Prince of Tennis, live in action!

[?] – Twitch.

Fans of the Prince of Tennis series should have heard of this: a POT movie done by real actors! I was really eager to check this out when I saw the trailer.

The movie turned out to be a compressed version of the anime series, from his entry into Seigaku to being a regular and on to the match against Hyotei Gakuen. Make that very highly compressed.. Kaido used his Boomerang Snake right at the start, as did Momoshiro with the Jack Knife. And Echizen knew how to use Fuji’s Hakugei at the end, WTF? His Cool Drive resembled a nuclear missile or something lol.

  • Tezuka was portrayed very well, managing to bring out the feel of the calm and resolute Seigaku captain.
  • Echizen wasn’t too bad either.
  • Kaido was very good too, with his menacing look. I was kinda surprised he didn’t do his trademark hissing and Momoshiro didn’t go on and on about calling Kaido mamushi. No usual fighting in the movie for the two of them.
  • Atobe was decent too, except for the fact that he didn’t have silver hair and didn’t go with his usual “na, Kabaji?” I miss that.
  • The actor for Kawamura was quite all right too, with his “BURNINGGG!!!” He really sounded like the anime seiyuu, damn.

I was kinda disappointed with a few of the choices for the characters though.

  • Inui wasn’t tall enough and looked kinda nerdy, not to mention his weird hair.
  • Momoshiro wasn’t that tall and was tanned o.O
  • Oishi’s hairdo looked just like the rest of the guys. I had a hard time telling who Oishi was at the beginning.
  • Nanjiro looked like any other middle-aged fellow, unlike the athletic and perverted Nanjiro in the anime.

On the whole, I enjoyed the movie. If only it wasn’t so chunky from being fast-forwarded, bah.

*猪猪乐园‘s a clue, if you’re wondering. Hmmmm..


I’m recommending that you buy the Japanese DVD of course.. but IF it so happens that you come into possession of the DVD rips (nooooo I’m not saying that you should download it, merely IF you happen to have them wink wink) and want to watch the movie with the Chinese subtitles hmmm, it gets a little tricky.

Anyway, here’s how you do it:

  • Download VLC media player and install it.
  • Download a Chinese font (I used SimSun) and place it anywhere other than C:WINDOWSFonts.

Now we’re done with the tools.

  • Select SettingsPreferences.
  • Under VideoSubtitles/OSD, look at the Text renderer option.
  • For Font, choose the font you downloaded earlier.
    *Note: this font cannot be in the WINDOWSFonts folder if it is to be used.

This is to select the proper font for displaying subtitles.

  • Make sure the .srt file is the of the same filename as your .avi file.
  • Use FileOpen File
  • Select the correct .avi and .srt files. Check the Use a subtitles file box.
  • Select Advanced settings, choose GBK for subtitles text encoding.
  • Click OK, and OK again.

Your subtitles should show correctly now : ) Enjoy!

Post-exam mumbling

[toothy grin] – V’s Flickr, 26th Oct ’06.

That’s me on the webcam from V’s laptop. Skype‘s way better than MSN as far as I’m concerned. Good voice quality (better than MSN’s definitely), webcam, file transfer and IM. Heck, why use MSN at all?

(Yeah, hot night so I wasn’t wearing anything on top. Like who gives a damn anyway, bah.)

3 more days till V’s back!


The exams are finally over, phew. The first paper was a grind, and I’m looking forward to a pass at best. The second one’s a definite pass, but I’ll be danged if I know how the grade’s gonna look like. Time to toss the notes into a corner!

.. and start mugging for CCNA again.


The company had a run organised at MacRitchie Reservoir this morning. 5km’s no joke, especially when you’ve cooped yourself in the house for three weeks running. In short, I panted, walked, and dragged my way back to the ending point. Colleague sprained his ankle, oops. Good thing he could still walk at the end of it.

Time to start hitting the gym again next week, rawrrrr!



Extrema2, Beretta’s low recoil shotgun. Kewlness at work!

Bleach manga chapter 249: How Inoue got conned into staying with Aizen.
Naruto manga chapter 329: Detailed glimpse into the plans of Akatsuki.

The Prestige: review

[The Prestige] – Cinencuentro on Flickr, 9th Jul ’06

Long time since I’ve last caught a movie at Golden Village Tampines Mall, but it’s always the same. Too little legroom, aircon’s too bloody freezing. You can always count on the place to be constant. Constantly uncomfortable, that is.

The Prestige was a suggestion from ahlong, and it turned out to be a good pick. Not too many people were interested in this show (apparent from the sprinkling of viewers seated all about the theater) and everyone were attentively quiet until the end when this insolent bugger started talking to his friend on the mobile that yes he was in the theater watching a movie blah blah blah and went on for nearly two minutes. I might have thought of throttling him if he’d been nearer.

I would think that this film is definitely not light-hearted entertainment, rather dark in fact. And it required a lot of concentration on the part of the viewer. Attention to the unravelling of the plot, twisty flashbacks and forget not the minor clues that would lead you into thinking, “So that’s why it was that way!” when the revelations came at the end.

The double entente on the significance of the prestige is important to the story too IMO. The prestige is meant to amaze and confound the audience, and yet it is the point when the illusionist basks in the attention. No one ever cares about what disappears, rather about what reappears.

And above all, it highlights the sacrifices made by both Borden and Angier in the story. “What would he (Borden) know of self-sacrifice?” Angier asks. A rhetoric question, as he could never imagine the answer.

