Bangkok round two #5 – Day Three

(Gee, this trip is taking longer than I expected -.- It’s already the 5th entry and I’m one entry away from wrapping it up.)

21st August ’06, one more day before we ended the holiday and returned to good old Singapore. There was a slight chance in the routine though; one of V’s friends, named J (who was a Thai Chinese) offered to bring us around the place, so for once we could have a guide and have a looksee at different things.

So here we go! : )

We met J in the late morning, having called him the previous night.

(And oops, that brings me to a minor point. Calling someone on a public phone will cost you like THB3 per minute, so be ready to have a hell lot of coins if you want to make a long chat. V and I were frantically dropping coins to prevent the call from being cut that night, Z. But back to the story.)

So he brought us over to this coffeeshop in the area named Sheng Ying Fa or 胜英发 (or was it 发英胜? I doubt it though). And yeah, the Chinese characters look different from that of the signboard in the photo because I’m writing in the simplified characters, not the traditional ones.

The exterior of the shop and the staff bustling around.

This shop was reputed to have a huge lunchtime following, so we arrived ahead of the hungry horde just in time for brunch. I’m not sure what it’s called in Thai, but it sure looked like char siew (叉烧面) noodles to me, and tasted like the kolo mee they’re selling at Chinatown in Singapore. I had something that looked suspiciously like roast pork rice (烧肉饭) with a different sauce, but tasted really good. Hmm, then again maybe I was just hungry. You know how heavenly everything tastes like when you’re famished, but nah it really tasted good : )

And the drinks? The black one’s something like iced coffee with lotsa sugar, the other one I forgot heh. Oops?

The food’s affordable that’s for sure, costing about THB20? Portions were small though, miniscule even. I could’ve probably polished off three portions without too much trouble, no kidding.

*And this note is for J if you’re reading this entry: leave a comment! I know you’re reading this, both SJ jie and V told me you read my blog so you better not try and hide! *grumbles about readers who do not comment*


Hopped onto a bus bound for the Pratunam area next; what else but shopping? It was our first time taking a local bus though, pretty interesting ride.

Look at this ticket, woot. Retro I tell you, no way you can get this in Singapore.

And where do the tickets come from? There’s actually a bus conductor who asks you for the destination, punches the appropriate ticket and collects the money. All in one, so to speak.

J’s words of wisdom on places to go next time, with my unsightly scribbles at the bottom on how we could take the bus to Pratunam next time heh.


After a bit of walking, we finally reached the sacred land:

Hello Platinum Mall. (Yet again for the second time this year.)

Various random snaps of the shops. It seems weird, but Platinum Mall no longer seemed as appealing as it was earlier in the year. Maybe shopping at JJ market for two days in a row does that to you. The prices seem so exhorbitant, it seems seriously crazy to buy from the shops there when you could just get it for maybe half the price at the weekend market.

Then again, there’s a lot to be said for shopping in air-conditioned comfort, isn’t it? Not to mention spacious walkways, nicely-tiled floors and no mad crowds to squeeze through.

As you might have guessed, the brunch earlier did nothing to sate my hunger, and I had to eat again at 1500 hrs. I know I shouldn’t be posting this up, but look at the half-eaten remains of my nasi bryani. Gross I know : ) Being fastidious sorta goes flying out of the window when you’re ravenous.


It was evening when we finally got started on our next destination; J told us that it’d be a restaurant beside the river with this fantastic view. It sure sounded good : )

There was a slight problem though.


Yes, traffic jams apparently are an everyday phenomenon in Bangkok. Not the jam we get on the CTE in Singapore, that’s minor bullshit compared to the jam here. We managed to get onto a cab, and the bloody vehicle didn’t even move a single centimeter for the first ten minutes.

So what else was there to do? I slept of course. But of course, you should never sleep when there’s a camera handy. *rolls eyes* Anyway those pics are censored so you all can heave that collective sigh of relief at not having to see my snoring mug.

Things only got slightly interesting when we had to stop for a train crossing. And this bus going in the opposite direction happened to be caught with its pants down. Figuratively of course, since a bus doesn’t even have legs to put its pants on. It was trapped in the train crossing zone, and we were all wondering if the train would stop, or the bus would endup as roadkill o.O

But of course our bloodthirsty daydreams were not to be, else you would’ve read about it in the newspapers already. The bus managed to move forward, and the train cross smoothly enough.

