One down, X more to go

[stupid bird] – V‘s Flickr, 26th Apr ’07.

As of 25th April 2007 (yesterday), my network administration report has been completed! *insert maniacal laughter*

.. all right, that probably wasn’t a big deal. But it really feels good to finish ahead of the deadline. I’m still making minor edits to the content right now though, haven’t got anything better to do after all heh heh. And it actually feels like an accomplishment to look at my finished work, and see something that looks like a professional research paper. It feels that way so long as I don’t think about the late nights and crazy research done. At least I was working with familiar ground on this project so it wasn’t that bad.

The next one promises to be yet another shitty one though; I hate business assignments sigh. I am so bloody glad that I am not taking a business degree. IT assignments tend to be more straightforward, with none of those stupid theories and concepts some long dead person thought up of. There’s our dear beloved Maslow (everyone should know of him I guess), and there’s a shitload of other people I have to know Z.

And there’s another two assignments after that, one on Unix networking, and another network administration project where we have to draw up a proposal for some company or other. Note the use of we; yes it’s a group project. I hate group projects -.-

Well let’s talk about other stuff. Here’s something I took just now while talking a walk in the city. Well, the walk was sorta incidental ;p I was actually out grocery shopping but well, opportunities to get a breath of fresh air are treasured most especially after being cooped in the house for a few days straight.

And I took the time to walk around, doing what else? My favourite pastime over here, photography. I read a post from the Online Photographer last night which made me think about the subjects I should be taking, and so I’m trying hard to think out of the box and capture something more alternative than the usual “ooooh nice scenery!” pictures. Well, trying to.

This was probably the best shot of the day; taken at QV shopping centre if you know where it is.

Note: intentional blurring of passersby, my hands are not that shaky -.-



Random shots:

Here’s me last week, taking the train home after classes. This is one of the really old trains; note the style of the seat cushions, whew.

V thought this pose looked especially nerdy/funny o.O So here it is. I hope you people either laugh or throw up : )



I’ve been playing basketball more regularly over here that I did in SG, which is really a good thing. New people, new court, different playing styles, it was kinda hard to get used to at first. And of course, the damn height of the rim. It took me a week before I could get used to the damn basket. It feels good to be back on the court again, and an indoor court at that. I’ve never had much chance to play indoors back home.

And of course, there’s bad days and good days. Bad days mostly in the first two weeks of play, when I couldn’t make shots, couldn’t keep up with the game and got totally trashed. Since then everything’s been good. I’ve had good shooting days, and days where I kept up with every game, and in some cases shut down the guy I was guarding totally. Everyone who’s played with me should know that my shooting’s never been fantastic, but defense has been something I’m pretty confident in. To be able to stop the opponent totally and the exhilaration of blocking his shot is as always.. shiok : )

Too bad there’s no one to share these feelings with. Having V around is all well and good, but you can’t probably expect someone who’s not into the game to understand stuff like these heh heh.



Lenovo makes a hell of a pricing error on the N series laptop; I certainly don’t remember getting my N100 for $192k. – courtesy of Ed.

– Sony has this Vaio deskop which looks really good (but the specs are similar to my N100, duh. Not too good isn’t it?)

Wading thru the assignments

[fishballs are big when filled with air o.O] – V‘s Flickr, 11th Apr ’07.

Hi guys, it’s been yet another (long) interval since my last update. I’d been struggling through my Unix report last week, and thought I could finally get a break after finishing the current assignment.

Well, I thought.

Apparently the schedule’s looking like I’m gonna be hit with an assignment deadline every two weeks until the exams, ugh. So there goes any remnant of leisure time that I have heh. Gone, all gone! *grumbles* SJ jie’s coming over in May, and NZ/MS coming in July! Something to look forward to at least.

Here’s a recent pic of me. Hi.

