A Battle of Wits aka 墨攻: review

[A Battle of Wits] – itna on Flickr, 16th Dec ’06

Caught this at Tampines today with ZM and Jack. Great show, lengthy though. I was glad I didn’t end up dozing in the cinema, work+movie usually ends up with me snoring.

Tragic ending, painted a vivid scene of how life might have been like back in the era of the Warring States in China. The endless war and suffering. The misguided ruler, how good intentions can be miscommunicated. The baser nature of humans, as it is.

The way the film was made somehow reminds me of Hollywood flicks. Cue panning scene with the dramatic music scores, that kinda thing. Andy Lau was good in this one, he certainly keeps his touch.


I was taking a quick look through the monthly blog view stats, and hmm I realised that wishbone actually links to me, oops. Not too sure if she knows me in person though.

Hmm.. *ponders*


This MV is way too kewl for words, check it out. Recommended by Estee, way beyond touching.


This map is absolutely hilarious – image link courtesy Cowboy Caleb‘s Grobalizashun According To Sinkaporheans.

The Holiday: review

[Happy Holidays…] – babybee on Flickr, 27th Nov ’06

V and I had freebies for this movie, courtesy of LS and her boyfriend. It was yet another outdoor screening, something akin to the Nokia Starlight Cinema, but at Sentosa this time round. Good weather that night; a cooling breeze that lifted and stirred at the stifling air, and the only spoiler were those idiots who sat up to watch the show. I wished I had a shotgun handy heh. Or failing that, at least a tennis ball.

The Holiday tells of unexpected romance, and how four lives end up being intertwined, culminating in a joyful Christmas. The usual Christmas movie, and it proclaimed itself to be the successor to Love Actually this year. But alas, it failed to match up to the way Love Actually portrayed love and joy.

I enjoyed the movie, but not exactly a five star rating if you know what I mean : )


The Five Love Languages

[The Five Love Languages]

NZ and MS gave me this the other day, good book. Thanks goes out to the both of them : ) I’m still in the first chapter, not much time to read it. Been working, mugging on CCNA (yet again. yes I flunked for the second time thank you very much you can stop the incredulous looks at this point) and trying to get enough sleep.

And yes, I think V needs to read it.

The unexpected hiatus

[poem letter] – backstroke swimmer on Flickr, 7th Dec ’06

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post. Has it really been that long? Whew. Here’s to the main reason why I’ve kinda taken a break.

.. work.

I’ve switched to office hours, and yes I absolutely detest office hours. Limited free time, office wear, mingling with people I prefer not to see yada yada. You get the drift. Work certainly has become more interesting, and I’ve learnt some new stuff here and there. It’s been fun yakking and working with some of my colleagues as well, but some things absolutely piss me off.

(Watch out, rant coming.)

It seems that the workplace’s infested with parasites: our favourite term for people who walk around aimlessly, engaged in unproductive meetings and spending their time in idle chatter with other fellow parasites.

Things wouldn’t be that bad if they were merely parasites, but noooo some of them have to be dumbass superiors who absolutely know shit about what we’re doing, so they end up asking stupid questions and waste our time holding meetings so that they know what we’re up to. And you’d think that walking over to ask us out straight would be a faster option.

And it’s the recent weeks that made me realise how some people can spend hours in a meeting. It really makes me go “hmmmm..” and think about what the fcuk they do inside, all looking so serious and professional.


And in an ironic meeting with the manager the day before, I had several startling revelations from our discussion. Let me share some of them here:

  • The operational people in my company are but a small part of the company. The important function of the company is in how we handle the customer, not about operations. I feel so insignificant : )
  • It’s good to let things screw up once in a while, so that upper management can realise that things are really not going well. And all along I thought that solving the problems and highlighting them later was the way to go.
  • According to him, the company is actually overstaffed with network-trained people, after I told my manager we were lacking in network engineers. Considering the fact that network is our core business and hmm more than half of us will be leaving within three months.. let’s see what he has to say about the overstaffed part then : )

There’s more, but I reserve my comments heh.