Random contentment

[Toby] – Swaity on Flickr, 2nd Jul ’06

Just thought the above pic’s really taken well : ) No relation to the contents of the post but aye, good things should be shared. V likes this pic as much as I do.

This post’s about the first rose that I’ve given V so far; bought it just because I felt like it. One of those random impulses I have from time to time.

This was taken on day 1.

Incase you were wondering, it lived the remainder of its existence in a mineral water bottle because ..

there wasn’t a vase available ;p

This was day 3. Full bloom, but the edges started turning yellow : (


I believe everyone gets the occasional urge to rant about their significant other. About things they’re dissatisfied with, unhappy with blah blah. I’m no exception of course, just that I like to remind myself about this little thing I always believe in:

I wouldn’t want to change myself for her, and she shouldn’t be expected to change for me either. At the end of the day, I shouldn’t be grumbling and mumbling about what she does wrong. People always have expectations, expectations and more expectations.

Expectations = disappointments most of the time.

I should be just glad that we’re together, and of course I appreciate the gf for what she is : )

Then again, that’s just me speaking of course. I wonder if it’s ever possible that V would have no expectations for me to live up to, hrmmmm.

(I’ll probably grow wings and fly if that ever happens grins. Shhhh.)

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