The Lucifer Code, hrmmm

I’d actually finished up with The Lucifer Code a week ago (at least), but heh, I simply scribbled a few lines of me general opinion on the book and left it at that; a short review’ll do IMO.

In comparison to Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, this book’s plot isn’t fast-paced enough. Sci-fi babble scattered throughout the book (optical computers woot) but the action elements could be better. Makes you think for a wee bit on whether there really is an afterlife, but not too thought-provoking. To quote something I read long ago: “close, but no cigar.”

In short, borrow the book from me if you wanna have a go; forget about buying it.


The more I listen to my lecturer going on about quality management, the more I find that it’s a bunch of bullcrap. In the same way that conducting surveys do not represent the true opinions of the people, doing random inspections does not and should not render any visible pattern on the defects that may occur on the production line. Therefore, why should something like the Seven Run Rule apply?

Weird thoughts like this entertain me while he blabbers on in his accented voice, which is oh-so-sleep-inducing.

Gees, I’m wondering when my sanity will start to slip if I learn anymore of this.


Post-dated pics heh, kinda starting to have a backlog.

So there was this end of season sale for Nike over at Suntec City two days ago, don’t know if it’s still on though. Good buy for the shoes if you like Nike stuff, since it’s 50% off the usual price.

An early dinner over at Kenny Roger’s, Marina Square. That particular outlet doesn’t require you to walk over to the counter and order (like 99% of all the others) but instead allows you to sit on your lazy arse and let the staff take your order(s).

Conclusion: the quarter-chicken wasn’t all that good.

Sidenote: their decor’s actually quite interesting; the lights strung up near each table are actually made of red glass bottles if you looked closely. (No pictures because the HP sucks at taking overexposed pictures.)


Dinner with colleagues, and the food that nearly made me sick up the night before heh.



– Tucker Max’s in the New York Times ;p

– Now you know the power of Google’s Adsense : ) Nice writeup on RoughType.

– A gazillion e-books for you to learn all the programming languages ;p Doubt anyone’ll be interested tho.

Reminder of the day: Thou shalt not doze off at lessontime, despite the fact that the lecturer is talking bullcrap.

One, two, three!

Harry is getting along in years and finds that he is unable to perform
sexually. He finally goes to his doctor who tries a few things, but nothing
seems to work. So the doctor refers him to an American Indian medicine man.

The medicine man says, “I can cure this.” With that said, he throws some
white powder in a flame, and there is a flash with billowing blue smoke.
Then he says, “This is powerful healing but you can only use it once a year.
All you have to do is say ‘1-2-3,’ and it shall rise for as long as you

The guy then asks, “What happens when it’s over, and I don’t want to
continue?” The medicine man replies, “All you or your partner has to say is
1-2-3-4, and it will go down. But be warned, it will not work again for
another year.”

Harry rushes home, anxious to try out his new power and prowess. That night
he is ready to surprise his wife. He showers, shaves, and puts on his most
exotic shaving lotion and cologne. After he gets into bed and is lying next
to her, he says, “1-2-3” and suddenly he becomes more aroused than anytime
in his life, just as the medicine man had promised.

His wife, who had been facing away from him, turns over and asks, “What did
you say 1-2-3 for?”


Eating after the run yesterday, bleh!


Epitome of espionage : )



Microsoft‘s making popup messages appear on your Windoze if it’s a pirated copy. This should be fun ;p

Reminder of the day: Soccer sucks, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

The human jam of a run

So I joined the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge this year, to my own surprise. For the record, I hate running, and I still fervently do. (Not as much as I hate SOC though; that dumb obstacle course is #1.) But running’s something that I can never quite escape from, since I’ve got years of IPPT to clear.. so might as well start training in the long run eh?

Today’s weather was nothing next to atrocious though, and it rained the entire afternoon. I was actually looking forward to the run being cancelled, since running in wet weather sucks but heh the rain stopped and so y’know the story goes on.

(While waiting for the rest of the team members to arrive.) Look across the road, whole load of runners walking to the Padang.

Sneak shot of my company people.

Sneak shot #2, while walking to the start point.

I’d only intended to take a general snap of the scene, but it turned out that the girls in front looked pretty good, as I realised later on.

Tortoise crawl at work; we were like miles away from the starting line even after the run’d officially begun. And you notice those umbrellas? It makes you wonder why idiots like that even join runs carrying umbrellas.

Random snap of the other runners.

And the starting line’s still so damn far off.

I finally reached the start line and started running, approximately 5 minutes after it’d begun. That was when I realised, the run isn’t actually a run. It feels more like a combination of basketball, running and leapfrog. I was constantly brushing past people, doing sidesteps to get ahead and sprinting for short distances whenever I could. People were strolling like they owned the damned road or something.

Like what one of my company guys said: “Wanna talk with your friend? Hellooo, move to the side!”