Here’s a few of the buildings which we passed by on our cab journey. Yeah, I’m not sure which building’s which, so I have a lousy memory for building names. You’ll have to thank me though, because all you have to do now is to gasp at the nice buildings in awe and just carry on reading without remembering all those names lol. All in the name of convenience.

*J’s comment on the building names:

“The bldg passed on cab journey is as below (ranging from left to right and upper to lower)

Thai Traditional Fortress, Thailand Lotto Office, Democracy Monument, Emerald Buddha Temple.

Thought that there will be some more of my photos … 555” (sorry man, censored too many photos lol)


Here’s the signboard for Supatra River House, with J posing for the camera.

A separate food review is over at the food blog; read it : )

The interesting thing’s that we had to take a boat across the river to reach the restaurant. Short trip, nice view nonetheless.

This is a shot of yours truly, flipping through the dang menu with no idea of what to order. J handled it all in the end heh.

More random shots of me, because all the other pictures either show SJ jie or V up close so oops.

Night photography experimentation; this is what happens when you get too bored after dinner.


J suggested that we head off to Khao San Road after dinner, and it was a cab yet again. And boy did we take a lot of taxis that night; we were virtually taking taxis the entire day if you discounted the initial bus trip.

Khao San Road’s a long straight road with buildings lining it, and it’s a really lively place.

Filled with foreign backpackers and facilities catering to their needs, you could see shops selling travel gear, offering internet access, photo developing, clothes and of course.. the pubs! We didn’t go into any of the pubs though, regretting it now ugh.

Check out these people braiding their hair into cornrows. A few of them were doing hair extensions as well, and I was watching one lady add the extensions with candle wax. Hmm, ouch.

It didn’t take too long for us to reach the end of the road and make our way back. V had to buy a tee for a friend, and we got it at THB120, after a little bargaining. I was thinking we could’ve gotten the same tee for maybe THB80 back at the weekend market. Different location, different price as usual.


You might have thought that we would call it a night after that but noooooooo, we ended up with one more stopover: Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

Look at the first photo, where they’ve really lighted it up nice and big for you. No way you could mistake this place for anywhere else; it’s Suan Lum Night Bazaar all right. The second photo’s a map of the area, and it’s bloody big, no kidding.

And the place was hot. V said that the prices were pretty steep over there, and you had to be a great bargainer to get decent prices. The walkways were narrow, it was hot and I wasn’t much in the mood to shop by then. We pretty much trudged around the place, kept our eyes open and that’s it.

I was much more interested in this.

The Ferris Wheel! I hadn’t been on one for quite some time, and it would be fun to see how great the view was from the top.

This was the entrance to the Ferris Wheel area, reminds me of some amusement park or other heh.

V and me at the Ferris Wheel, before our ride. J pleaded a fear of heights, and SJ jie declined to join us so we had the cabin to ourselves : )

The Ferris Wheel seemed good from a distance, but the ride was quite disappointing to say the least. It cost THB100 per person, we forked out THB200 to have the wheel turn three rounds and that was it. There were bars on the individual cabins (presumably to prevent some depressed individual from paying THB100 so that he could hop out and end his life right there, and haunt the Ferris Wheel for endless free rides thereafter) so it ruined the view for us.


As a final shot, this street artist was sketching out a caricature of the fellow in front. He was quite good, but nowhere near the standard of another guy who had a shop in the night bazaar. Now that one was really good, you should’ve seen his drawing. The eyes seemed absolutely lifelike, and I would’ve sworn it was a bloody photo if I didn’t know better. We didn’t have time, and no photograph with us, if only..

If only my ass, I like to think.

What a long day it had been. We hailed a final cab back to our hostel after that, washed up and it didn’t take too long before the snores started in our room.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok round two #5 – Day Three

  1. The drink on the right is Thai ice tea.
    arh yes… i was so mesmerised by that arabian woman drawing that i forgot to take a photo… =(

    kein: ;p wasted hor.


  2. The bldg passed on cab journey is as below (ranging from left to right and upper to lower)

    Thai Traditional Fortress, Thailand Lotto Office, Democracy Monument, Emerald Buddha Temple.

    Thought that there will be some more of my photos … 555

    kein: added your comment to the post : ) ahh, I’ll post two for you here hahah.


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