Random thoughts on a long day

  • It is possible to half-doze while listening for the next MRT station after all.
  • Take SBS 145 if you’re planning to go down to CMPB via Redhill MRT station.
  • SAFRA’s Mount Faber EnergyOne gym is small; no elbow room especially in the free weights section and few treadmills. XQ’s theory is that everyone grunts on super heavy over there because of the unusual number of 20kg weights lying around.
  • Relaxing in the jacuzzi with the water massaging your back muscles is hell of a way to relax, slack and engage in idle banter. 40 degrees Celsius is still fcukin’ hot, but it beats the steam room hands down any day.
  • Spacious bathing facilities woot, especially the overhead shower head (feels like you’re bathing in the rain or something). Like XQ was saying, “I could get used to this.” Me too dude, me too.
  • Blood donation #12: feeling the damn needle poke through your vein even after the anaesthetic was injected, pain dammit. This is what happens when you become practice fodder for NSmen medics. LS didn’t get to donate thanks to her low blood pressure lol.
  • Happiness is getting a bank draft done at an exchange rate of 1.2035.
  • Settling down to early exam revision: three chapters at Raffles City’s BK.
  • Enjoying this year’s Nokia Starlight Cinema at the Padang w/ V: nice cool breeze on a cloudy starless night. You could tell the newcomers from the seasoned watchers: all those sitting straight up without anything to lie on were probably newbies heh. One couple even brought an inflatable mattress along, woot.

Talk about a long day.

A whimsical update by request

[Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly 002] – Chrisser on Flickr, 27th Jul ’06

Apparently a friend (M**sh*n) has commented that I “got gf then so long no update blog liao”.

Bah. What is there to write about when the latest thing I’ve been doing recently is sleep? No shit, I slept thirteen hours the previous night thanks to the latest MC and extreme fatigue. (You would’ve thought that I was more than distantly related to pandas, judging from the dark circles under my eyes.)

Anyway, there was this ah pek I saw on the bus in the evening that had a really well-maintained bod, no shit. He looked to be in his 60s and you could still see his well-defined delts, biceps etc. Damn, I certainly wish I look like that when I’m older *rolls eyes* Hell, I wish I
looked like half of that now. He must be like hitting the gym everyday or something.

– end of idle thought of the day –

So there, you got your little entry. This one’s for you, bleah.

Random questions?

[???] – pioggia difiori on Flickr, 15th Sep ’06

Nothing better to do at this hour, so I’m filling this up from YL’s blog. Read on if you’re equally bored : )


Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head, without reading the questions below.

1. ahlong
2. XQ
3. S
4. estee
5. YT
6. honda
7. meng
8. erwin
9. adam
10. adri
11. thelon
12. andrew
13. brian
14. LS
15. mia seng
16. aloy
17. xavier
18. alan
19. yongli
20. zhongyang

How did you meet no.14?
– junior in secondary school days, part of the swim team!

What would you do if you never met no.1?
– less one kopi kaki that’s for sure. (not like it makes a difference now: return me my buddy bloody NIE!)

What would you do if no.20 and no.9 dated?
– eh, gay relationship? LOL.

Did you ever like no.19?
– yet another gay question, but no.

Would no.6 and no.17 make a good couple?
– no, unless they’re gay. and I doubt they are.

Describe no.3.
– talks at the speed of light, clubs and goes to ktv sessions like there’s no tomorrow, earns big bucks (and still hungering for more!), good friend for many years. and oh yeah, lives but a few blocks away.

Do you think no.8 is attractive?
– I don’t like guys -.- but you should see his butt. Everyone says he has a nice ass lol.

Tell me something about No. 7.
– Frank.

Do you know any of 12’s family?
– definitely not.

What’s no.8’s favorite?
– beer?

What language does no.15 speak?
– mandarin mostly.

Who is no.9 going out with?
– no one that I know of, unless hmm..

How old is no.16 now?
– same age that I am.

When was the last time you talked to no.13?
– a few days ago via MSN.

Who’s no.2’s favorite band/singer?
– he has a favourite band/singer? that’ll be new.

Would you date no.4?
– haha nooooooooo. HY would take my ass off.

Would you date no.7?
– yet another gay question, noooooo.

Is No 15 single?
– I should think so, unless he got hitched recently.

What’s no. 10’s last name?
– kang

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with no.18?
– tamade of course not.

Which school does no.3 go to?
– school of citibank?

What’s your favorite thing about no.5?
– totally wacked out sense of humor (she claims it’s hereditary)

Have you seen no.1 naked?
– half-naked, that’s the most I can take. I don’t like looking at naked guys -.-

Tag 5 more people to do this.
– this goes out to anyone who’s reading; feel free to do it. just link back to this post : )

Military coup in progress against Thaksin: Thailand #2

[Credit : AP Photo/David Longstreath] – bee! on Flickr, 20th Sep ’06

A minor update after the martial law thing.

Right now J says that there’s been no violence, no bombs, no gunshots. The citizenry have been pretty friendly with the military, some even buying water and ice cream for them soldiers o.O Sounds good isn’t it? Let’s see if another PM will be elected soon.

Just doing my bit to dispel any rumors which might be flying around now heh.


- BBC News - Thai coup leader unveils PM plans

Military coup in progress against Thaksin: Thailand

[Untitled] – Nguyen Vu on Flickr, 11th Mar ’06

The title’s obvious enough, no need for me to elaborate.
According to J (the friend from Bangkok) martial law’s currently in place. Am I glad I went over in August.. hope all of these blows over soon.


Herald Tribune – Timeline of Thailand’s political crisis
The Australian – Army launches coup in Thailand
Melbourne Herald Sun – Thai military imposes martial law
The Indian Express – Thaksin govt overthrown in coup, Thai army clamps martial law
BBC News – ‘Coup’ sparks Thailand emergency
Financial Times – Thaksin threatens state of emergency

Goings-on and such

[a bed is not a bed until you sleep in it] – HGL on Flickr, 17th Nov ’05

V was commenting that I hadn’t been updating the blog in quite a few days, and so I thought I should just scribble a little here.

So what else has been going on after the Bangkok trip? Basically the assignments came knocking at my door yet again, and I was obliged to settle them ASAP. And I’m still working on them right now because the exams are almost a month away, and I have to get started on revision soon. Yeah, like real real soon : (

To top things off? The parents took a long 7D6N trip last week, I figure they should be reaching home just about now heh.

  • the parents were in Hong Kong
  • the brother was in Seattle
  • and V was overseas as well

.. and I was left to my own devices last week, Z. Hello household chores, laundry and various other undesired crap. So there’s been nothing really interesting apart from balancing schoolwork, keeping the house manageable and catching up on sleep. That’s the long and short of it, and I’ll be getting back on my networking assignment now.