[Curse of the alarm clock] – urbanphotographer on Flickr – 29th April ’06

Alan was telling me about punctuality being a problem in our basketball team the other night, to the point when almost everyone was late for the latest training session. Me being the usual forthright and blunt individual that I was, told him to voice it out to them strongly about being on time. He didn’t really agree on that, as he thought that:

  1. the training was voluntary.
  2. we were all friends, there was no need to raise hell over this.

He was right of course. Then again, since it was affecting training so badly, something had to be done didn’t it? IMO punctuality was something that everyone should keep to, especially in activities when your lateness could affect other people e.g. outings, training sessions. If something was to go smoothly, there had to be a baseline where everyone kept to. Wasn’t it so?

If being late meant that everyone would end up waiting for you, wouldn’t you feel in the least guilty about it? Especially if you were late simply because you liked to laze in bed and couldn’t be bothered.

Call me extreme, judgemental, self-righteous or whatever it is, but I still think people who take punctuality for granted have serious issues. If you can turn up on time for work and be constantly late for your social life for no good reason other than laziness, it means that you’re taking everyone around you for granted, isn’t it?

(Seriously speaking, I’d rather be announce that I’d be absent than be late; that way I wouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time.)

Anyway, I suggested that the training time be shifted to a later time as a solution. Alan was more on getting an external coach to cow them into coming on time heh. We’ll see how things go.

*Found out later that YL wrote a post on the same thing heh.


Alan brought up this thing about fundamental attribution error as well during the talk, which I thought was pretty interesting.

From the Wikipedia link:

“Based on an earlier theory developed by Edward E. Jones and Keith Davis, Jones and Harris hypothesized that when people saw others behave according to free will, they would attribute the behavior to disposition. When they could tell that others behaved according to the circumstances of chance, however, observers would attribute the behavior to the situation.”

“One theoretical view holds that the error results largely from perspective. When we observe other people, the person is the primary reference point. When we observe ourselves, we are more aware of the forces acting upon us. So, attributions for others’ behavior are more likely to focus on the person we see, not the situational forces acting upon that person that we may not be aware of.”

If we took the context of the punctuality issue, this would be in play if all of the latecomers all had equally valid reasons and were not late due to sheer unwillingness to get up from their beds.

I highly doubt this though.

That dumb Ojofuffo!

[Rubik’s Cube] – Brett Arnett on Flickr, 6th May ’06.

What’s Ojofuffo? You’ll understand later, just carry on reading.

So a colleague sent this URL to the rest of us in the department via email some time back, and I began bashing my way through it. It wasn’t really that much of a problem until I got to stage 19, got stuck and quit after that.

Try the Hacker Puzzle and see if you can get past all the stages : )

Some other fellow wrote all a walkthrough to the puzzle, but keep your head up and don’t peek unless you’re well and truly stuck. (It seems that all the subsequent puzzles were pretty easy, ‘cept for 19.)

So what the hell is Ojofuffo? Play and find out, lol.

MSN Messenger – How you could login to stupid MSN

[MSN Messenger] – a2leiyi on Flickr, 8th Dec ’05.

Got this off the HardwareZone forums, and I thought it’ll be good reference incase any of you guys get choked out of MSN Messenger with that stupid error message. Which error message, you ask?

Well the one that goes like this:

Signing in to .NET Messenger Service failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. 0x81000314

And you know for a fact that you certainly didn’t install/change anything on your darn PC and you pretty well use everything except MSN so why’s it screwing up? Here’s the quick fix.

  1. For Windoze users, look for the folder C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc
    (I’m assuming your Windoze is installed in C: )
  2. Look for the file that reads hosts (hosts, not hosts.MSN).
  3. Right-click on it, click on Properties. Untick the box that says Read-only, click Apply.
  4. Open the hosts file with Notepad. If you don’t know what Notepad is, click on the Start button, select Run, type notepad and press Enter.
  5. Add these two lines to the bottom of the file: messenger.hotmail.com dp.msnmessenger.akadns.net

  6. Click on File-Save, close the Notepad program.
  7. That’s it, try to login to MSN Messenger and it should work.

Now you can tell the rest of the people who’re tearing their hair out over this : ) Kudos to the guys over at HWZ EDMW forums for this.


On another note, I saw this animated .GIF over at the forums:

Whoever did this is an arsehole heh. (But I have to admit he did a good job because I still laughed when I first saw it.)

Other funny (and some not-so-funny) stuff at b3ta stuff.

Of stupidity

[Paper Stack] – Crittz on Flickr, 27th Jul ’06.

Don’t you just love it when people at work simply refuse to take no for an answer? Not even when I’ve repeatedly said that I know nuts about the whole deal. So it makes a whole lot of sense to get me to ask around and compile the information when it can be done much faster by someone else?

(And here’s the best bit: it might’ve been done already.)

I love doing things which I know nothing about.. NOT.

Damn, it’s been a long while since I’ve stuffed anything into the work grouses category.



– Woot, does PR’s entry sound like someone’s interested in her or something? I remember the song went something to the order of “You are all I long for, all I worship and then moreeeeeee.”

Funny entries on YT’s mum, hilarious lol.


[tear catalyst] – v1nz on Flickr, 8th Sep ’06.

A small update on things going over at my end, since the entries on my August adventures are finally done.

I was supposed to carry on with my Advanced Open Water certification this month i.e. late September, but something came along and I’ve shelved the plan. That’s four hundred bucks less, and I’m already regretting it: no more Dayang trip!

I was supposed to resume my vocal lessons this month (stopped them in August due to my overwhelming schedule) but it seems like I’ll won’t be doing them lessons anymore. Yet another sum of moolah to stay in the bank account, but I’m sure I’ll miss going up to the classroom and practising.

Funny how priorities change when you realise your income’s going to be cut off in less than a year’s time isn’t it? Everything else becomes less than important somehow.

Ah well, the most important thing right now certainly isn’t diving, and neither is it singing.

Living my life is, and a lot is certainly going to change next year. Exactly how much, you’ll have to RAFO. Read And Find Out, as Robert Jordan always puts it so.

Click: review

[Sun Breaks Through, Mono Lake] – Buck Forester on Flickr, 2nd Sep ’06.

This is one hell of a backdated movie review, since I watched it even before the Bangkok trip. Then again, it still is the most recent movie that I’ve watched heh. Talk about being outdated.

The movie tickets were freebies courtesy of Sony Pictures, and we got them almost two weeks after the movie started screening -.- Talk about bad timing. Ah well, what matters is that we got to watch it for free in the end : )


This Adam Sandler flick starts out as a seemingly too-good-to-be-true tale, then slowly sinks the claws of reality into you. Nothing you get for free is ever free after all, and the moral of the story leads you to realise that time is ever precious, and fast forward should never ever be an option in life, even if it’s available?

It tends to lead one into a contemplative mood though; what would you fast forward in your life, if given a choice?

And one very important moral of the story? Family comes first. We might say that working hard for your family in order to give them better quality of life is something important, but quality time spent together with the family is something irreplaceable, especially during your kids’ childhood days. There’s always a balance to be struck, but seldom is the balance found.

Would you like your child to remember you as someone who’s never around?

Lay back and enjoy life as it is rather than slogging your life away, that’s what I think.



– Link courtesy of SJ jie: the Singaporean version of PostSecret. Not as touching as the original version IMO, but still worth a read.