The human traffic is horrendous IMO, it’s a wonder why no one falls and gets trampled or something; having 11,000 people run and not have accidents is truly something spectacular.

And my final timing? I got 40:20, but shave off the 5 minutes’ time difference and there you have it: 35:20. The timing is atrocious IMO, I’m certainly not very proud of it considering I sweated my arse off and gasped my way through the final 1.6km to get that. But I’m quite happy I pulled through and finished the entire 5.6km running without a single moment of pause. The mental endurance’s definitely something to be pleased about, for now.

Next up? Maybe the Sheares bridge run in September.

This was me after the run; blur and frazzled.

Katsu Don. Not too appetizing, but it filled the stomach.

Headed down to Nooch @ Citylink Mall after the run w/ my company people for dinner. They’re avid runners, and friendly people at that; I’ve already had invitations from them to join the upcoming OSIM triathlon in July, the Sheares bridge run in September and weekly Monday runs at MacRitchie. Gees : )

The rest of the time at dinner was spent listening to the ghost stories they were recounting about the workplace, and one lady in particular was squealing her guts out over the tales. I found it all quite funny, since it was highly unlikely that I’d visit all of those places they mentioned ;p

And one of them is actually leaving the company tomorrow? Which means it’s probably the first and last time I’ll be seeing him around, sighs.

Crawling home on the MRT, I mused for a bit. Yeah, it was a good decision to join the run. Got to know new people, tried something new, and I got a nice looking tee too. No shit, the JPM tee really looks good.


A quiet lunch w/ the mother over at Genki Sushi; limited varieties on the conveyor belt sushi as always.



– Woot, a portable version of VLC media player! Anime lovers should like this.

TechCrunch shows a new Yahoo! layout in the making.

Quote of the day:”think woke up too fast, the brain no oxygen. u dont know meh? when u squat, cannot stand up immediately. same theory.” – A suggestion as to why waking up too fast could cause fainting.

Reminder of the day: Relax, relax, relax. The temper is something that should be controlled.

The Art of Seduction: review

It wasn’t part of the plan yesterday, but I ended up watching The Art of Seduction w SJ jie. On hindsight, Rent would’ve been a better choice, bah.

The show wasn’t too bad though, and it’s a hilarious lighthearted comedy which will keep you laughing at the way the two main leads try to outdo each other in gaining the upper hand on the relationship. I nearly puked several times when the female lead was talking though, her voice was absolutely dripping with honey I tell you. (I’d prolly faint outright if someone in real life talked like that to me.)

Admittedly, the show’ll be better if I could understand Korean writing, since there were quite a few times when lines of Korean script popped up on the screen and since I was as good as Korean as I was in my German (which was to say, I understood shit about both), it left me waiting for the subtitles to understand what the hell was going on exactly.

Minor peeve? The ending was kinda duh IMO; the kind of ending where there wasn’t really a conclusion.

Me: HAR, that’s the ending? Z.

Good weekday flick to take the stress off work : )


Pontian wanton mee at Heeren‘s top level, Orchard. Good place to eat if you’re running outta money in Orchard, since a bowl of mee only costs like $2.80. And it tastes good ;p Gotta thank aloy for showing me this the other time.

Cafe Cartel @ Plaza Singapura food; beef bolognaise and a seafood platter. Dinner w/ LH, and the second botched attempt to watch The Secret Adventures of Gustave Kloppe. Argh, it’s no longer screening! Now how the hell am I supposed to watch it, Z. Sorry man.

Mr Ethan Hawke’s (oops, thanks Infusion lol) Hunt’s MI:3 poster stretches all across one wall of level 4 @ Cathay Cineplex.

I like this poster better tho’; Audrey Tatou beats Tom Cruise hands down any day ;p


-.-||| desperation in action.



Michael Brundage talks about his life working at Microsoft. It certainly sounds a lot like the Google article I read a long time back, and from this article Microsoft certainly doesn’t sound as bad as I made it out to be.

AOL‘s suggesting that an email tax be implemented, so that people who want their mails to get through the filter’ll have to pay money. Dumb, real dumb IMO. Like what the PCMech editor was saying, spam companies’ll certainly fork the money out ;p

Reminder of the day: Try closing the curtains next time, maybe I won’t wake up at 7 a.m. everyday then.

Of a cheesy cuppa & a dumb notice

So the brother and I ended up bawling our guts out at KBox today, prob the last time in a long while since he’s gonna become slave labour in the States for a few months ;p I’m looking forward to an account of his experiences there, heh.

We were looking at this sign while waiting to order @ Pastamania, and it seemed pretty funny to me. A 7-inch pizza’s a Hungry, and the bigger 10-inch’s a Famished?

