[tear catalyst] – v1nz on Flickr, 8th Sep ’06.

A small update on things going over at my end, since the entries on my August adventures are finally done.

I was supposed to carry on with my Advanced Open Water certification this month i.e. late September, but something came along and I’ve shelved the plan. That’s four hundred bucks less, and I’m already regretting it: no more Dayang trip!

I was supposed to resume my vocal lessons this month (stopped them in August due to my overwhelming schedule) but it seems like I’ll won’t be doing them lessons anymore. Yet another sum of moolah to stay in the bank account, but I’m sure I’ll miss going up to the classroom and practising.

Funny how priorities change when you realise your income’s going to be cut off in less than a year’s time isn’t it? Everything else becomes less than important somehow.

Ah well, the most important thing right now certainly isn’t diving, and neither is it singing.

Living my life is, and a lot is certainly going to change next year. Exactly how much, you’ll have to RAFO. Read And Find Out, as Robert Jordan always puts it so.

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