[If I had a Hammer] – denim on Flickr, 14th Sep ’06

Yet another usual weekend.. I like peaceful Saturdays where I have nothing to do and not need to head out at all. I can walk around the house in my pyjamas all day long, idle, write my revision notes and generally be a slacker.

If I had a hammer now I’ll probably hammer my head to forget about things. What things, you wonder? Not school, school’s been good. Not work, work’s not that bad yet. Well..

<> 新加坡演唱会

Tonight’s the Ukulele concert at the Expo, and my bro’s probably out there enjoying Terry Lin’s performance : (

Missed a chance to hear my idol sing in a live performance ARGH!

*slams head repeatedly on desk*

Part #2:

MAYDAY JUMP Concert Singapore 2007
五月天 [JUMP 離開地球表面] 新加坡演唱會 2007

Favourite band, big chance lost. V and I are still feeling the oof over missing this.

The Phantom of the Opera

Nothing to be said about this, ‘cept that I’m missing this as well.

Great timing, when I’m over here in Aussie and I get to miss all of the performances I wanna watch.

: (

Chadstone exploration

[untitled] – V‘s Flickr, 29th Mar ’07

Chadstone is quite famous as a fashion capital over here, and I thought I should take a look since I still had time to do so. That, and the fact that I had these digital print coupons, courtesy of the photography club. And surprise surprise, the photo outlet’s in Chadstone heh.

Good thing there was a bus direct from school, so it wasn’t that tough a trip. Figuring out where to alight was a bit of a problem though, since I hadn’t really checked which stop it was. So I was twiddling my fingers and hoping for a sign to appear.. and yeah a sign did appear. A very big one in fact, one that said “Chadstone Shopping Center” and a bloody arrow pointing to the left.


First look of the place; very big Chadstone up in the air eh?

Typical me when I go to school; tee with a hoodie, pants and slippers thongs. And the hair’s too long for me to do anything about it, so it just flops around pretty much any way it pleases.

TMNT‘s showing over here now, but I haven’t caught it. Still saving hard heh heh. Movies have always been a luxury for me, even back in Singapore. I could only afford to catch movies regularly last time thanks to the countless movie vouchers I bought ;p Everyone who’s watched a movie with me before can probably attest to that.

Random snap.

Random snaps.

I took my time walking around the place, but nah not much photos. It’s kinda boring to take pictures of bloody shops isn’t it? That, and that the shop owners might come after me screaming bloody murder and intrusion of privacy if I snapped their storefront ;p It wasn’t until nearly an hour later that I finally concluded the photo outlet was nowhere to be seen, and I checked with the information counter.

.. shit. The photo outlet wasn’t in Chadstone shopping center after all. Chadstone, yes. But I had to “walk a couple of blocks”, and it wasn’t within walking distance, according to the receptionist. Well, everyone had their own conception of walking distance, and mine was probably a notch abnormal, compared to people who’ve grown used to driving everywhere. So it was probably about a klick away and I reached the damn place, printed my photos and took my time sauntering back.

And the evening skies were really amazing, but my photographs don’t seem to do them justice.

I’m not sure why I took this picture, but it turned out to be one of the better ones hmm.

And when I finally staggered back to the bus stop, boy did I miss the bus or something? Half an hour’s wait, kewl. So I continued walking and made my way to the nearest train station; at least the train would be a quicker trip.

Waiting for the train.

If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a wristband (and I doubt you’ll actually be wondering about that), it’s because my watch strap broke and I haven’t had it fixed yet. The wristband’s just something to make my wrist feel less naked heh.


In the long belated segment of our culinary adventures comes the next experiment: steamed egg!

A little too messy and unpresentable, but it didn’t taste too bad other than being a tad too salty.

Things that went into the bowl:

  • two eggs
  • a dash of soya sauce
  • minced meat, stir-fried beforehand
  • about a quarter cube of chicken stock
  • 3-4 tablespoons of plain water

Stir everything up nicely, and steam until ready. When is it ready? Probably up to you, some people like watery stuff some like it harder. Just keep an eye on it and stop the fire when it looks fine.

