level 11 (which I ended up not solving but decrypting the source code because I was too pissed, and yes I did get the answer right, only that I didn’t realise that there was something called ‘resume’ available), the rest of the levels have been pretty smooth. Not exactly five-seconds-to-solve like the first few levels, but not too bad either ;p Although I have to say, some of the answers would make you want to kick yourself in the arse for not thinking of it earlier. Others just make you feel darn relieved you passed it.

Just a tip: the forum‘s always a good place to go to when you’re stuck, heh.

Although it’s definitely a damn spoiler, I’ve compiled a list of all the answers (and how I got them) from levels 1 to 26, for those that’re interested. Continue banging your heads against the collective wall, or succumb to temptation and email me. (Posting the hints online would be a real sin, that is.)

So, why wait?


– Episode two of 梦。拼图 available on YouTube, if you’re really bored.

– The guys’ve won the first round of the basketball match yesterday by 4 points, next match is gonna be on the 5th next month! Woot, definitely gonna make time out to play man.

– What’re you gonna do when the plug&play icons on your system tray disappear? Something good to know, just in case – Courtesy of Barry W on CNET discussions.

– Nice little utility called Diskeeper, looks to be better than our beloved Windoze Windows Defrag IMO. More to come after I install it on me PC.

– In fact, quite a few of the tech plugs come from PCMech, which is a really good newsletter IMO. Subscribing to it‘s a good idea ;p

– An article on Yahoo!, titled You Are What You Post. Quite true IMO; imagine your prospective employee reading all your dark little secrets on the blog. Oh man, the horror! (Which is one of the reasons why I seldom write anything work-related; that and because I haven’t any major rants.. yet.)

– A lengthy post on Stevey’s Blog Rants about the right type of maths for programmers. Perhaps this applies to those advanced applications and not your run-of-the-mill inhouse software projects, hmm.

Reminder of the day: Time flies when you’re having fun.

One thought on “The Wicked

  1. hey can u give me the answer to THE WICKED….. level 11 plz… i juz dun get how u can manipulate the cookies or watever… thx plz reply to my email if u can

    kein: come again another day, take it literally. what can you do to change the time on your PC? : )


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