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Starting school

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School’s just started this week. Officially. Yay, welcome to lectures, tutorials and blah blah I dunno what else. It’s a good thing I’ve only classes from Monday to Wednesday, and heh classes are only from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Tue/Wed. How cool is that? Very cool IMO.

Monday’s an absolute bummer though, I’ve got classes from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., a two hour break and another lab from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. I’m being deprived of a lunch as well as a decent dinner argh.

The lecturers so far are really, really seriously interesting. No shit about this part. As compared to those blardy part-time lecturers who read from the slides, the people here simply started talking without looking much at the slides, and no way were those stuff in the notes at all. Tremendously engrossing, I was quite captivated.

And yet I still saw people walking out of the LT. Oddballs.

(I still dozed off at some parts of the lecture though. I can only concentrate that long before my eyes start going into shutdown.)


Orientation (or O-Week as they call it) has started, and there’s plenty of white tents crowding the lawn, trying to snare the unwary student into coughing up money heh.

I joined two clubs, namely the Students’ Association of Singapore (SAS) and another club for Accounting and Computing Students (MACS). The second one’s more career-oriented, and hmm why not? I’ll be graduating soon anyway. The SAS one promised free dinners, and we’ll see how true that one is.

It was actually part of my plan to join Taekwondo, but it seems as if they’ve evaporated or something. They weren’t around at the tents, I got no replies from their email, and the sports hall was empty during their allocated training time slot. Geez.

I think they call this place the Beer Garden. Swell isn’t it? I would’ve gone down to get a seat if I wasn’t alone heh.

This is supposed to be my faculty building. Supposed to be. But somehow I ended up attending classes in another building some distance away hmm. Odd.


On the way home.

At the train station, that is. Sometimes I just have nothing better to do but to snap.


Here’s a really great Apple iPod+iTunes advert that’s been on TV, the song is catchy isn’t it? Flathead by The Fratellis heh heh.

Weekend snaps

[Quiet night] – V‘s Flickr, 24th Feb ’07

Yep, look at the above pic. That’s more or less what it looks like every night. We switch on our laptops and use the Internet. Watch three episodes of Bleach anime, and head off to the bed. I usually stay up later thanks to Travian heh.

Last Sunday we went over to Footscray for grocery shopping again, and the same CNY celebrations that we saw at Richmond the other time (when I didn’t have my camera handy) was there! Minus the firecrackers unfortunately.

Lion dance, accompanied by a not-too-enthusiastic group of members beating the drums at the side.

Kiddy rides ;p

Ferris Wheel *yet again*

*More* games to sink your money into.

This game was particularly tough; you had to toss a coin into one of the boxes and hope your coin fit neatly into the small hole (you can see how small that is) or into the boxes around. Coins that touched the lines didn’t count though o.O

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted foodie pics. Here’s our first ever failed dish, kailan. The stems refused to be cooked heh. I think we need to boil it or just let the stems cook for a damn long time. Cooking veggies is an art, hmmm.


*It’s interesting how words have different connotations in various places. Like for example, if someone were to say thongs in Singapore I’d think of this:


But over here, thongs refer to this as well:

What we actually know and love as slippers, heh.

The day trip out

[Bad aiming] – V‘s Flickr, 23rd Feb ’07

The school had a day trip planned on Friday, titled Around the Bay in a Day. It sounded interesting, so I signed us up for it during orientation early thislast week. A trip round the area, to several spots, and dinner was included so hmm why not? We would save one round of dishwashing and cooking dinner at the very least. We had to reach school way early though. Inhumanly bloody early -.-

.. well, 9 a.m. was early to me heh.

We boarded the bus, and it was time to go!


Spot #1: Arthur’s Seat Mountain.

Morning fog, well done. It totally spoilt our splendid view of the beach and the houses there.

(In a word, suay.)

The buses that brought us here. There were seven buses in total o.O Imagine the amount of students that came.