We’re not really the adventurous type who try new foods all the time, because cooking takes a lot of time, and we’re quite in a rush on weekdays. So I usually do fried rice for dinner, and V prepares noodles when it’s her turn. And it’s more likely that these menu items appear whenever we need to pack dinner to school. It’s only on weekends that we try to do something better, but we’re still aiming for edible food rather than exotic (and probably-uneatable-cus-we-screwed-it-up) dishes.



V writes about her recent coffee course : )

Interesting advert done by a friend of mine : )


[home-cooked fries] – V‘s Flickr, 26th Mar ’07

How would you take it if your other half tells you he never had a girlfriend before, and later on you learned that it wasn’t the case at all? I’m not sure about you, but if my girl did that I would definitely kick that fcuking liar right out into outer space, goodbye relationship and all. V agrees on the same thing too heh heh. Food for thought.


Sometimes I sit and stare when I’m on the train home, watching the scenery go by. The ears entertained by music from the mobile, and my brain free to contemplate. I’m really glad I had this opportunity to come over and see this part of the world, and have a fresh start to our lives together. Everything that’s happening back home seems somehow insulated and so far away right now, the distance placing a vast gap between our realities. Reality here consists of sleep-inducing lectures, assignments, cooking, grocery shopping, and all the bits and pieces between V and me at home.

Yup, I suppose I can call this home now; home is wherever V and I happen to be.

And living together with another person 24/7 is the ultimate test of your relationship I suppose; can you really stand living with your significant other everyday? And the best thing about this is that there’s no way you can get pissed, run home and fume in silence or something, the way everyone does back home. Living in the same house means unhappy stuff have to be talked out, and worked out. I had always thought that living together would be no big deal, since we had travelled together. Boy was I wrong. (And we’ll end it here with no further details.)

I often hear of newcomers who’re homesick and such, but somehow I don’t feel that way at all. There’s no urge for the wanton mee I like so much or the roti prata breakfasts I have with my mother. I do wish for coffee sessions with my pals of course, but that want is kinda muted, kinda like the way a mosquito bites you but your brain simply ignores the itch. And yes, how can I forget basketball? I haven’t played for months, and I’ve just played last Wednesday, whew are the basketball rims high or what? Fcuks.

But being here somehow feels right; there’s no feeling of transition at all.

Perhaps my mind had already decided long ago that home was not really home.


Interesting Thai facial foam advert series, recommended by Ed.

Updates.. ?

[dinner] – V‘s Flickr, 15th Mar ’07

I haven’t been writing lately thanks to the lack of pictures, but LS‘s screaming at me over MSN so I’d better satisfy her appetite (for blog posts!) soon haha. Has anyone else been waiting for updates as well? Hrmmm I wonder.

Anyway, small random incidents follow:

  • How do you open a bottle cap without a bottle opener? There was this day when I had to open a bottle of soya sauce, and oops no bottle opener (it was sealed with a bottle cap for some weird reason). I used a teaspoon to pry the edges open, and then a can opener on it. The cap came off, a few drops of soya sauce landed on the tabletop and I cut my finger in the process, fcuk. I hate bottlecaps.
  • By freak coincidence or whatever it may be, I’ve sortof gotten a freelance assignment as Mr Call-Me-If-Your-Internet-Is-Having-Problems. It’s better than having no income, and I’m doing something I enjoy so it’s all good.
  • School’s been pretty good, if you discount the late nights I keep while doing my essays. Whew, I have a 3,000 word research report and a 1,500 word essay to finish up.. and I haven’t even begun research on the report yet. And I keep dozing off at lectures, no matter the subject haha. The seats must really be too comfy for someone who’s been sleeping little. And I’m still getting to know more people around school. Slowly does it.
  • I’ve begun (re)learning taekwondo again, after a hiatus of more than ten years. It feels good to be kicking again, but thankfully there’s none of those inhuman stretches I used to do. Having a white belt sucks though, I wanna get graded ASAP! Must get leg power back heh.
  • And I’ve been cutting down gym to twice a week because I’ll be too sore for taekwondo if I worked out more than that.
  • Autumn seems to be setting in; no nice scenery pics yet, but the nights are really cold now. Brrrr, when the wind blows the damn cradle doesn’t rock, but I shiver.

