Of why you shouldn’t piss a hawker off

Stan and I were out for supper just now, after a long long hiatus. It’s a rare night when we get to eat together, but noooo shit just had to happen as usual. So here we go!

Blk 138’s coffeeshop happened to be the nearest one with anything edible, so we ended up ordering from the only stall open: the bak chor mee stall.

Me: “Uncle, one bowl mee pok with chilli, one bowl bak chor mee without.”

Hawker: “.. so one owl mee pok one bowl mee kia is it?”

Notice that I hadn’t said anything about mee kia. Actually, all I wanted was another bowl without chilli, but I wasn’t in the mood to correct him.

Me: “Yes, the mee kia without chilli.”

Hawker: “.. the mee kia with KETCHUP HAR?”

Yes, ketchup so WTF you have a problem with that? I decided to forgo the ketchup as well; my mood was deadened entirely by this time.

Me: “Nevermind, both also chilli, thank you.”

*Hawker pauses and leans closer*

Hawker: “.. No ketchup now?”

Me: “.. Yes, no ketchup, both chilli.”

*Hawker exchanges a WTF-is-this-kid-talking-about-look with his co-worker*

The next thing I knew, our noodles really had lots of chilli. No kidding; I’d eaten at this stall before and to say that this was swimming in chilli would be an understatement. Imagine something like half a bowl being full of chilli sauce. Yeah, something like that. So we had a bowl of soup each, and Stan emptied his entire friggin’ bowl of soup into the noodles in a vain attempt to dilute the chilli.

Result? The chilli was still the same fcukin’ shade of red. Blardy shite.

Needless to say, we paid three bucks each and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with the noodles.. not. I really regretted not bringing my HP along just now, else I could show you all exactly how fcukin’ red it was. Like Stan was saying, we brought the wrong HP out; his instead of mine.

Fcuks, I’m still pissed while thinking about it, which is why this entry’s here at this unholy hour of 0325hrs.

And no, I didn’t walk up to the hawker and screw his head off; I’m more civilised than that. Stop buying from him that’s all, and I’ll bring this up to any friend who lives nearby. BOYCOTT!

On our way back, we were talking about this plan where we should proceed to order like 5 bowls from him, point to a random seated table and walk home after that; repeat this with different friends doing the same thing until pissed mood disappears. Nice idea but I’ll prolly get arrested for that lol.

Disclaimer: Above idle thought is just a that; A THOUGHT. I am not and will not be held responsible if some dipshit reads this and decides to carry it out.


Oh man, aloy showed me this article on Locus Online posted by Robert Jordan. Was I shocked or what? Granted that I’m not exactly a hardcore-200% RJ fan, but to get this kinda thing when you haven’t exactly finished with your goals in life, that truly and utterly sucks.

And oh, incase you didn’t know. Robert Jordan’s the pseudonym of the author for the Wheel of Time fantasy series. Don’t know what that is either? Go Google it or something.

A little more on this from his blog at Dragonmount.

– What can I say to this latest post about new candidates? Totally hilarious sarcasm : )

Reminder of the day: Practise talking with strangers more often; good way to improve interaction skills.

2 thoughts on “Of why you shouldn’t piss a hawker off

  1. If you ever use the “order and vanish” tactic to piss off hawkers, make sure they do not recognise your face.

    Me thinks that hawkers tend to have good memory. 🙂

    kein: grins, methinks so too. Then again I don’t suppose I’m gonna loiter around the darn place often, so ;p
    Thanks for visiting!


  2. maybe get a few frens to wear the same color clothes (best if same clothes) n use this tactics. think he won’t be able to recognise tat well.. i notice tat they usually recognise by clothes if not, by table num. gd luck 😛

    kein: not gonna try man, haha ;p wait kena blacklist cannot buy food in future!


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