Random contentment

[Toby] – Swaity on Flickr, 2nd Jul ’06

Just thought the above pic’s really taken well : ) No relation to the contents of the post but aye, good things should be shared. V likes this pic as much as I do.

This post’s about the first rose that I’ve given V so far; bought it just because I felt like it. One of those random impulses I have from time to time.

This was taken on day 1.

Incase you were wondering, it lived the remainder of its existence in a mineral water bottle because ..

there wasn’t a vase available ;p

This was day 3. Full bloom, but the edges started turning yellow : (


I believe everyone gets the occasional urge to rant about their significant other. About things they’re dissatisfied with, unhappy with blah blah. I’m no exception of course, just that I like to remind myself about this little thing I always believe in:

I wouldn’t want to change myself for her, and she shouldn’t be expected to change for me either. At the end of the day, I shouldn’t be grumbling and mumbling about what she does wrong. People always have expectations, expectations and more expectations.

Expectations = disappointments most of the time.

I should be just glad that we’re together, and of course I appreciate the gf for what she is : )

Then again, that’s just me speaking of course. I wonder if it’s ever possible that V would have no expectations for me to live up to, hrmmmm.

(I’ll probably grow wings and fly if that ever happens grins. Shhhh.)


[Drill] – Keystone IT on Flickr, 20th Apr ’06

(Backdated entry)

Adam‘s place is simply awesomely spacious : ) Not to mention having a 24 hour supermart, 7-Eleven and various coffeeshops scattered all around. Woot, what could be better? Bloody good deal, the floor area alone beats the hell out of HDB flats any day.

And we me did a botched-up job of drilling the holes for his chinup bar. The left side ended up being lower than the right by half an inch oops. It looks like there’s plans for another hole to be drilled sometime in the future.

Here’s the two of us at work. Sorta : )

Include chinups done on the bar to test it out, dips on his pushup bars while watching Azumanga Daioh. Of course, the exercise was well offset by the spread of hokkien mee, orh lua, rojak and BBQ chicken wings we had for dinner. And oops, chendol as well. Calories burnt during exercise? What exercise? : )

Watching anime and lazing around his place munching on keropok bought by his friendly housemate. An evening well-spent, this is.

Happy Feet – review

[penguin] – *Sabine* on Flickr, 26th Aug ’06

Freebie from HBO, what can I say? The luck’s always good whenever I try for movie freebies. If only the same luck applies to lotteries heh.

(It was only yesterday that I realised you could actually lift the armrests between the seats at GV Plaza Singapura. Blah, pardon my ignorance.)

The total screening time was about 1 hr 45 mins, pretty long for an animated flick isn’t it? The story got a little draggy towards the end, and I found myself starting to yawn. The characterisation was good though, especially the little penguin dudes that followed Mumble around. They were really kewl : )

V was super duper captivated by the movie. Methinks song and dance + cartoons = happiness for her : )


Of hanging your dirty laundry

[Mr Creepy’s Laundry] – thorinside on Flickr, 4th Jun ’06

I haven’t been writing about personal stuff on the blog for quite a while, but a recent event spurred me on to spit this entry out. So here goes.

When I started blogging in 2003, I was pretty much on a no-holds barred sorta thing. I wrote about everything and anything that happened in my life. Simply put, I wrote without much thought for consequences. Well, that was my first blog.

As time passed however, I slowly got to understand the balance one had to strike between privacy and having a convenient outlet for emotional catharsis. There were things I could write, and some that I simply could not. So, I started to filter events. This was the second blog that I shared with the brother.

So it’s been nearly three years since the start of this online journal, and the blog is currently in its third incarnation here under my own space. As you can see, I post selectively these days. I seldom write about my unhappy thoughts or worries, or negative things that happen in my family, close friends or the significant other. I prefer this place to be a container for writings of a more.. shall we say contemplative nature? To share my random thoughts and musings, and to jot the occasional happy memory down.

So yeah, that’s that now. After this long and windy speech, I’m finally getting down to the main topic (at long last).

As things go, I actually have a male cousin who’s the same age as my brother. Similar in physical age, but I would prefer to restrain my comments where mental maturity is concerned. Anyway, the brother and I have never been on close terms with the cousin all this while. No good feelings, no hard feelings either.