That’s all for now. And oh yeah, scalded finger right now ‘cus I rammed the knuckle into the side of the frying pan when I was doing chicken nuggets. Not too painful, but kinda uncomfy and the skin’s all red and such right now. Tsk.


Quote of the day:

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein



Cowboy Caleb‘s guide to having a modestly successful life; hilarious.

Mr Wang and his take on army stuff. I thought it was fcuking funny, so if you think otherwise that’s your problem.

– Photograph sets of sleeping postures through an entire night.

To round things up.

Scary shit.


[Yarra River] – V‘s Flickr, 10th Mar ’07

As promised, photos of the fireworks heh heh. Patience, just read on yeah.

Saturday evening, went down to meet some people from the photography club for the fireworks shoot. And yep, mine was the only non-SLR there that day -.- Not that my A540 was anything bad, but nothing beats an SLR ugh. (Mine’s more portable though, something I’m quite happy about.)

Here’s the signboard; Moomba Waterfest! 😀

Amusement ride thingies that were on the other side of the river.

Melbourne city in the sunset, taken before I met the rest of them.

Waiting, before things got started. We waited for nearly two hours, picking a spot and setting up. Well, I had nothing much to setup heh. Get the tripod up, and woops I’m done.

The boats that carried the fireworks. These were really close to us, whew. Frightful noise when they went off.

Practice shot before things got started; the city at night.

And from this point on, here we go!

Well, I actually set the camera on continuous drive mode and just held the shutter down all the way so I had a lot of snaps. But hmm, many failed shots so this is all I have to show ;p Hope you guys enjoyed the pics.



– Charles Cooper at CNet writes this interesting article titled “Forget the DRM. It’s the music.”

– And if I forgot to mention this (I think I really did, oops), E’s gotten together with her friends and together, they’re now.. Xin7tian! Do catch them at Taos on Sunday evenings yeah.

St Kilda

[St Kilda beach] – V‘s Flickr, 9th Mar ’07

Friday’s an official no-classes day, but I still had to return to campus for the long awaited St Kilda trip. And I went for this one alone, mostly ‘cus V didn’t really like beaches. Well, being part of a couple didn’t mean you had to do everything together, isn’t it? So heck with it.

So I ended up hanging around at the bus stop waiting for the bus, and got to know a couple of other international students. Damn but there really were a lot of postgraduate students over at school.

The Spirit of Tasmania. Not sure what the special part is, but it’s supposed to be a tourist attraction hmmm.

This billboard’s pretty funny, I’ve been wanting to take a picture of it. If you’re kinda myopic and can’t read it, it says, “I James Bradshaw, pledge to steal more material from the Internet.” There’s a few others which are pretty funny, like “pledge to plan more spontaneity” or “pledge to outsource my jokes to India”. Heh heh, crude humor.

Our first stop, Topolinos at Fitzroy Street! Free pizza courtesy of the five bucks we paid for the trip.

Pizza, slurp. Tasty ones, not the frozen shit I buy from supermarkets. I seriously had my fill of pizza and soft drinks over there, it seemed almost like free flow. And there’s just something about the thin metal pans that give it that authentic look.

Next up, we walked our way to the pier nearby, and I took quite a few photographs along the way.

Kitesurfing. This one looks really fun, I’d want to try that sometime.

Walking along the beach, I see a couple of kids playing cricket with their dad on a Friday evening, and I wonder to myself if that ever happens back home. Quality of life is lacking, seriously lacking. This is something that I feel I really want, to be able to have time for my family in future, and not work my arse off just to pay the bills, and have no time for the family totally.

