Weekend snaps

[Quiet night] – V‘s Flickr, 24th Feb ’07

Yep, look at the above pic. That’s more or less what it looks like every night. We switch on our laptops and use the Internet. Watch three episodes of Bleach anime, and head off to the bed. I usually stay up later thanks to Travian heh.

Last Sunday we went over to Footscray for grocery shopping again, and the same CNY celebrations that we saw at Richmond the other time (when I didn’t have my camera handy) was there! Minus the firecrackers unfortunately.

Lion dance, accompanied by a not-too-enthusiastic group of members beating the drums at the side.

Kiddy rides ;p

Ferris Wheel *yet again*

*More* games to sink your money into.

This game was particularly tough; you had to toss a coin into one of the boxes and hope your coin fit neatly into the small hole (you can see how small that is) or into the boxes around. Coins that touched the lines didn’t count though o.O

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted foodie pics. Here’s our first ever failed dish, kailan. The stems refused to be cooked heh. I think we need to boil it or just let the stems cook for a damn long time. Cooking veggies is an art, hmmm.


*It’s interesting how words have different connotations in various places. Like for example, if someone were to say thongs in Singapore I’d think of this:


But over here, thongs refer to this as well:

What we actually know and love as slippers, heh.

2 thoughts on “Weekend snaps

  1. Bleach! i finally finished catching up with the series and now i only get to watch one 20-minute episode each week. So not shiok..

    i hate cooking veggies… no matter how i cook them, they just taste boring

    kein: Makes you appreciate every episode when it comes. (And scream when it’s released late!) eh which episode is the main story resumed BTW? I haven’t been watching Bleach for a real long time haha. Now still watching ep 53.

    (Want veggies to taste different? Add other seasonings e.g. tabasco sauce, chilli, oyster sauce hmmm can’t think of anything else yet.)


  2. I think it’s epi 109, the bounto fillers are so long and draggy.

    kein: hmmmmm 109. All right, I’ll skip to that later haha. Thanks!


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