Pre-Bangkok research #5 – Guesthouses, part 3

[bangkok, thailand] – iamtonyang on Flickr, 30th Jun ’05

It seems this segment is really dragging its way across the pages. Turning out wayyyy longer than I expected. Oh well, it’s something for you guys to entertain your eyes while I think about other stuff to write about, isn’t it?

I still have my other research results to write about after this, so look forward to reading about Bangkok for awhile more lol.


After the Big John issue, I just went back to and checked out all the highly-rated places. That saved a bit of time on my end.

Oh well.

So after that, I was left with the following:

  • Asha Guesthouse – 84%. Location was near Chatuchak, too out of the way so I scratched it. Had to admit it was cheap though, THB450 per night for a twin airconditioned room.
  • The Urban Age – 81%. LS ruled it out due to the simple fact that it had no hot water. Hmm, I’d say this was a valid reason for V as well.
  • Urban House – 91%. Looked good, especially the pictures of the rooms.
  • HI-Sukhumvit – 92%. Didn’t look too bad either.

Oh well, two choices left.


[Urban House] – courtesy the site

Urban House
Address: 35/13 Soi Yommarat Saladaeng, Road Silom, Bangkok, 10500

Urban House is located near Saladaeng BTS, convenient place to be at. Not too far away, being more or less in the city area. Lots of positive comments from travellers, bathroom ensuite, Internet access available, not too hard to imagine why it’s a popular spot.

I couldn’t get any vacancies from though, not even when I checked for July 2007. That was a little farfetched I thought, so I emailed the guesthouse to check. The fellow in charge replied within ten minutes, damn bloody fast once again. (Brownie point.)

Major letdown though: the guy said they were fully booked till we left Bangkok.

Sighs, one down, one more to go.

  • Daily rate for double room less than THB1000 – double room THB1000
  • Proximity to BTS – close to Saladaeng BTS
  • Close to shopping/tourist spots – close to major shopping areas
  • Internet access/Wifi – ADSL available
  • Good reviews – highly rated on


[Hi-Sukhumvit] – courtesy the site.

Address: 23 Sukhumvit Soi38 , Sukhumvit Rd., Bangkok, 10110

91.2% rating over at, hell of a good rating IMO. Not too far away from the city center with affordable room prices. THB850 for an ensuite double hmmm, tempting. Tour packages were available, it had Wifi (for THB50 IIRC), proximity to BTS.

Well, it fulfilled all of the basic requirements I had.

And the most important thing? There were rooms available!

  • Daily rate for double room less than THB1000 – ensuite double for THB850
  • Proximity to BTS – close to Thong Lo BTS
  • Close to shopping/tourist spots – in city area, near major attractions
  • Internet access/Wifi – ADSL and Wifi
  • Good reviews – highly rated on

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