Current interesting stuff are as follow:

  • My hands were hit with a bout of extremely itchy blisters and peeling skin sometime last week, and it was pure hell. I did a little reading up via the net, and it seems that I’ve gotten dyshidrotic eczema. I couldn’t find corticosteroid, but managed to buy something else that worked as well so the blisters’ve more or less gone by now. The skin’s still peeling though, and I’m moisturising my hands as best as I can.
  • I’ve kinda forgotten if I did write about work here, so anyway I’m working part-time at the apartment building I’m staying at, troubleshooting internet problems for the tenants here. It’s good exposure, virtually zero travelling distance/time, but hmm the money’s not exactly fantastic. It’s a little cash to offset the groceries at least : ) There are many times when I am very, very thankful that I’m merely a freelancer and not working under the manager. He’s not a bad guy, but it’s not good to leave a problem sitting there even if no trouble’s happening right now. Another thing’s that I’m starting to feel like I’m being on standby 24/7 for some reason or other. Must.. not.. be.. nice guy. Resist!
  • V had a bad interview the other day, and she’s feeling pretty low at the moment.


Nice picture titled interlock (?) from Johnny, I thought I should put this up.


Nice picture too from Mandrake. The course of a day and a life, paralleled.


– Anyone remember King Arthur and the Knights of Justice? Someone’s uploaded five full episodes on YouTube, go watch it while it’s still around : )

QQ writes about this interesting article on loss of serendipity and efficiency of the Internet. It made me ponder for awhile, pretty true isn’t it?

V writes up an intro to Melbourne with all the relevant links. Saves you hunting up all those info : )

Johnny‘s quoted an interesting article which I think everyone should read : )

An investment banker was taking a few days off near a small coastal Mexican village, where he came upon a fisherman…………

The banker complimented the fisherman on his catch, and was astonished to learn that it didn’t take long for the fisherman to complete his daily work. The banker then asked the fisherman what he did for the rest of his day.

‘I sleep late’, the fisherman replied, ‘fish a little, play with my children, take a siesta with my wife, stroll around the village with my friends, sip some wine, play a little guitar. I keep myself occupied, senor’.

The investment banker scoffed. ‘I have an MBA from Harvard’, he proudly exclaimed. What you need to do is spend more time fishing. With the extra proceeds buy a bigger boat. With the proceeds from that boat, buy a few more. Then, instead of selling your catch to a middleman, you would be able to sell direct to a processor. You’ll be so successful that you could end up running your empire from New York’.

‘But senor,’ the fisherman asked, ‘how long will all that take’.

’15 – 20 years’, came the reply.

‘And then what, senor ?’.

The investment banker laughed. ‘Then, my friend, you’d do an IPO, sell stock in your company, and make millions’.

‘Millions, senor. Then what ?’.

‘Then’, said the banker, ‘you’d retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village. You’d sleep in late, fish a little, play with your children, take a siesta with your wife, stroll around the village with your friends, sip some wine, play a little guitar’.

Hot Fuzz: review (and lotsa other stuff)

[Untitled] – Adri‘s Flickr, 7th Apr ’07.

First off, I’ll like to share some pictures Adri took on her recent trip to China. I wish I was there to snap some as well, ugh.

Beautiful eh? Somehow I always appreciate breathtaking nature shots much more than the ones with humans inside.


Next up, movie review. I certainly haven’t done any movie reviews for quite some time, no small thanks to the fact that I didn’t watch any movies, period. Australia’s pretty steep on the movie ticket prices, and AUD$8.50’s about the cheapest you can get. That’s Tuesday (Tight-arse Tuesday, everyone calls it) daytime prices; night tickets are AUD$9.

Dinner at Ajisen, same franchise prob. This was ordered by one of the guys, the ramen’s called Aussie Outback. Not too difficult to see why eh? Look at the stuff that’s inside.

Anyway, I was out with the people from my school’s taekwondo club, and we ended up watching this show called Hot Fuzz. It was supposed to be a comedy, but hmm I suppose you could call it a comedy. In the broadest sense of the definition that is.