So we go on to this dirty little snitch. Why am I calling him a snitch, you wonder? For a good reason of course. You see, this idle relative of mine had been reading my blog all this while, but I hadn’t been aware of it.

And a year ago, he read some past entries of mine which did not speak too well of my father. Well, that’s youthful angst for you. So anyway that’s all past history, it’s definitely not an accurate portrayal of my current opinion towards the old man. So you would think that he would’ve like read the entries and forgotten about them, but noooooooo that’s not what he did.

Guess what he did then?

The indolent no-good little runt ratted on me of course. He actually got his father (my uncle obviously) to read the entries. And the uncle eventually told my old man about them entries as well. It was a good thing the father kept his composure and did nothing, merely telling my mother about this matter. And the mother in turn told my brother, who told me about this over the weekend.

Long chain of gossip isn’t it? I’m not even sure of the version of the tale ended up at the end of the line.

I was lucky that I was sane enough to realise that facing my family with the facts was probably the fastest solution out. And yep, things got straightened out so my family’s still intact right now with no misunderstandings. “The truth shall set you free”, as always.

Up until now, I have absolutely no idea why my dumbass cousin did that. Did he have no idea of the consequences of his actions? Was he thinking that by telling the rest of the family about my writings, he was in fact doing everyone a great and honorable service? If he did, I certainly beg to differ. He almost set off a bomb between my father and I, and this is no joke.

Anyway, a conclusion to this long story. Gerald my dear cousin, if you’re reading this entry right now, kindly go bury your fcuking head in a piss pot of cow dung, stop thinking about screwing girls all day long and get your brains cleaned out for once. Think of your own past misdeeds, and remember that I could easily hang your dirty laundry out to dry as well.

This is a mugshot of the dipshit cousin, incase you were wondering.

“Do not do onto others, what you would not want onto yourself.”

So asshole, this entry is dedicated to you. You would not believe how polite I am in merely calling you an asshole, since there are plenty of less desirable names that I would like to call you by.

I am a firm believer in the fact that family members should not screw each other, and not especially my own cousin, to whom I bear no great hatred. However, if you persist in continuing your proclamation of my entries to the rest of the family, you can rest assured that I will unveil your ugly sins to the world, and you will definitely NOT like it. This is not a threat, this is a fcuking promise. So there, you can go ahead and just try me.

And yes, I’m pretty glad I’m not going to be seeing you outside anytime soon. Period.

*Disclaimer: the words written above do not construe any threat of physical violence towards the subject of dislike, namely Gerald Chua. Should he meet with anything untoward in the near future, the author will not be held responsible for anything other than verbal curses of the subject of dislike shitting in his pants on a daily basis or sprouting unremovable piles in the general region of his arsehole.

In short: if shit happens to him, all’s well and good, but don’t start blaming it on me.


[Benchpress] – matthewmcnatty on Flickr, 6th Aug ’06

Whew, squashed time out tonight for gym. Now that I’m working office hours, it seems like time is never enough (which is part of the reason why I detest working office hours). And as usual, disinterested non-gym goers can skip this post : )

Chest workout
Benchpress (barbell) – flat

  • 12 reps, empty bar.
  • 10 reps, 9kg per side.
  • 8 reps, 11kg per side.
  • 6 reps, 15.5kg per side. (failure at 5, 6th rep assisted)
  • 15 reps, empty bar.

I think it’s fatigue after work, but at least I managed to go up till rep 5 before muscle failure this time. It could be due to the lesser sets though. Hmm..

Benchpress (barbell) – inclined

  • 10 reps, empty bar.
  • 8 reps, 4.5kg per side.
  • 6 reps, 9kg per side.
  • 12 reps, empty bar.

Improvement on the reps, no muscle failure this time!

Total number of sets for chest: 9 (much lighter workout than previous)

Back/quads workout
Squats (machine-assisted)

  • 8 reps, 4.5kg per side.
  • 8 reps, 6.7kg per side..
  • 8 reps, 9kg per side.

Stopped at set 3 because I realised squats are not good for my knees. No more of this, back to the rows.


