These idle days

[meerkat] – V’s Flickr, 18 Aug ’07.

I’ve been busy (or not busy) studying at home these days, which is why I haven’t been posting much. I suspect no one would like to read stuff about me sleeping at 5 a.m. in the morning, waking up at 2 p.m. and then running errands before cooking dinner, and finally settling down to studies again.


Well, i haven’t got anything else to update for the moment; but we’ll be heading down for the Tulip Festival this Saturday. More pics to come heh heh.

Off to the zoo! – Werribee Open Range Zoo

[toy zebra] – V’s Flickr, 18 Aug ’07.

Credits goes to YT for bugging motivating me to blog heh. Well, I’m gonna *start* off this post tonight and we’ll see how long it takes ;p – 11 Sep. ( Note the date of publishing for this post :X )

*end of blurp

I didn’t even realise there was a zoo around until I read about this trip being organised by my university’s photography club. And since it didn’t really cost that much, I got two tickets to the Werribee Open Range Zoo trip. Yet another weekend outing! : )

Alot of the pictures came out totally crap though, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of pictures on this post heh.

At the entrance, carrying the pastries for refreshment.

Well, we had a refreshment break before starting on the zoo proper. Tasty stuff, as good as it looked.

And of course, some people were already starting on the picture snapping.

I certainly wasn’t an exception, hmmmm.

Took a few pics of these meerkats before we hopped onto the bus; cute little buggers.

We got onto the bus after that; pretty interesting design. One side of the bus is opened up for the passengers to get on to, and closes up totally after that. Allows for easy boarding and alighting : )

The bus goes on a route around the zoo, with the driver-tour guide giving a running commentary on the animals we saw. Probably too dangerous for us to walk around, not to mention too far.

I believe this one’s the American bison.

Picture of a bison, and ooo bison fur.

Camel, lounging in the sun. No suntan unfortunately ;p

Here’s how the bus looks like, from the front.

Apparently things that do not move make better pictures i.e. this tree.

Or this.

Or even this.

Zebras grazing idly.

More zebras.

Apparently they’re all facing different directions so as to keep a lookout for danger.

Rhinoceros, looking stoned. Must have been a long night.

We got off the bus after that, and had a chance to walk around some of the enclosures on our own.

V walking in front.

Beautiful flowers along the way; macro shots are always good.

This was the only halfway decent shot I got of the cheetah; the rest of them were totally fcuked up thanks to the speed of movement.

And this butt shot of course.

We headed back after that, taking a look a the souvenir shop. (That’s where I got the zebra toy in the post header.)

And a fellow member of MPC, Colin took a shot of V to prove how good a 30mm lens (IIRC) was. I thought the picture’s really, really good so here it is.

Nothing much to show after that ;p

A final picture to round off the trip! – picture courtesy of Chandra.


Everyone should watch this lol, my bro and I went nuts laughing when we watched this movie.

“And thennnnnnnnnn?” – Dude, Where’s My Car?


Super Mario Frustration aka Super Mario Forever: insanely challenging levels, watch this video and laugh your guts out at the commentary. – link courtesy of NZ.

Part 2 and part 3 as well.

The SNES emulator can be downloaded as well; have a go at it! *Download the file jnes.rar.

Snow, snow snow! – Falls Creek 2007

[eh?] – V’s Flickr, 03 Aug ’07.

It was my first ski trip, and a great deal of thanks should go out to Vivek for inviting me along to the trip. The ski lodge we stayed at was reserved by SAM (Singapore Association of Monash) on an annual basis, and it really was a bloody good deal. $495 for a 3d2n weekend stay, with equipment/clothing rental and the 2 day ski pass included. Throw in free breakfast and dinner, and if it wasn’t a good one I don’t know what it was.

Halleys Lodge was a great place to stay at as well. We had the entire lodge to ourselves, so we were free to make as much noise as we wanted to, stay up late without fear of disturbing other guests.

Good food (three course meals, homecooked!), genial and hospitable hosts, decent accomodation, I was really glad I came along on this trip.

And of course, add the people I got to know on this trip. I might not be seeing them anytime soon, but I’m really glad I got to meet all these people from Monash.

I decided right at the start that I would learn snowboarding rather than skiing. Why bother with skiing anyway, you can’t apply what you learn to snowboarding. Get a step up, live the life! Well, I paid for the decision with a bruised tailbone and aching hands. Not from strenuous exercise, but from falling forwards and on my butt repeatedly. Ouch.

Idle pics taken while waiting for V to finish her lessons; thawing in progress.

My first snowman! 😀 Made together with V and Praveen.

On the bus, and saying goodbye to Falls Creek; hopefully we’ll be back next year!


PoP! Goes My Heart! Current favourite, after watching Music and Lyrics : )

Hugh Grant doing the PoP-style hip shaking, lol. He sure can move.


Random conversation of the day:

Kein says:
wah his eye circles v dark leh

A says:
wah wat?

Kein says:
what happen to him

Kein says:
too many late nights? o.O

A says:
bad lighting lol

A says:
2-3 tiring days with 2 women.

A says:
mmm, somehow that sentence sounds a bit wrong. lol



Jump in bed: sex can help u stay healthy (?) (via msnbc). Not sure if it really is true, but it helps to think that way lol.

Post-orgasmic women agree: tips and tricks to the big O? I wonder. (via Men’s Health)

Woman rips off boyfriend’s testicles barehanded o.O Women; offend not. (via BBC)

funny pic of a cat from fiona, icanhascheezeburger mode lol.

Friends over in Melbourne: July edition (or better known as NZ and MS’s trip here) #4 – keinday, St Kilda

[birthday cake] – V’s Flickr, 14 Jul ’07.

