[Man Flu] – g_samsa on Flickr, 27th July ’06.

Down with a 38.2 deg C fever, flu, a dry throat and a cough that theatens to start hacking any moment.

Still kinda woozy, will write another day.

The last lesson for a while

[Singing in the sunshine] – Rick Leche on Flickr, 22nd April ’06.

Despite having only slept 3 + 2 hours (0800 – 1100, meeting Adri + Andrew for lunch and back to sleep from 1430 – 1630), today’s lesson wasn’t too bad.

Minimal movement in the chest, (something to be happy about) but my scales wavered again at C#, the usual barrier.

Song of the day: Jay’s 安静, my favourite song a long time ago. I was so into this song back then, I even tried my own variations on the chorus, and made my own recording. (That particular rendition sounded horrible, so no I’m not gonna post it up ever again.)

Faults to take note of:
– Open the mouth more!
– Control of muscles at back of tongue still needs more work.

And I’ll be stopping for August, since that month’s already way packed with events, and nope I don’t even have room for vocal lessons, sigh. No more updates till then!



– Here’s a Canon EOS 30D review on HWZ. Niceeee.

Biometric passports to come soon?

MRT price hike coming soon, yay!

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest: review

[Pirates] – sambition on Flickr, 20th July ’06.

It was a 3-ish pm show we watched, but boy were a hell lot of ppl watching or what? Students for the most part, being late for the show and all fumbling around in the dark for their seats (not to mention irritating the hell out of me).

Dead Man’s Chest lives up to the hype and reviews, being an action-packed and humorous sequel to the first flick. I liked the part when the caged crew were swinging their way out to freedom at the mountain, with the totally incongruous music playing in the background; the music somehow turned that into a parody of an artistic performance, grins. Another interesting one was the long and drawn-out swordfight on the rolling waterwheel.

The plot kinda falls flat though, with no real main plot and a few side stories that lead to nowhere.

Johnny Depp puts up an excellent performance yet again with Captain Jack Sparrow. Smooth-talking, lackadaisical, selfish and mercenary, not to mention surviving perils with wits, agility and a generous pinch of luck; he’s definitely the mainstay of the show.

And how about Keira Knightley? Eyecandy as usual : ) Adds appeal to the show, grins. Orlando Bloom comes across as being more rugged this time round, but I still prefer Depp.

Yes, there’s a third part to this series, gees. It should be in filming right now IIRC. Rumored that they’ll come over to Singapore for filming and Chow Yun Fatt is in the third part, titled At World’s End. Geez.

And I missed the ending trailer, oops. Doggie-with-the-keys becomes the next god of the cannibals, so I heard, and wags his tail happily in expectation of becoming their next feast.

Conclusion: a definite must-watch, but yeah it’s more for the action and humor elements rather than anything else.

*A Nutshell Review‘s take on the show, much more detailed than what I could write.



– The origins of MOS burger, wow. I didn’t know that.

Time Crisis 4 is out? The arcade game never ends, lol. And Wild Dog’s stil ard! o.O New hairdos for the two main leads, pretty funky ones at that.

The McFly CDs

Being on a McFly spree right now, I’ve gotten two CDs recently from eBay:

The second album – Wonderland.

The eBayer who sold me this CD is really one heck of a friendly fellow. I had left feedback commenting on the cracked CD case, and he promptly made a partial refund via PayPal the same day. I’m sure you don’t get much of that in SG : ) Kewl dude.

And yeah, this CD is definitely worth the money, since SG doesn’t seem to stock this album at all. Well, I did find one copy, but it was some limited edition thingy and cost like SGD$50. Like WTH dude, no shit?

The Ballad of Paul K is definitely worth listening to : ) That, and all the other tracks.

The All About You single.

I bought this one because of the B-side track, titled You’ve Got A Friend. Yet another great song : )

Now I’m thinking about whether I should get the first album, but it’s another twenty bucks down the drain if I do.


*Update: Looks like I won’t have to, ‘cus SJ jie already got it for me! 😀

*Images sourced from Google Images.


Of basketball training

[Basketball dreams] – Neville S on Flickr, 19th June ’06.

This is kinda insane, but I’ve signed up for the BAS Open, together with the guys I play basketball with. Insane yes, considering the standard of the teams who join, but it should be fun : ) The cheering, the running and pressure of the game, grins.

Like how Alan put it, the objective is to improve with constant training and be better prepared for the Irene Ng competition next year. Sounds logical, but boy are we gonna get our arses handed back to us on a platter : )

I’m kinda wondering if I can last through the entire training session though, since according to Alan’s email it kinda reads like this:

Training starts 0830hrs:

  1. Warmup and morning run, 1.6km – stamina training
  2. Free throws, lay ups and jumping board – resting and regaining of composure
  3. Running in figure of 8s – co-ordination of styles
  4. 1 on 1 defence/attack – individual attack and defence
  5. Overload attack i.e. 3 on 2 – fast break and defence
  6. 5 on 5 plays – trying out of different plays
  7. Positional training (if time permits)
  8. Shuttle Run – rest and relax




– Major spoiler: Kurono dies in chapter 237 of the Gantz manga. WTF?!

– In chapter 316 of the manga, Naruto begins his chakra training on super cheat mode with countless kage bunshin.

Anansi Boys: review

[City lights] – 13th July ’06

Got to read Anansi Boys thanks to LH, who’s got the entire Nail Gaiman collection at home : )

And it’s a short story, I like the way it was written. Weaving folklore into modern reality, a simple plot with a nicely-wrapped up ending. Great piece of writing! I’m looking forward to reading his other books, no shit. And now that I’m writing this.. hmm.

Where the hell is my copy of American Gods? o.O *ponders*

It’s always when I read the words of others that I feel inadequacy by the bucketload. They always seem to be filled with vibrancy and grace, and are so colourful and rich.

In blinding contrast, mine always seem to be penned in a stilted and awkward fashion: you could almost imagine the letters stumbling over one another in clumsiness, or marching with stiff and solemn rigidity at other times.

Now how exactly do you learn to write better?



The brother’s reached Seattle already! Saw his bloody breakfast via webcam just now, instant noodles + ham + cheese (blah unhealthy). He’s also sent photos of the flight, the stopover at Taiwan and the road trip to his current apartment.

More updates when I see him; trying to co-ordinate our timings through a 15 hour gap’s pretty trying.



– This sounds like a pretty kewl piece of software; checkout SiteVista. Live editing of CSS and preview in IE and Firefox hmm.

Microsoft gets sued over WGA 😀 – sourced

PCMech‘s article on Net Neutrality: some issue that’s been going around in the US recently, a really important one.