Excuses not to blog

[yawn] – Cataline Pimentel on Flickr, 10 Sep ’06.

MLB (迷路兵) has released their new album, and this track titled Tears (泪) sounds pretty good to me.


Reasons why there hasn’t been any recent posts:

  • tired from work (two jobs now, second job extreme fatigue even though it’s just two days a week).
  • would rather vegetate and read stuff on the net than write a new entry.
  • waiting for photos to be sent. I’ll write up the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island entries once the photos arrive.
  • studying CCNA (yet again). The Bryant Advantage has good study materials, no doubt about that.
  • spending five hours the other day reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Not too bad I’d say.
  • busy reading other people’s blog posts.
  • reading Piers Anthony‘s Up In a Heaval. Typical Xanth novel, nothing too special, and a little boring even.
  • reading Kevin J Anderson‘s Captain Nemo. Good read, but too brief IMO.

So, lotsa reasons as you can see heh heh. Be updating once I’ve had enough sleep, burp.




Women who have sex without condoms feel less depressed? Now that’s a great reason to start a family, lol.

– What’s hidden in the fine print of the iPhone‘s terms of service?

This post from fourhourweek.com is bloody inspirational, I’m already aiming to streamline my travel luggage for future trips.


[Birthday Candles] – babybluebbw on Flickr, 3 Feb ’07.

The mother didn’t exactly plan our birthdays to be three days apart, since I came out late and the brother came out early, but things happen as they are. So in our younger days, my brother and I would often celebrate our birthdays together. Of course, that particular custom fell into disuse as time passed by.

Happy birthday to Stan; one more year to the 21st! Keep on growing, never stop improving yourself : )
I certainly hope every year brings about new rewards and experiences for him.


The birthday this year’s a rather peaceful one, and my first overseas birthday at that. (Sentosa doesn’t count!) With V, NZ and MS, we walked around the city and ate. And ate. And ate. And ate.

And I had a slice of tiramisu as the birthday cake. Sitting at the Crown complex, together with the three of them singing happy birthday.

Thanks to the people who sent birthday wishes : )

on MSN:
Alvin, the ex-colleague and fellow suffering student. Hold on!
Clyde, the current neighbor
Stan, the brother
Jordi, the friend in Bangkok
Qingwen, the friend. Work hard!
Yongli, the bball kaki. Ever so accurate and cool ;p
Zaoliang, one of the few poly dudes I still keep in touch with. Good to hear that persistence pays off : )
Zhongming, long lost poly mate
Zhongyang, the bball and supper kaki. Supper @ 85?

via Friendster:

Danny, the ex-colleague. Work hard brudder!
Fabian, the NS buddy who was always willing to share.
Lawrence, SISPEC section mate and fellow birthday boy. Same birthday and age, heh heh.
Liwen, the long lost secondary schoolmate
Siangping, Red Cross FDIC buddy who shared an unforgettable part of my life in secondary school.
Tong Han, the bball kaki as well
Wee Keong, the easygoing and laidback ex-colleague. Chiong ah!
Xiaohui, the poly mate whom I managed to bump into over here. Sure is a small world!

using SMS:
Cindy, the primary schoolmate
Xianqin, one of my best buddies

Belated wishes:
Adri, lotsa stuff to talk about as always
Jack, onwards to finding a better career!
Peiru, marriage in 1 year plus? Hrmmmmm.
Wenxin, enjoy your November holiday!
Xiuhua, work hard, don’t tire yourself out!

And on to the special ones:

Calling from back home:
Lishi, best female friend I could have : )

The friends who came over:
Nanzhen, brother always.
Meishan, who’s like a sister to me.

The pre-birthday treat:
Jason, my buddy in school

The blog plugs:
ahlong, the best buddy as always.
Zhiming, my ever trustworthy pal

Birthday card from the Netherlands:
SJ jie, the godsis 😀

And of course, the person who has been by my side for the past year, and is now soundly sleeping on the bed as I type.
Thanks baby.

*Extremely detailed listing, because I am thankful to each and every single person who remembers.

Getting on with other stuff

[ Computer Network Cable Macro] – nishiology on Flickr, 11 Jul ’07.

First of all, current favourite song : )


I received a comment from Joel on my post on his busking the other time.

Hey it’s Joel, the guy in the picture above. Thanks for the plug!
I’m going to record an album from Nov to Dec, so you will probably see me in the streets trying out a few songs. The band is neear ready for gigs too, so more on the way for sure.
I haven’t done much in myspace and need to get a funky blog like this going, so random people like me can see it.

An album release at the end of the year! Kewl : ) I hope all the songs are as good (or even better!) than the ones I’ve got at home now.


And whew. A week’s passed since the crunch mode of exams, and what have I been up to? Indolence mostly ;p

Stuff like:

– Watching Beast Wars Season 1 on Veoh. (completed)
– Watching Beast Wars Season 2 on Veoh.
– Starting on the second job, but working half-days so far. Apparently there isn’t enough work to keep me occupied past lunchtime, so I usually head home right about then. (It’s fine, I would rather earn less than sit in the office and stone.)
– Finally buying a pair of running shoes (at long last) and starting on the treadmill once again. Huffing and puffing mode, pfft.
– Taking a driving lesson to get things back on track; and as usual it absolutely sucks to drive in the rain at peak hour.
– Listening to Jay’s new song, 不能说的秘密. Slow rock o.O Not something I expected, and hmm not something I’m in love with either.

Things I should be doing:

– Clearing up my list of todo’s on the first job
– Starting revision for my CCNA
– Starting gym training once again
– Embarking on thought-reality experiment. I think this is pretty interesting.
– Watch Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
– Wait for the release of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

NZ and MS are coming over to Melbourne in less than a week’s time! Time to head down to Phillip Island (again), and off to the Great Ocean Road.

And I’ll be able to get my new mobile phone, big sigh of relief here. My Nokia 6230i’s been dying all along, but recently it started to work really seriously on that part, pfft. Can’t make too many calls before it dies on me.


The new mobile: Nokia 6300. I was thinking about a N73 previously, but reviews about Symbian being slow in response time made me think twice. And heck, I don’t need that much in the way of functionality anyway. And slide/clamshell phones are out as well, since they spoil easily.



I is being stalked – via I Can Has Cheezburger? Lotsa cute pics of kitties 😀 Thanks to aloy for the heads up.


Watch this video : ) Talkshow host Bill O’Reilly gets outmaneuvered by 16 year old Jesse Lange verbally, and insults Jesse by calling him a ‘pinhead’. Why so? Jesse quoted stuff from Bill’s own book as a counterpoint to Bill’s attack on sex and drugs during the show. Talk about shooting your own foot : )




Photo comic strip of fruits and vegetables : )

Rambo Tan writes about funny names you could give your kid.

10 things that absolutely suck about the iPhone, by smash’s world.

– This is a pretty old update, but Webware discusses about how Gmail allows viewing of Powerpoint slides direct from your emails.

Six useful foreign expressions everyone should know.