[IGX Dumbbells] – pdepiro on Flickr, 28th Jan ’06

This was for Friday’s workout at the gym. People who’re not into gym can skip this entire post, it’s full of crap which will not interest you in the slightest : )

Chest workout
Benchpress (barbell) – flat

  • 10 reps, empty bar.
  • 8 reps, 9kg per side.
  • 8 reps, 11kg per side.
  • 8 reps, 13.2kg per side.
  • 6 reps, 14.5kg per side. (assisted)
  • 6 reps, 14.5kg per side. (failure at 2)
  • 8 reps, 11kg per side. (failure at 7)
  • 15 reps, empty bar.

Tremendous improvement, especially on the warmdown set. 15 reps WTF.

Benchpress (barbell) – inclined

  • 10 reps, empty bar.
  • 8 reps, 4.5kg per side.
  • 6 reps, 9kg per side. (failure at 4)
  • 4 reps, 9kg per side. (failure at 3)
  • 8 reps, empty bar.
  • 6 reps, empty bar.

Improvement on the reps, but the control’s not too steady yet.

Total number of sets for chest: 14 (without dumbbell sets at that!)

Bicep workout
Bicep curl (barbell)

  • 10 reps, 10kg.
  • 6 reps, 15kg.
  • 4 reps, 17.5kg.
  • 4 reps, 20kg. (assisted after 2nd rep)

Finally got back to the 20kg bar after so many months, phew. Exhilarated!

Pre-Bangkok research #5 – Guesthouses, part 3

[bangkok, thailand] – iamtonyang on Flickr, 30th Jun ’05

It seems this segment is really dragging its way across the pages. Turning out wayyyy longer than I expected. Oh well, it’s something for you guys to entertain your eyes while I think about other stuff to write about, isn’t it?

I still have my other research results to write about after this, so look forward to reading about Bangkok for awhile more lol.


After the Big John issue, I just went back to hostelbookers.com and checked out all the highly-rated places. That saved a bit of time on my end.

Oh well.

So after that, I was left with the following:

  • Asha Guesthouse – 84%. Location was near Chatuchak, too out of the way so I scratched it. Had to admit it was cheap though, THB450 per night for a twin airconditioned room.
  • The Urban Age – 81%. LS ruled it out due to the simple fact that it had no hot water. Hmm, I’d say this was a valid reason for V as well.
  • Urban House – 91%. Looked good, especially the pictures of the rooms.
  • HI-Sukhumvit – 92%. Didn’t look too bad either.

Oh well, two choices left.


[Urban House] – courtesy the site

Urban House
Address: 35/13 Soi Yommarat Saladaeng, Road Silom, Bangkok, 10500

Urban House is located near Saladaeng BTS, convenient place to be at. Not too far away, being more or less in the city area. Lots of positive comments from travellers, bathroom ensuite, Internet access available, not too hard to imagine why it’s a popular spot.

I couldn’t get any vacancies from hostelbookers.com though, not even when I checked for July 2007. That was a little farfetched I thought, so I emailed the guesthouse to check. The fellow in charge replied within ten minutes, damn bloody fast once again. (Brownie point.)

Major letdown though: the guy said they were fully booked till we left Bangkok.

Sighs, one down, one more to go.

  • Daily rate for double room less than THB1000 – double room THB1000
  • Proximity to BTS – close to Saladaeng BTS
  • Close to shopping/tourist spots – close to major shopping areas
  • Internet access/Wifi – ADSL available
  • Good reviews – highly rated on hostelbookers.com


[Hi-Sukhumvit] – courtesy the site.

Address: 23 Sukhumvit Soi38 , Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, 10110

91.2% rating over at hostelbookers.com, hell of a good rating IMO. Not too far away from the city center with affordable room prices. THB850 for an ensuite double hmmm, tempting. Tour packages were available, it had Wifi (for THB50 IIRC), proximity to BTS.

Well, it fulfilled all of the basic requirements I had.

And the most important thing? There were rooms available!

  • Daily rate for double room less than THB1000 – ensuite double for THB850
  • Proximity to BTS – close to Thong Lo BTS
  • Close to shopping/tourist spots – in city area, near major attractions
  • Internet access/Wifi – ADSL and Wifi
  • Good reviews – highly rated on hostelbookers.com