Friends over in Melbourne: July edition (or better known as NZ and MS’s trip here) #2 – Phillip Island

[untitled] – V’s Flickr, 12 Jul ’07.

Finally cleared enough shit off the daily tasks to write this entry up. Oh well, I hope I do finish this entry and post it up on the same day ;p Work’s been pretty crap lately, what with two jobs and the work visa issue.

What visa issue? To summarise things:
– I’m still on a student visa right now, and it’s expiring on the 31st. Hmm shit, I need to apply for the tourist visa.
– I don’t qualify for Australian PR due to various reasons.
– I’m waiting for my employer to sponsor me for a work visa.

Well, we’ll see how things go for now. Every day brings changes, truly.


Breakfast on this day was at The Quarter, over at Degraves Street as well. HOTS (Hot Off The Skillet) style yet again, smaller portion but tastier IMO.

And of course, this trip’s itinerary was exactly the same as the previous trip with SJ jie and her mum. Kangaroo farm, koala reserve, penguins thereafter. Insert long sleepy bus journeys in between.

NZ with the neoprint kangaroo pose.

This was me on the previous trip heh heh. Looks familiar?

Ice cream on a cold day is goot.

Different perspectives; taking and being taken.

A pregnant koala actually came down from the tree this time, so we could pose for a close up photograph. Under the eye of the watchful keeper of course. Note how the koala turned away when I was supposed to snap one with her -_-

Dinner of fish and chips over at Phillip Island.

No photos of penguins this time round, because MS and I got caught by one of the keepers. No flash, long exposure photography also against the rules heh. Oh well.

Friends over in Melbourne: July edition (or better known as NZ and MS’s trip here) #1

[On our way home] – V’s Flickr, 11 Jul ’07.

(Well, this is seriously a super backdated post but anyway.) NZ and MS came over to Melbourne for a holiday in July, and I was seriously more than happy to have friends over visiting. Well, it’s not everyday that I get to see people from back home, and certainly not everyday that friends of ten years (or more) stop by to celebrate your birthday together. I was, and still am thankful.

They touched down in the early morning, so I met them just in time for breakfast. As NZ put it, he wanted something “hot, right off the skillet!” so we headed off to Cafe Andiamo at Degraves Street. I’d never been there before, but my building manager seems to like the place alot so I reckoned it couldn’t be that bad.

Breakfasty pics 😀 Fooooodddd! It was expensive of course, as all food in Melbourne generally tends to be but the portion was seriously a hearty helping. For once in my life I bloody couldn’t finish my breakfast, unbelieveable.

The tired tourists.

The rest of the day was spent walking around the Southbank area, which included Crown Casino as well heh heh, time to gamble. NZ has amazing luck with jackpot, he certainly wins more than I do. And we caught Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that day (review summary: not too bad, not fantastic either), amazing none of them fell asleep because I dozed off, and I had more sleep than they did on their flight here.

Before the movie, MS shopped for stuff over at The Perfect Potion in Melbourne Central; it’s a shop for aromatherapy stuff if you’re into that kinda thing.

Hungry birds fighting for bread.

And dinner that day was my trademark (?) curry chicken. Well, I suppose it wasn’t too bad since they didn’t complain ;p

That more or less summed up our day; I was walking them to and back the city all day long heh heh, they must’ve been tired. Chinatown, RMIT Swanston, Crown Casino, Melbourne Central, my apartment, their hotel, blah blah. I know I was tired ;p

V-day 2007

[Rose of the month] – V’s Flickr, 16 Aug ’07.

王菲 – 你快乐(所以我快乐)

Just another quiet day in the life of V and me.

It’s V‘s birthday today : ) We’ve been celebrating her birthday together for two years now, many more to go.

The birthday cake; chocolate mudcake bought from Myers, courtesy of Clyde aka my deliverywoman and accomplice for the surprise. I blindfolded V, led her out of our apartment building and took her for a stroll in the neighborhood before bringing her into the opposite building’s lobby, where the neighbor was waiting with the cake and lit candle.

Happy birthday babe, love ya.

It’s coming! (soon)

[V in ski gear] – V’s Flickr, 3 Aug ’07.

hi guys, back from yet another long disappearance by yours truly heh heh. It’s funny how quickly the days zip by sometimes; I think that’s how uneventful life has been recently. Every day seems to meld into the next seamlessly, to the extent that V and I lost track of where we had our dinner on Monday. We spent like almost ten minutes trying to recall where, and belatedly came to the conclusion that.. the Indonesian cafe we ate two days ago = Monday. (We thought two days ago = Tuesday duh).

And yeah, the Indonesian cafe (it’s called Es Teler 77) has good food ;p I’ll chip in a new entry over at the food blog after the new entries here are done.

V and I went to Falls Creek over last weekend, and things were positively snowy. I was of the mindset that skiing wasn’t worth my time snowboarding was more fun, so I took up snowboarding rightaway. Comments? Ouch. I must have fallen down about fifty to sixty times during those two days of lessons. Forwards, backwards, sideways; you name it, I’ve probably done it. Ten times.

Butt and hand aches aside, life is good as always. I reckon it’s better to count your blessings sometimes than to keep on moaning and griping about your wants endlessly. Hmm, and oh yeah. I’ve got to clean the house today heh. Now that V‘s working full-time, I’ve become the designated cleaner/dishwasher/cook/grocery-shopper. Just more stuff to fill up the day I guess.

And I got this pair of Salomon Tech Amphibian shoes yesterday, which cost me AUD$91, after a 10% member discount and a $25 voucher. Pretty good deal I’d say, the shoes are comfy and I can say byebye to the socks. Slippers are definitely an easier fit, but you can’t run with them. It’s a pity Singapore doesn’t sell these, heh heh.

More after I’m done uploading the photos on Flickr : )

And oh, here’s a happy birthday to the friend of many, many years: all the best to Erwin!