Like I was telling the brother, the 7-inch’s more likely to keep you hungry than to satisfy it ;p

And thanks to my late lunch there just now, he got bored with the cappucino he ordered, and decided to experiment.

“.. I wonder how it’ll taste like when I add that.” He was eyeing the cheese container thoughtfully. (FYI, the brother’s a closet cheese addict.)

And so.. he started with adding a little cheese to the cuppa, and stirred it.

“Can’t taste the cheese.” He frowned, and added a little more cheese.

“Still no taste. WTF?” I had a sip this time, and yeap. All I could taste was the bloody coffee.

“The coffee’s damn strong.” I mouthed.

That was when he took extreme measures.

And yes, see that heap floating on top? He added three times that amount at least. And of course, he regretted doing that the instant he tasted the mixture. (Yes, mixture. I’m not gonna insult coffee by even calling it coffee.)

You should’ve seen his facial contortions for the ten minutes or so after that; his expressions were so varied that I didn’t manage to see the same thing twice. Ranging from disgust to horror, then agony and finally.. sheer helplessness. It’s a wonder he didn’t even spit the damn thing out ;p Sheer genius I tell you, really regretted not having snapped a few mementos; could’ve sold the whole damn lot of pictures for advertisements or something, gees.

Anyway, don’t ever try this at home. It makes the whole cuppa so darn salty, your body’s salt intake should be way satisfied for the next ten years or so, and you could prob float in the swimming pool effortlessly (too mucha salt in the body, you know?).

To his credit, he tried adding sugar to offset that, but it ended up tasting like some weirdarse medicine or other; bad call. Gave up on the cuppa after that, and he was trying to rinse the tongue with my iced tea after that every few minutes or so, because the taste kept coming back and he’d be making some screwed-up agonizing expression heh.

*And yeah, of course I’m bullshitting about the salt, that was exaggeration at work. You’d be better off dead if you took that much salt ;p


Ah hah, resurfacing the floor of the void deck with whatever-the-hell-concrete? Somehow I don’t really see the need to, unless you mean to fix those big black holes at the void deck that open up and swallow little kids for fun and laughter.

No, not those cracks? They don’t exist? Ah, whatever the fcuk for then? No one’s tripping over the damn floor and breaking their damn necks isn’t it?

Gees, I love my neighbourhood. Endless fcukin’ upgrading when all I want is a quiet place to live in without all this shitty construction going on.


If my lab tutor had a neutral impression of me previously, she definitely hates me now. I finally turn up for lessons after a two-week hiatus, only to walk out of the lab twice (to the loo, there was this damn stomachache going on), doze off repeatedly during her explanation of the slides (I wonder if I actually snored heh) and get things wrong on the damned GIMP (i.e. some shitty graphics editing software) just now.

All of it seems to scream out the fact that her lessons’re nothing but boring, and I wasn’t really paying attention. Well, not totally untrue ;p This module really is a sleep-inducing one, no shit. (And one of the reasons why I’ve already skipped out two weeks’ worth of lessons.)

But ah well, who really cares.



Duct tape to cure warts? Unbelieveable : )

– Check out YT‘s latest entry on her Netherland experiences; she’s definitely outdone herself on writing this time. Best ever in a long, long while : )

– And while we’re at it, go take a look at ahlong‘s recent piece of writing, titled Evanescence. Like I told him, he should write, I should do his proofreading and we’ll be some piece of work ;p

Great snaps of Phuket over at Kenny Sia‘s, looks like a great place to chill and relax : )

Reminder of the day: Apparently 12 hours of sleep isn’t enough to replace the 2 hours from last night. And singing comes well at the weirdest times.


Finally, a bit of time to type yesterday’s stuff up before I head down to ‘sign attendance’.
(That’s what I usually term visiting relatives as, and yes I’m an arsehole but hecks.)

This morning’s bball was good, didn’t have to play center so I was running up and down happily, not being trapped in the box as usual. Hit a few nice shots, fumbled a few balls, all in the course of a day’s work. But heh, my AJs (i.e. the bball shoes) finally died on me. The left shoe has a mouth now : ( Time to get new ones, no two ways about it. Adidas, here I come bleh.


The lecture yesterday was so boring, I decided to take a covert snap as a reminder. In years to come, I’ll look back at this photo and go “damn, now that was a boring lecture.” 3 hour lecture, anyone?

Some new deranged series of pink monkey that’s being sold in the Takashimaya level 2 department store. Kewt? Me think not, brrr.

Another version of the dumb monkey. And although it looks like it, that’s not my hand.

And guess what, this monkey (it’s named Kapo btw, reminds me of Singlish heh) actually has a story to go along with the product! Corny story though, I was going -.- while snapping.

There is a pretty neat cushion of this monkey’s face that’s quite interesting. Nah, the cushion’s no big deal by itself, but it actually has a radio in the cushion, together with volume controls, power switch and etc. No photos heh, but worth checking out if some girl friend’s birthday is coming up. $39.90 offer price at the moment, go take a look.

