Starting school

[Your shit is my bread and butter, literally.] – V‘s Flickr, 27th Feb ’07

School’s just started this week. Officially. Yay, welcome to lectures, tutorials and blah blah I dunno what else. It’s a good thing I’ve only classes from Monday to Wednesday, and heh classes are only from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Tue/Wed. How cool is that? Very cool IMO.

Monday’s an absolute bummer though, I’ve got classes from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., a two hour break and another lab from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. I’m being deprived of a lunch as well as a decent dinner argh.

The lecturers so far are really, really seriously interesting. No shit about this part. As compared to those blardy part-time lecturers who read from the slides, the people here simply started talking without looking much at the slides, and no way were those stuff in the notes at all. Tremendously engrossing, I was quite captivated.

And yet I still saw people walking out of the LT. Oddballs.

(I still dozed off at some parts of the lecture though. I can only concentrate that long before my eyes start going into shutdown.)


Orientation (or O-Week as they call it) has started, and there’s plenty of white tents crowding the lawn, trying to snare the unwary student into coughing up money heh.

I joined two clubs, namely the Students’ Association of Singapore (SAS) and another club for Accounting and Computing Students (MACS). The second one’s more career-oriented, and hmm why not? I’ll be graduating soon anyway. The SAS one promised free dinners, and we’ll see how true that one is.

It was actually part of my plan to join Taekwondo, but it seems as if they’ve evaporated or something. They weren’t around at the tents, I got no replies from their email, and the sports hall was empty during their allocated training time slot. Geez.

I think they call this place the Beer Garden. Swell isn’t it? I would’ve gone down to get a seat if I wasn’t alone heh.

This is supposed to be my faculty building. Supposed to be. But somehow I ended up attending classes in another building some distance away hmm. Odd.


On the way home.

At the train station, that is. Sometimes I just have nothing better to do but to snap.


Here’s a really great Apple iPod+iTunes advert that’s been on TV, the song is catchy isn’t it? Flathead by The Fratellis heh heh.

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