Bangkok round three #5

[Untitled] – V‘s Flickr, 8th Jan ’07

Breakfast 😀 Pancakes and fried rice. The pancakes were really good, now that I think back. Compared to my experiments in the kitchen heh heh. LS and QW left for the airport after breakfast, so it was farewell right then.

Our friend J promised to take us out for a foodie trip in the evening, so V and I spent our day shopping. Walking around, looking and buying stuff, eating blah blah. The usual touristy things. The interesting stuff was much later.

Soon enough the evening came, and here’s stop #1:

Scala Shark’s Fin at Chinatown.

The shark’s fin wasn’t a lot in terms of quantity, but the stew was thick and tasted really good. Bubbling hot, yum yum.

Stop #2 was another stall in the area:

I didn’t really note down the name of the shop, so you’re free to use my photo to look at every darn shop in Chinatown till you come across something that looks like this.

And what did it sell?

This is Bangkok’s version of kuay chap. The soup’s clear instead of dark, and the square pieces of kuay teow were instead rolled into little sticks. Roast meat added into the mix as well, it definitely tasted way different.

We took a tuktuk over to stop #3, as it was quite a distance away.

The front of the shop.

According to J, this place served the best padthai in Bangkok. And it seemed that way as well, judging from the price and the ingredients used o.O This bugger cost twice the price of a normal packet on the roadside, and it had a covering of egg outside the noodles, as well as prawns inside. Woot, classy.

In case you’re wondering how to get to this place, V took a picture of this map.

You’re supposed to get off at this temple called Wak Thetidaram, and walk across the road. Simple enough.

Stop #4 was next to stop #3.

I’ve no idea what this is called, but it’s a light snack that contains finely made eggs inside. Nice : )

Stop #5, our final foodie stop for the night.

This place is a coffeeshop, something like Ya Kun or Killiney’s.

What made it different was one particular product it sold, and that’s what J brought us here for.

Kaya 😀 Well, they called it egg custard and it lived up to that name. Smooth and creamy like custard, it went down really well with the steamed bread. Yum, I’m feeling hungry just writing this right now. I better go get some food later : (

And what’s the difference with the different coloured kaya? Nothing much, maybe a little difference in texture that’s all.


We visited the flower market next. According to J, this wholesale flower market was a 24 hour affair, and it was actually his first time there as well. I think he regretted that though, when he saw the prices of the flowers there. Absolutely much cheaper than online purchases, so he said.

And here we concluded our night. We had enough of food, seen enough and it was time to head back to the hotel.

(Damn, I think I really should go get some food. I’m hungry after looking at all these pics and remembering the taste.)

2 thoughts on “Bangkok round three #5

  1. I know about the Padthai stall…. My auntie’s fren pointed it out to us while bringing us around sight-seeing…
    Seems that most locals know of it’s existence!

    kein: good food always gets around : )


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