You can read the synopsis yourself, but I’ll go on with my review. I seriously have no idea whether to call this film good or bad. Probably more bad than good. I pretty much liked the way they shot the movie, lots of action sequencing cuts. But the plot went from predictable in the beginning to outright insanity after that. Gees, talk about the lack of a plot -.- Total nonsense. It was kinda like you just simply stared on at the movie, unable to comprehend what the hell and why the hell were these things happening, while going “duhhhhhh” in your head.

I liked the dialogue though, lotsa humor in it.

For those who like mindless violence, this one is for you. Plenty of gore and blood, probably even more than 300 heh. Ironic isn’t it ;p

Comfy movie seats, and nowhere as freezing at the ones back in Singapore.


Culinary (or the lack of it) update : )

Fried noodles with sliced carrots, pork, capsicum, eggs and veggies. This one’s not too bad.

Stir-fried beef with capsicum. Bad move, cooked the beef for too long. And yeah, I know I’m not supposed to cook it for too long but then again, I had no idea what too long was. Now I know -.-



– Bill Gates, on 640K of memory being enough for anyone o.O Did he really say that?

Netcosm, funny thing that turns your network into a 3D game heh heh. I don’t know why it’s useful though, other than being eyecandy.

– In the recent Naruto manga chapters, Sasuke begins his own evil empire as he finishes off Orochimaru (so it seems).

Soraya Ghadery on YouTube, totally awesome.

Gang poem recital, part uno. Link courtesy of an old poly mate.

Gang poem recital, part deux.

Totally random stuff

[raw beef] – V‘s Flickr, 1st Apr ’07.

Update time!

The drive to blog takes a tremendous dive whenever I do not bring my camera out. As they like to put it in HWZ (HardwareZone) terms, NPNT (No Photo No Talk). I’ve been taking random pictures, but nothing really great so far. There’s times when I see something absolutely splendid and damn, my camera’s not out.

Camel rides at Victoria Market.

Like when V and I were walking home after grocery shopping (we bought a ton of canned food, blah. And there’s no Qoo White Grape in a 1.5 litre bottle, noooooo), I saw the twilight skies creating a way kewl backdrop for the Flinders Street train station. Well, no tripod, no camera, hands full of stuff so heck.

Or the other time when I was staring out the train windows on my way to school, and I saw this absolutely great scene I have to take someday, but I’ll have to alight at South Yarra and backtrack. I wonder if it’s even accessible by foot, hmmm.

Sausage land 😀

So it’s Easter now, happy Good Friday to all the people back in Singapore. I’m having my mid-semester break for a week, and unfortunately I have a report on Unix to finish up. No word limit, but the scope’s more or less fixed, damn. I’ve spent the better part of a day writing the introduction, and it’s like 80% finished. How does this sound to you?

Unix is an operating system that was initially developed more than thirty years ago at Bell Labs, but became a widespread movement around the world as more people participated in adding functionality to Unix. Many versions of Unix have appeared since then, including a “Unix-like” adaptation known as Linux, a popular open source operating system that emulates much of Unix’s functionality. This serves to illustrate the popularity of Unix, as programmers designed operating systems that were modelled after Unix, but did not require licensing fees Unix had.

Even so, Unix itself is still widely in use today due to its platform portability, multi-tasking capabilities and the ability to handle concurrent users on a single machine.”

(And blah blah blah, this is only like the first two paragraphs.)

On another note, this is what I’ve been working on recently. Meaningless doodles to you prob, but it’s a rough sketch of the physical network for my building heh heh. Got to draw it out on Dia (opensource Visio, anyone?) when I’m in the mood.


This place called Superdog looks good, has anyone tried it out yet?

And this one looks particularly slurpalicious, yum.

Guinea pigs Fellow fast food junkies are welcome to leave feedback here!


This is some test called VisualDNA, sent by J (the foodie friend in Bangkok), try it out if you’re bored eh?



– Coding Horror article, titled Dude, Where’s My 4 Gigabytes of RAM? The beauty of Windoze Vista.

Yet another one of those sob-inducing Korean videos, link courtesy of the brother.

Nice blading at work, link courtesy of SJ jie.