How ’bout a cuppa Joost?

[apple juice] – amateursoul on Flickr, 9th May ’07.

(I published this post, and belatedly realised that hey, this blog’s still on SGT. It’s blardy 0342hrs now, and the blog sez 1am. Kewl.)

The first exam paper’s on the 12th, and I’m still kinda lacking in motivation to mug heh. This is bad. Then again, how do you mug for essay questions. I’ve like never done essay questions in an exam before, and I suspect this is not gonna be good. All my answers in the exams have always been short and straight to the point, which is probably the exact opposite of what an essay is like. Long drawn out answers with plenty of details are the key here, so woops.

Anyway, I just installed Joost, and it’s pretty good. It’s a software that allows you to watch selected TV programs on their channels. Fast streaming speed, decent resolution and hmm I’m watching Total Recall 2070 right now. It’s a TV series based on the novel (same title), and I’m on episode 2 now. If only those Vodafone ads didn’t keep popping up every so often, it would actually be pretty good.

So yeah, try Joost out now, they’re still extending free invites to anyone who’s interested.


McFly‘s Transylvania video! Dougie’s one of the lead vocals this time round, kewl.

McFly – Transylvania

Anne Boleyn she kept her tin,
Which all her hopes and dreams were in,
She plans to run away with him forever,
(Never to be seen again)
Leaves a note and starts to choke,
Can feel the lump thats in her throat,
It’s raining and she leaves her coat in silence.

We’re sorry but we disagree,
The boy is vermin can’t you see,
We’ll drown his sins in misery,
Rip him out of history.

People marching to the drums,
Everybodys having fun to the sound of love.
Ugly is the world we’re on,
If I’m right then prove me wrong,
I’m stunned (to find a place we belong).

(Danny & Tom)
Who is your lover?
I couldn’t tell,
When hell freezes over,
That’s when I’ll tell,
Who is your lover?
I couldn’t tell,
When will this stop?

Racing, Pacing,
In the dark,
She’s searching for a lonely heart,
She finds him but his heart had stopped,
She breaks down.

We’re sorry but your majesty,
Refusing orders from the queen
Results in a monstrosity.

(Remembers a voice and hears him sing.)

People marching to the drums,
Everybody’s having fun to the sound of love.
Ugly is the world we’re on,
If I’m right then prove me wrong,
I’m stunned (to find a place we belong)

(Danny & Tom)
Who is your lover?
I couldn’t tell,
When hell freezes over,
That’s when I’ll tell,
Who is your lover?
I couldn’t tell,
When will this stop?

(Guitar Solo) (With Piano)

People marching to the drums,
Everybody’s having fun to the sound of love.
Ugly is the world we’re on,
If I’m right then prove me wrong,
I’m stunned (to find a place we belong)

(Danny & Tom)
Who is your lover?
I couldn’t tell,
When hell freezes over,
That’s when I’ll tell,
(repeat 7 & a half times)

When will this stop!



Ways to stay focused at work. These tips seem quite good IMO.

Cranky company URLs : ) I wonder if the companies themselves actually noticed it lol.

Adri writes about GP and students. I wonder how I would’ve done if I had actually gone into JC in the past.

ahlong‘s post on life, school and generally how it is on the other side of the table.

St Kilda revisited

[Us!] – V’s Flickr, 12th May ’07.

This marks my second trip to St Kilda, but with V and SJ jie this time round. My first trip was on a private bus from the school, so we basically had no idea where we were supposed to get off the tram. The first tram driver gave us the right directions and directed us towards taking the right tram, but the driver of that tram wasn’t too helpful, and even misled us (on purpose it seems). Well it took awhile and V was pretty pissed off by the time we got to St Kilda, probably from the lack of a map and the irritating tram driver I mentioned earlier.

Interesting car, picture snapped by SJ jie : )

St Kilda pier at last! (SJ jie’s pic)

Not much comments from here on, just enjoy the pics.

Taken by SJ jie.

And we ended with dinner at Nando’s : ) Slurps.

P.S. this marks the end of all the backlogged stuff, I’ll probably be heading back to the books in a few days’ time : ) There’s one more demonstration, one more report and it’ll be the exams thereafter. Good luck to me ;p I hope I graduate in one piece.

Penguins ahoy!

[evil-penguin-hacking-network] – K’s on Flickr, 25th May ’07.

It was quite a long night for me before the trip, so I was really conked out till an hour before the bus departed. Rushed down with V to meet SJ jie + her mum, and not too long later we were on the bus, on our way!