Well, here’s the (only) snap of my birthday cake for the year. Bought at Crown, accompanied by the girlfriend (now fiancee) and two good friends.

That day was spent walking to and back Lygon Street. It’s pretty much filled with places to eat; Italian restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, gelati parlors, dangerous for the foodlovers : )

Taking photos at the picturesque park on our walk there.

Kokoblack on Lygon. This is a favourite of V and the neighbor, they love the chocolate there. That’s the big glasses you see in the picture, incase you were wondering. Sinful stuff, and blardy filling at that.

Gelati slurping time on Lygon, on our return trip. This cafe’s pretty interesting because it has flavors like durian and Ferrero Roche; you could literally smell the durian once you walk inside. I avoid those (durian’s too exotic for me) and stick to the preferred flavor of rum & raisin.


And here’s pictures from St Kilda, on their last day.

I was telling NZ and MS, they could use this for their wedding album in future. Candid shot, pretty well-timed.

Here’s one of V and me, taken by MS. Intentionally posed ;p

These pictures were taken with different white balance settings, so they turned out to have a bluer tinge than usual. Well, it’s a good change from all those orangey sunset pics I suppose.

We had a go at the Sante buffet over at Crown after that, but it wasn’t really all that good. Disappointing’s the word.

And with that, everything came to a close. Sometimes it’s hard to write in a post how things have been, but I really appreciated their coming over to Melbourne. To you two: till the next time we meet back home!

Friends over in Melbourne: July edition (or better known as NZ and MS’s trip here) #3 – Great Ocean Road

[sneaking a bite of breakfast] – V’s Flickr, 13 Jul ’07.

I made (and salvaged) one of my biggest mistakes since coming here, so read on and remember this, especially for those people who’re planning to study in Australia.

So my student visa expired on Aug 31, but Singaporeans could actually apply for an Electronic Travel Visa or ETA, which is an instantly approved e-visa, paid up via credit card. So hell, I thought there was no hurry in the extension of visa and took my time.

.. until three days ago when I realised the ETA could only be applied when you were outside of Australia. I thought I was fcuked. So I tried to apply for the visa extension via the immigration website, but couldn’t do so for some reason. Called the immigration department the next day, and ooh I had to make an appointment, go down in person and present my documents to them before I could get the visa. Lucky me, I was planning to fly down to New Zealand and do my ETA as a last resort if things came to extremes.

So for people looking to stay on for their graduation after the degree basically, you have to fill up form 601 on the website.

Also, you have to provide the following:

– proof of graduation i.e. your academic transcript. Get a copy from your school.

– proof of reason of stay i.e. a letter from the school stating your graduation ceremony details.

– proof of financial support i.e. a bank statement showing you have sufficient moolah to booze your way till the ceremony at least.

– pay up $215 for the visa application fee (EFTPOS is accepted, as are credit cards). Ouch.

It’s instant approval over at the office (well mine was), so it’s pretty easy. Just be sure to do it earlier; I’m an extremely negative example.


Weekend activity recount:

– shopped at Kathmandu ‘cus there was a 60% discount on stuff over there. I bought a pair of berms, a long sleeved roundneck, microfiber towels, and V got her Tech Amphibian at twenty dollars lesser, sheesh.

– outrageous prices at Queen Victoria Market; a great bunch of broccoli and pak choy, several honeydew melons, spare ribs and minced pork didn’t even come up to ten bucks. Every bloody thing seemed to be going for either a dollar or two dollars; the killer timing’s after 1430hrs on Saturday, heh heh. And we discovered that only because we were late (shopped too long at Kathmandu).

– Fabulous brunch today at The Pancake Parlor; a stack of three fluffy buttermilk pancakes with icecream and warm Bavarian sliced apples, slurps. V’s cottage fries (excellent baked baby potatoes actually) tasted great as well. They cost a bomb but I reckon the prices were worth it. Pictures to follow in future posts.

– bought The Matrix trilogy DVDs at JB Hi-Fi, $12.98 each but at an offer of buy two get one free. Comes up to about eight bucks or so for one DVD, cheap deal.

– rewatched The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy on DVD, thanks to Quickflix. Now I’m all prepped for The Bourne Ultimatum ;p

– read The Bourne Identity (novel), and became slightly disgusted at the extreme difference between the film and the book.

– watched The Pursuit of Happyness with V in the evening; I thought it was seriously a great film, showing the depths a man goes through to survive for his son.


Well, this Great Ocean Road trip was my first, and there’s only a few words to describe it in my memories.

Wet. Winding. Sleep. Puke-inducing. Ugh.

First stopover in the morning; this was an early trip -_-

Lunch was at the Apollo Bay Hotel; good food I say.

Fish and chips spelt with a K. There’s no K in fish and chips, is there? ;p

NZ and MS’s lunches; swordfish and hrmmm I forgot the other. Was it dory?

A kid MS caught on her camera, trying to defy gravity. Well, he tried pretty hard heh heh.

We headed over to the actual Great Ocean Road after lunch, and it was then that I belatedly realised my mistake. Too much food is no good on windy roads. Very, very no good, not when the bus was going at a pretty good clip. Well, to cut things short I went pale, decided throwing up was something to be done in private and thereafter barfed in the bus’s toilet. What a waste of food.

Over at the Apostles, post-barfing.

Well, you could see what a lousy day it was.

Pictures where I seemed to be the background drop.

Wet, through and through.

And that was about all for the trip; because it was too wet to take good pictures of the scenery. We walked around acting tourists, talked on the bus back, took turns to play on NZ’s DS for abit, dozed off, and it was quite a while before we finally got home.



– I thought this software’s pretty well-designed; meet Heatseek! Ultimate protector of men and their porn manly secrets. Encrypted files with password protection access and customised browser, what could be better?