Goings-on and such

[a bed is not a bed until you sleep in it] – HGL on Flickr, 17th Nov ’05

V was commenting that I hadn’t been updating the blog in quite a few days, and so I thought I should just scribble a little here.

So what else has been going on after the Bangkok trip? Basically the assignments came knocking at my door yet again, and I was obliged to settle them ASAP. And I’m still working on them right now because the exams are almost a month away, and I have to get started on revision soon. Yeah, like real real soon : (

To top things off? The parents took a long 7D6N trip last week, I figure they should be reaching home just about now heh.

  • the parents were in Hong Kong
  • the brother was in Seattle
  • and V was overseas as well

.. and I was left to my own devices last week, Z. Hello household chores, laundry and various other undesired crap. So there’s been nothing really interesting apart from balancing schoolwork, keeping the house manageable and catching up on sleep. That’s the long and short of it, and I’ll be getting back on my networking assignment now.


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