[Drill] – Keystone IT on Flickr, 20th Apr ’06

(Backdated entry)

Adam‘s place is simply awesomely spacious : ) Not to mention having a 24 hour supermart, 7-Eleven and various coffeeshops scattered all around. Woot, what could be better? Bloody good deal, the floor area alone beats the hell out of HDB flats any day.

And we me did a botched-up job of drilling the holes for his chinup bar. The left side ended up being lower than the right by half an inch oops. It looks like there’s plans for another hole to be drilled sometime in the future.

Here’s the two of us at work. Sorta : )

Include chinups done on the bar to test it out, dips on his pushup bars while watching Azumanga Daioh. Of course, the exercise was well offset by the spread of hokkien mee, orh lua, rojak and BBQ chicken wings we had for dinner. And oops, chendol as well. Calories burnt during exercise? What exercise? : )

Watching anime and lazing around his place munching on keropok bought by his friendly housemate. An evening well-spent, this is.

One thought on “Housevisiting

  1. thanks so much for setting up the bar 🙂 it’s damn shiok to be able to do pullups without going down to some exercise station. and it’s not your fault la. i was the kok-eyed one who marked out the holes on the frame 😛

    kein: aye, we never thought the floor was really uneven. Sucks : (


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