Arthur’s Seat, hmmmmmm. According to the inscription, a couple of pilots crash and burnt there.

This tower would’ve provided a good view, if not for the fact that it was closed. Curses, foiled again!

And the fog lifted right after we descended the mountain. The driver slowed down at the bends to allow us time to take pictures, but of course none of us got any good ones. It didn’t help that I was on the wrong side of the bus, blah.

Driver: Had a good shot?

Everyone: No!

Driver: Well I’m not going back. Maybe I’ll reverse uphill later for you.



Spot #2: Sorrento.

This place’s more like a seaside town than anything else. Pretty sleepy and quiet.

And we had our lunch here. Packed egg and bacon sandwiches, hastily cooked in the morning.

The sign reads: Don’t go past the best pizza around. I guess they kinda ignored it heh heh.

This cafe was bloody expensive; fish and chips at $15 o.O Kill me please.

Nothing in particular; I just thought the flag looked nice waving in the breeze.

Funny figures, all standing in welcome.

You can tell it’s a seaside kinda place when there’s a board listing the tides.

I would love to go back to this ice cream place again. The Jamaican rum & raisin ice cream was absolutely.. slurps. V thought so too. No way anything else in Singapore could compare to this!

(Damn, I’m feeling hungry again.)

My slurpalicious ice cream. Whatever was left of it when I got back to the bus anyway.

Relatives by appointment; friends welcome.” LOL


Spot #3: Still Sorrento, but on to the ferry!

Splendid view from the top.

Everyone busily taking photos, horsing around or simply working hard to get skin cancer.

The driver/tour guide said there might be dolphins around the ship, but nooooo, no dolphins! *grumbles*

And soon enough we were reaching Queenscliff.

We were supposed to stopover at Queenscliff (at least that’s what the itinerary said), but we were late and so carried on to our next stop right after we left the ferry : (


Spot #4: Geelong.

Geelong’s another suburb with a coastline. Quiet beach, nothing much. It seems like it’s more of a sailing spot rather than surfer land.

Ferris Wheel! 😀

But I didn’t get up on it.

I got this shot pretty close, woot. If only my zoom was a better one.

The single’s chair.

Ice cream truck! This one sold authentic Italian gelato ice cream 😀 Yum.

Poor sod.

The Ferris Wheel seemed like such a great match against the blue skies that I couldn’t help but take more pics.


And it was finally back to school for dinner.

The one thing that really caught my eye was this though:

Basketball, anyone? : )

And that more or less ended the trip. V and I sneaked off after the dinner before the bush dance began heh heh. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Bangkok round three #7 – Hotel review

[Miserable dinner] – V‘s Flickr, 10th Jan ’07

Finally, the hotel review!

Short and sweet, here’s the gist of my review.

  • Location quite good, within ten minutes’ walking distance of Petchburi BTS station
  • Clean and decent-sized rooms
  • Good service from staff
  • Delicious breakfasts
  • 100% positive reviews from past hotel guests who stayed there

For its price, it definitely outmatches Asia Hotel in everything except proximity to the BTS station. And Asia Hotel charges money for everything: hot water, even a spoon o.O
At least I managed to borrow a spoon free of charge at Samran Place.

I wouldn’t recommend this to first-time Bangkok travellers, but everyone else is free to try this place out.
A few snaps of our hotel room.

Samran Place Hotel
302 Petchburi Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Tel: 02-611-1245-54

P.S. Book early though, seems like it’s hard to get rooms if you’re a last minute person. Least that’s what we heard from another friend.

Bangkok round three #6

[Noodles] – V‘s Flickr, 9th Jan ’07

Last day of the trip, nothing better to do than to wait for our flight.

They still have the 60 seconds challenge in Bangkok o.O And I got a drink discount coupon out of it.

We call it the Fan-tastic, they call it the McRice. Different names, same stuff. They got pork ones here woot.

Final count of our stuff.