Being told by Ellen to take a snap of the peanut ice cream I was eating -.-
(Now who’s the one being obsessed with food photog? I wonder.)

TCC, Some mint coffee or other, didn’t really take note of the name bleh. The mint aftertaste isn’t too overpowering though, which makes a good complement to the coffee flavor.

So I ended up at TCC yet again (gonna get the damn membership soon if this goes on) and the crowds yesterday were horrendous, to say the least. Every single bloody Coffee Bean, Starbucks and Spinelli’s in the Orchard area was packed, and we had to walk till TCC @ Specialists’ Centre before we found seats.

(That, plus the fact that we had to wait in line.)

I love Saturday nights.. not.

My Oreo frappe; nothing distinctly chocolatey about it.. other than the Oreo cookie on top (which I devoured in 5 seconds flat).

Relaxing, yakking and flipping through the magazines there (they really have a good collection, especially the Empire movie mag; now that one’s goot stuff seriously), time flew by as usual. It was past 2 in the morning when we finally left.

Geez, long time since I’d stayed that late in the city area.


A little Dilbert here; they’ve been stewing in my drafts for too long ;p



– Better treat the waiters nicely next time ;p – link courtesy Cowboy Caleb.

– Kewl, liquid body armor!

– Been hearing about the Gospel of Judas on National Geographic? Full PDF document here.

– I haven’t been watching Naruto‘s anime filler eps lately, but aloy says the fillers’re ending soon. I really hope that’s true ;p Deliverance at long last!

Reminder of the day: Being able to idle is a luxury in itself; life isn’t all about nonstop activities.

Flying cows?

I was having breakfast at home the other morning when the old man made a shooing sound at the kitchen window.

Mother (talking to the old man): 鸟 (bird) har?

I unsuccessfully tried to keep a straight face.

Mother: 笑什么东西? (What are you smiling at?)

Me: Eh.. we live on the 9th floor lor. Logically speaking, could it be anything other than a bird? Like for example right, were u expecting to see a dinosaur sitting there?’

(Mother kicks me under table)

The brother burst out laughing.

Brother (grinning): It could be a cow you know.

Me (mock seriousness): Then it should’ve gone MOOOOO when it was shoo-ed ma?

(Mother kicks me under table again)

I stood up later after finishing me breakfast.

Me: Maybe I should go see if the cow’s still there.

(Mother kicks me under table yet again)


One wonders as to how vast Garfield’s stomach is ;p


I’ve been going to the dental clinic so often these days, it’s a wonder I’m not getting any discount privileges at all. *rolls eyes* The dental officer (DO) today was supposed to do a filling on a molar (the original filling had fallen out this morning, bah), and he was good. The epitome of service, I tell you. He filled that tooth, and having nothing better to do, filled another innocent molar nearby.

.. no small wonder he took so long. I was bemused at the constant drilling going on in me mouth just now; and the new filling looks like someone slapped a lump of grayish cement over the tooth and left it there to harden. It certainly feels shitty -.-

And best of all? I’m actually paying for it. Argh, this sucks.


Got this from Ellen; drop by Ben&Jerry’s @ Suntec on Tuesday if you’re in the area!
(And especially if you’re a B&J icecream addict, grins.)

Let’s patronise B&J next Tuesday!

For all the people working in town…

Dear friends,

Do you know what is on 25 April 2006?


Ben & Jerry’s free ice-cream (while stocks last) 12pm – 7pm only!

It is a collaboration between The Happy People Co. (franchisee of Ben &
Jerry’s) and Amazing Kidz.

Amazing Kidz is a non-profit charity organisation for brain-injured children ( Come with your friends for free ice-cream and donate any amount for charity Volunteer with us for this event, to raise funds for brain-injured children.
Tell your friends to join us at this ice-cream party.

    Which Ben & Jerry’s outlets?

  • United Square, #02-K1
  • Great World City, #02-40A
  • Suntec City, #01-152


– Now we’re beginning to have BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) everywhere : )

– Review on the latest replacement for Windows Antispyware, the Defender. (I wonder.)

– The emergence of a cross-platform virus, whistle. This is kewl.

– In chapter 304 of Naruto, Sai unexpectedly switches sides to help Naruto & gang, & a fight with Orochimaru seems imminent now.

Gantz‘s chapter 230 is out. After an unsuccessful attack on Izumi on the subway, the vampires are gathering to finish him off once and for all.

Quote of the day: “technically speaking hor, sai doesnt ‘pops-up’, it ‘poops-down’… yay. more stuff to add to addendum.” – ahlong, on MSN.

Reminder of the day: Buy the Eng Wah vouchers from SAFRA tomorrow if I’m still awake.