Quite a long bus ride though. We were supposed to go to the kangaroo farm first, the koala reserve next and finally the Penguin Parade, before coming back at night.

Having my brunch on the bus ;p

Stopover #1: kangaroo farm! This place is um, a farm literally ;p Smart farmer though, he’s earning bucks from all the tourists. One cup of feed cost $1, and hmm many many tourists everyday I reckon.

I like the pic on the right : ) Cute pose by the kangaroo, grins.

Normal touristy patting the kangaroo pics ;p


Stopover #2: the koala reserve. (signboard photo courtesy of SJ jie)

Things not to do at the koalas: be nice kids.

We took quite a few pictures of the touristy information signboards, which I’m not gonna post alot of. Kinda boring ;p

This is an example. They point out to you where the hell those koalas are hiding (some of them are pretty high up and not easily noticed).

Koala sighting #1: it’s just a furry ball as far as I could see. Considering the fact that they sleep for more than 3/4 of a day, it didn’t seem very likely that I’d see anything other than dozing balls of fur perched on trees.

And I was right -.-

And yet again.

And again..

These were the only pictures I got to take with a koala. A giant stuffed koala that is ;p


Final stopover: Phillip Island at last! We were warned about the temperature there, and no shit all right, it was colddd.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the cute little penguins waddling up from the sea in troops, because photography was not allowed. You heard me right folks, no pictures, not even mobile cameras. We were allowed to buy pictures from the souvenir shop if we wanted. Z.

Anyway ;p

I still took some pictures though :X Manual settings, so they weren’t exactly very clear.

These penguins at the souvenir shop were cute : ) And yes, I have promised ZM the penguin lover that I’ll get a set (i.e. big + small) for him when I head back to Phillip Island in July.

That’s all for this post ;p

Rialto Tower

[evening skies] – V’s on Flickr, 13th May ’07.

SJ jie and her mum came over for a week in early May, so V and I spent time out with them for a few days : ) It’s rare that we get friends over to visit, so regardless of the schedule I’ll definitely make time out, no worries about that.

V had been to Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road quite a few times before, so I volunteered to go for Phillip Island instead (suaku mode, haven’t been there before). And this tour agency (The Greenhouse Backpacker) we booked with was pretty good, $75 for the tour package, and there was a free Rialto Tower pass if you booked two packages. But for some reason I got the free pass as well (I was going for only one tour instead of two), so I got a chance to take nice photographs of the Melbourne skyline : ) Good thing, since I had missed the trip organised by the photography club earlier on.

If you’re not sure what Rialto Tower‘s about, here’s the wiki.

At the ground floor, queueing to go up.

Well this is a very nice picture of.. the metal grilles that’re preventing people from attempting a 63 storey high skyfall. Unfortunately, it also meant that I had a lot of difficulty in taking photographs, and it totally screwed any chance of using a tripod (mine isn’t all that high).


Evening skies.

I was actually pretty eager to take pictures of the nocturnal cityscape, but as it turned out most of my pics were pretty screwed up. Disappointing, but whaddahell.

You can see that the ISO’s too high in these pics; kinda grainy. ISO 800 is always a bad idea.

Notice those funny circles in the picture? They were actually the patterns in the carpet behind me -.- Damn bloody windows reflected the stuff behind me as well.

I’ll just post these and leave them as they are; it’s kinda depressing to post lousy pictures.


After that, it was back to SJ jie’s place at Katz Apartments, their choice of accomodation. The place seemed pretty good to us. Not all that big for a two bedder, but well equipped with all the right stuff.

Living room

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Kitchen section. It’s the same space as the living room.

Microwave oven and dishwasher.

For about $160 per night, I’d say it’s a good deal, especially if you’re looking to cook. Check it out if you’re coming to Melbourne and have a group of four people or more; this place would be worth the price.

(Warning: dumb pics follow.)

V says this pic doesn’t look like me, hmmm. I wonder.

The attack of the homicidal beanie, swallowing SJ jie up ;p

Here’s when I pulled the beanie over my head and switched to masked crusader mode. The brother saw this pic, and did some editing.

And now we have.. Spiderman! Corny I know.

It’s onwards to Phillip Island the next day!


There’s this guy who’s been busking in the streets recently, I thought he was really good. Check out Joel Muston‘s MySpace page, he’s got a few of his songs available for download : )

Curry chicken! (or chicken curry, whichever way you want it)

[The Road to Nowhere (Soffia style)] – grandissimo ZOT’s on Flickr, 23rd May ’07.

