A whimsical update by request

[Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly 002] – Chrisser on Flickr, 27th Jul ’06

Apparently a friend (M**sh*n) has commented that I “got gf then so long no update blog liao”.

Bah. What is there to write about when the latest thing I’ve been doing recently is sleep? No shit, I slept thirteen hours the previous night thanks to the latest MC and extreme fatigue. (You would’ve thought that I was more than distantly related to pandas, judging from the dark circles under my eyes.)

Anyway, there was this ah pek I saw on the bus in the evening that had a really well-maintained bod, no shit. He looked to be in his 60s and you could still see his well-defined delts, biceps etc. Damn, I certainly wish I look like that when I’m older *rolls eyes* Hell, I wish I
looked like half of that now. He must be like hitting the gym everyday or something.

– end of idle thought of the day –

So there, you got your little entry. This one’s for you, bleah.

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