A listing of the cab charges inside our cab to the airport; it certainly took us awhile to hail a cab. The peak hour jam started, and no cabs were willing to take us to the airport until one of the hotel staff came out and helped us to get one. Kudos to the fellow : ) Great service!

Long wait at the airport. As it turned out, our flight was delayed along with a couple of other budget flights. So we had time to burn, and walked around the airport looking for food Z.

And we checked-in, headed for the transit lounge, only to find that the restaurants were at the two extreme ends, left and right. Damn. So we had to push our luggage all the way past the duty free stalls/shops (tourist snares, these stuff).. and headed to the fast food section.

That area was definitely not well-designed, I tell you. Cramped with little way to walk between seats, it became a nightmare when a whole bunch of transit passengers swarmed in. This was how it looked like after that.


And the food was blardy overpriced at that, almost twice the price of a normal BK meal outside. It became a matter of price over flavour when I was ordering the food right then.

Pizza with a BK Big Fish meal. Bloody long queue, bloody lousy dinner.

Second-final rant: the toilets were kinda hard to find. They were located near the eateries yes, but behind them. Who the hell would notice them? Yes signboards, beautiful. You don’t expect people to see the signboards by placing them at the extreme corners of the corridor, hidden by the shops. Do you?

And the long walk to the boarding gate. Crap. This post is full of rants -.-

Bangkok round three #5

[Untitled] – V‘s Flickr, 8th Jan ’07

Breakfast 😀 Pancakes and fried rice. The pancakes were really good, now that I think back. Compared to my experiments in the kitchen heh heh. LS and QW left for the airport after breakfast, so it was farewell right then.

Our friend J promised to take us out for a foodie trip in the evening, so V and I spent our day shopping. Walking around, looking and buying stuff, eating blah blah. The usual touristy things. The interesting stuff was much later.

Soon enough the evening came, and here’s stop #1:

Scala Shark’s Fin at Chinatown.

The shark’s fin wasn’t a lot in terms of quantity, but the stew was thick and tasted really good. Bubbling hot, yum yum.

Stop #2 was another stall in the area:

I didn’t really note down the name of the shop, so you’re free to use my photo to look at every darn shop in Chinatown till you come across something that looks like this.

And what did it sell?

This is Bangkok’s version of kuay chap. The soup’s clear instead of dark, and the square pieces of kuay teow were instead rolled into little sticks. Roast meat added into the mix as well, it definitely tasted way different.

We took a tuktuk over to stop #3, as it was quite a distance away.

The front of the shop.

According to J, this place served the best padthai in Bangkok. And it seemed that way as well, judging from the price and the ingredients used o.O This bugger cost twice the price of a normal packet on the roadside, and it had a covering of egg outside the noodles, as well as prawns inside. Woot, classy.

In case you’re wondering how to get to this place, V took a picture of this map.

You’re supposed to get off at this temple called Wak Thetidaram, and walk across the road. Simple enough.

Stop #4 was next to stop #3.

I’ve no idea what this is called, but it’s a light snack that contains finely made eggs inside. Nice : )

Stop #5, our final foodie stop for the night.

This place is a coffeeshop, something like Ya Kun or Killiney’s.

What made it different was one particular product it sold, and that’s what J brought us here for.

Kaya 😀 Well, they called it egg custard and it lived up to that name. Smooth and creamy like custard, it went down really well with the steamed bread. Yum, I’m feeling hungry just writing this right now. I better go get some food later : (

And what’s the difference with the different coloured kaya? Nothing much, maybe a little difference in texture that’s all.


We visited the flower market next. According to J, this wholesale flower market was a 24 hour affair, and it was actually his first time there as well. I think he regretted that though, when he saw the prices of the flowers there. Absolutely much cheaper than online purchases, so he said.

And here we concluded our night. We had enough of food, seen enough and it was time to head back to the hotel.

(Damn, I think I really should go get some food. I’m hungry after looking at all these pics and remembering the taste.)