*Spoiler ahead.

Borden lived one half of a life, shared with his twin brother. He ends up alone: losing his brother to the gallows, his wife from suicide, and his lover leaving him. Secrets he could never tell, and people he loses thanks to those very same secrets.

Angier? Thanks to the Tesla device (something which could create clones of anything), he gets to drown in the tank a hundred times over for his final performances, to ensure that Borden would definitely be framed for his murder. The extremes he turns to in his quest for victory. I for one could never understand the idea of self-sacrifice being taken that far.

How ’bout a mug then?

[Untitled] – Melissa Webb on Flickr, 28th Jul ’06

For the past week, my world has consisted mostly of the bed, the study table (PC and miscellaneous online distractions included), the dining table and the toilet. Oh yeah, insert fridge in moments of random hunger pangs. I sleep in the wee hours of the morning and usually wake up somewhere in the afternoon, lazing around until I get into revision mode. Yes, this is how exam revision is like for me.

I miss going to the gym, ugh.

So it’s bloody 0500hrs in the morning, here I am staring at my notes (some of them for the first time even!). I’m reading about ATM networks (not the ATM where you poke a card press some buttons and it spits some cash back at you nono), mobile networks (pretty interesting stuff, now I know how they work in theory) and going on to wireless networks (heavy theory reading ahead). One more chapter before I hit the sack.

And might I add that I am feeling absolutely famished. Famished for food, and probably affection as well since the significant other is like ten gazillion kilometers away. I’m feeling groggy from lack of sleep as well, but no coffee thankyew. (I’m not a member of the kopi club the way ahlong is.)

V must be tired and cold over there, she probably fell asleep on her bed without turning her laptop off just now. Talk about lousy 4-star hotels with no heater and thin blankets and the 10 odd degrees Celsius weather there. Lousy combination, I say.

Updated: Oh yeah. Screw the fcuking internet connection over there as well. I think almost half of her MSN messages got dropped and didn’t reach my end. *spits*

I wonder what she has planned for her weekend *ponders*

.. ‘cus I have no doubts about what mine is going to be like. Bah.

  • The last six chapters to be covered later tonight.
  • Hopefully I can squeeze a movie in somehow.
  • A meeting with the partners on Sunday
  • Followed by a recap of the first four chapters.

What partners? I’ll reveal that at a later time. For now, let’s keep it under wraps incase it all falls apart.

For now, lemme get my fix of wanton mee before I sleep.


Nice little piece from Ms E‘s previous hideyhole (I wonder if she’s actually forgotten about this post) titled è®°å¾— (Remember). Real life story about a lady who talked about the most important thing in love.

“穷不要紧, 开心就好, 要记得.” (Poverty matters not; it’s the happiness that counts.)

.. Ha ha. Har har har.

Excuse me while I let loose some of my pent-up sarcasm; it’s been looking for a way out for weeks. No shit, the lady who spoke the phrase is an absolute saint IMO. I seriously wonder how many women in this world would actually feel happy while living in relatively impoverished conditions: their husbands must be some piece of work.

If everyone thought like what the lady did (and prolly still does), divorce rates would sink like a rock and disputes would definitely hit an all-time low. Money’s the root of evil and all that shit, agreed? I should spread the word on this heh.

And in fact, I believe there’s a famous saying which goes like this:

爱情是不能当面包吃的. (You can’t live on love alone.)

The ladies should love this one. Money makes the world go round, no money no talk blah blah it all comes down to the same thing.

Nothing to this little sidetrack anyway, the feminists out there can stop sharpening their knives. I’m merely bored and you know what they say about an idle mind being the devil’s workshop.

Time to sleep.


Naruto manga spoiler alert: Asuma kicks the bucket in chapter 328, woot.
Prince of Tennis manga chapter 321: Fuji loses, WTF.
One Piece manga chapter 431: The Straw Hat Pirates look to be getting a new ship soooooon!
– Longstanding rant: where the fcuk is the next season of the Gantz manga!?
– Even more longstanding rant: where the hell is my Bastard!!! volume 24!

Stepping back

[Staircase] – fensterbme on Flickr, 13th Jul ’06

周杰伦 – 退后

– A YouTube video

Saw this MV on Jack’s post: this will definitely be one of my favourite Jay MVs, and not merely because Hebe’s inside. A regretful tale of youth, impulsiveness and an all-too-poignant ending. They say it’s never to late to stop, but some things can never be back to what they once were.

我已经变了 但也来不及了。


Another of the better Jay MVs in this new album: 夜的第七章. A whopping 9:25 in length, and this one tells of one nice little murder mystery plot. It must be kewl to be able to direct your own MV and play whatever role you choose, sort of like living in your own fantasy world methinks.

The story has reached its end.
I am the only person who knows the truth.
But I cannot tell, and will not tell.

JerryC and the awesome Canon Rock

[Let’s Rock] – SteveFE on Flickr, 5th Oct ’05

A colleague happened to be watching an episode of Jacky Wu’s 我猜我猜我猜猜猜, and the 真的假不了 segment featured this guy who named himself as JerryC. Googled him and look at what I got, woot.
Canon Rock on Google Video.

This version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D is way too kewl for words, I love the way it sounds on an electric guitar. And in the show he confesses his inspiration within Taiwan is none other than.. Mayday! Good taste : ))



– Hell, he has a Wiki entry!
– The official site.
– The JerryC video links site.