This is really kewl, no shit.

Look at nad‘s blog: I’ve got an entry all to meself!

*peers at aloy‘s shadow on the bottom right*

Loads & loads of thanks to aloy for snapping the pic, and nad for taking the trouble to Photoshop the damn thing and put it up, stomach flu and all. (She’s probably sleeping as I write this; ’tis 3 am over at OZ after all.)

This is really, really one heckuva great surprise : ) I was like “woah, WTF?” when I saw the entry. Two seconds later, there was this stupid grin plastered on the face and I was really thinking, “Man, this definitely beats getting a present anyday.”

To nad: eh forget about the McFly album, this is good enoooooough!

What a way to start keinday #2; let’s see what the rest of the day brings : )

4 thoughts on “Fwah!

  1. ooh.. sweet! Happy birthday keinie! *Pinch ur cheeks* LOL! many happy returns yah? and all the best in your latest endeavors. *winkz* πŸ˜€

    kein: *swollen cheeks* aye aye madame rainia ;p all da best to meeeeeeee!


  2. hey! guess who’s back with a new blog πŸ™‚

    do drop by if you have time. http://mainey.cultmoof.org

    by the way, happy birthday. i hope its not too late

    kein: hey mainey! : ) was wondering why you’d stopped writing in such a long while, grins. Will update my blogroll, thanks for the update! n yep, ’tis still me bday today haha. thanks ;p


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