Next stop: Luna Park. Amusement park, complete with the usual rollercoaster, Ferris Wheel, carousel and whatnot. I wasn’t really interested in taking them though, especially when I saw the park attendant standing on the rollercoaster ride. If she could stand and not fly off, the ride probably wasn’t very fun.


We stayed around until late evening, and headed back to school on the bus thereafter. And hell, we even had leftovers from the pizza earlier (thanks to some morons who paid but didn’t turn up) so I brought them over to the photography club event that was still going on at school.

Games, just games. One was to guess whether the olives would sink or swim in vinegar, another was a drinking game where the people up front had to down the red wine/vinegar as fast as they could.

And oh yeah, I came late so I sorta sat down at a table randomly, but my luck was good heh my team won. One disposable underwater camera, woot. Now if only I could go diving.


Upcoming preview:

Moomba Waterfest (link)
Melbourne’s long running community festival featuring rides, activities and entertainment in Birrarung Marr and the Alexandra Gardens and this year also featuring special activities at the Docklands on the Sunday. Highlights include the Birdman Rally at noon on Sunday in Birrarung Marr, water skiing on the Yarra on Sunday afternoon and evening, the Moomba Parade along Swanston street at 11am on Monday and fireworks over the Yarra at 9.30pm on each of of Saturday, Sunday & Monday nights.

Fireworks! And I was there to take the photographs. You’ll see them on the next entry heh heh.


Ayumi playing the Wii!

Blog time (while I still can post)

[At play] – V‘s Flickr, 8th Mar ’07

SH asked why I hadn’t been updating these few days, and hrmm that’s really a good question you know. It’s not that I haven’t have anything to write about, it’s more like my internet access has been kinda intermittent for the past few days. Those who’re on V’s MSN would be able to see her nick screaming about the internet heh heh.

(Techie rant below, ignore.)

This problem with the internet would be really interesting if I wasn’t the victim. As it is, I’m still trying to figure out where the possible problem lies right now. The management says they have problems with the switches because not all floors are affected, but my best bet still lies with the router though, because I have problems getting an IP assigned to my laptop whenever the problem starts.

.. and I just figured out a half hour ago that if I set a static IP.. it actually works. Goes to show that the DHCP’s having problems, isn’t it?

Crap. I hope I can get a close up look at the server room soon.


So yeah. On with life over here heh heh. Stuff that happened this week:

#1: Going to school.

Here’s how my lunch looked like, together with the school. Sandwiches outdoors heh heh, no good on a windy day. My lunchbox nearly got swept away by the wind while I was munching away.

Day view, and night view. Why was I able to take the night view, you wonder? I had classes till 8p.m. -.-

#2: Big-ass chess.

I was going to the supermarket after classes when I saw this chess game going on. Big board, big pieces. Kewl to play chess like this eh?

#3: Luncheon meat fried rice.

This is for LS: here’s a look at what I cooked the other day haha. Didn’t taste too bad, but rice was a little too dry. I cooked a hell lot, so ended up ftossing it around for quite long on the frying pan. Heavy load, whew.

#4: Career fair@Clayton campus.

Career fair for the upcoming graduates over at Clayton (that’s another campus), so we took the feeder bus over there. Fortunately, it’s free for now.. till the middle of the month.

Things are really not too encouraging. I saw a maximum of five companies that allowed application for international students, three were the wrong field (engineering) and only one that I was interested in. Goes to show how protective they are of locals. And it goes to show how screwed my chances of employment will be heh.

Packed lunch at a quiet spot, looking at the clear skies. I really like the way the open skies look over here.

Clayton campus really has the feel of a university, in comparison to Caulfield. There’s open grounds where people can just sit on the ground and have lunch together in the quiet and unperturbed environment.

And yet the fun atmosphere over in another corner that shows how lively student life can be.

More stuff to come, since I went out on a school trip to St Kilda today. Or should I say, yesterday? More pics on next entry!