Chicken curry for today : ) Tastes good, especially when you know you were the one who cooked it ;p If you look at the photograph, the top looks a little sticky; that’s probably because it’s begun to cool down and congeal. Thanks to SJ jie’s mum who left us the curry powder, and ZM for his tips via MSN. He confirmed a few of the stuff that I was suspecting I should be putting in : )

Anyway, recipe as follows:

  • 1 kg of chicken drumsticks
  • 5 small potatoes, cut into big quarters
  • 4 small carrots, cut into big portions
  • 2 teaspoons of curry powder
  • 300ml of skim milk (no coconut milk in the house)
  • half a cube of chicken stock
  • a handful of cornstarch
  • a dash of soy sauce
  • a dash of salt

Disclaimer: this part is very important. Make sure you get a pot big enough to hold everything : )

Throw the potatoes, chicken and carrots into the pot, and add enough water to cover them. Dump the curry powder and milk in after that, and start the fire. Add the rest of the stuff in after the bubbling starts. Use a low fire on it, stir the contents every five to ten minutes. I cooked for about an hour and a half, it’s up to your judgement to see if it’s ready. So long as it tastes right, and the potatoes are softened up nicely, it’s ready : )

I took two tries to get this right (the first potato curry was ugh.. don’t ask) ;p So if a newbie like me can get this right, you shouldn’t have any problems.




Apple has its iPhone, and now Microsoft has its.. oPhone? “… O.” – link courtesy of Alvin.

– Singapore waterspout spotted o.O – link courtesy of Alvin.

– Microsoft shares your pain people!

Taking a short break

[V!] – V‘s Flickr, 19th May ’07.

hey guys, I’m back. It’s surprising how fast time goes by, almost an entire month since I last blogged. That’s pretty long I’d say.

Anyway, you can probably guess why I haven’t been updating. School’s been hitting me pretty hard, and I’ve only gotten past the worst of it yesterday. Almost everything’s been cleared except for two group reports and a lab demonstration. And guess what? My first exam’s on 12th June. Pffft. I see people revising for their exams, and what am I up to? Still clearing the damn assignments. Life would’ve been a little better if my management paper wasn’t up so early, argh.

Well, that’s the bad stuff about school. On the upside, my assignments have been doing pretty good. The network administration assignments are almost a guaranteed HD (80% and above), thanks to work experience and CCNA studies. You know you did good during the presentation when the tutor screws all of the other groups upside down with “This is crap!”, and your group gets nothing but “Impressive. Well done.” Got my management case study back today during tutorial, and that one’s a D (70% – 79%), not too bad.

Other than school, work had been (and still is) a little rocky. The network equipment went crazy, and I was running up and down the buildings visiting tenants here and there. After the firefighting, things have settled down (I think) but I’m still awaiting further news from the hardware manufacturer.

So I have a huge backlog of stuff I would wanna write about, but hmm not sure I still remember them. I’ve been to Phillip Island (penguins!) and St Kilda as well, ‘cus SJ jie and her mum came down to Melbourne ’bout two weeks ago. Photos galore, I’ll put up a few here in a later post.

Add all of the above up, and woo man, I was losing sleep all the while. Burning the candle at both ends and in the middle, I was seriously dying. Had 15 hours of sleep yesterday so I’m recovering : )

I’ve also learnt that Krispy Kreme‘s glazed donuts taste damn blardy goot when they’re hot. Woot, hot glazed donuts are slurpalicious.




– The Korean Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) has developed a chip that allows mobile cameras to take decent photographs in low light places properly. Hello to good looking night shots!

– Microsoft talks of suing open source operating systems for patent infringement. Linux founder Linus Torvalds replies here, and Microsoft has said that it won’t be pursuing the issue heh.

– Creative’s new MP3 player looks like a stone and is named the Stone as well. Looks pretty nifty though.

– Take a normal USB Wifi device, throw in a cooking wok and you could be on your way to a DIY wireless broadcast device! Kewl. An engineer used a $10 cooking wok as a substitute for a $20,000 satellite dish, and it actually works just as good :O

– John Cornwell’s beer-launching fridge. Very useful when you’re thirsty in the middle of a soccer game and don’t wanna take your eyes off the set.
Good: if you do manage to catch the beer.
Not good: if it ends up leaving a dent at the back of your head.
Bad: if it hurtles towards the TV display and smashes it.

Condom in a McDonald’s Happy Meal 😀 Talk about early sex education.

Breathtaking pictures of New Zealand at