The graduation (at long last!)

[graduation teddy from friends] – V’s Flickr, 11 Oct ’07.

(My triceps and pecs are aching; see what happens when you slack off too long from the gym?)

The Cobalt Paladin wrote about a book he read, which helped in getting himself organised. After picking up a few choice pointers from the post, I showed it to V, who became very interested in the book that was recommended (and got a friend to bring it over in the end.)

Anyway, I’m reading it now and this book is really good: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity, written by David Allen. Check it out at Kinokuniya if you’re keen.


Woohoo, graduation day!

Not much to comment ’bout it, but I’m glad it’s all over! So photos here we go.

Taken with my classmate Marthin right after we were gowned at Clayton campus. He’s one of the few guys I got to know better in school, and definitely one of the more reliable ones. You can’t believe the amount of screwy people there are, gees. He’s staying in Australia, so we’ll definitely see more of each other when I’m back : )

Everyone else came late because V couldn’t take time out from work, so it was a good hour of photo-taking with Marthin and his family before they finally arrived.

Stan (my brother), the mother and I.

My friends (ex-colleagues), ZM and SH.

The mother posing with a stuffed owl she found in the Monash bookshop. I still kinda regret not buying that, blah.

This is Diane, my Taekwondo mate in school. She graduated in an earlier ceremony in the same day, but returned her gown before we bumped into each other (duh). She’s gonna be staying in Melbourne for awhile too. She’s gotten a job over here in the journalism field, and a work visa to go along with it as well! : )

These pictures of the graduation hall were pretty small because V and the rest were very far behind, so ouch.

And here I am, waiting to walk up and receive my much-awaited piece of paper.



Girl got knocked over by a guy in slamdunk competition; apparently the guy’s not jumping high enough. Ouch.



– Try looking at this figure and try figuring (heh accidental pun) out which way it turns, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

ERP makes it possible for more Singaporeans to own cars? o.O Sorta goes against logic but oh well.

Rowling announces that Dumbledore is gay. Hmm, arites. Not that it really changes the story in any way, but interesting to know I guess.

Scott Adams (the Dilbert cartoonist) has a new book out, titled Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! Cartoonist ignores Helpful Advice. Basically, a collection of funny stories from his blog (which have been removed since, for obvious reasons).

The Melbourne holiday

[Flinders Street Station clock tower] – V’s Flickr, 4 Oct ’07.

My family (mother and brother) along with two of my ex-colleagues came over to Melbourne for a two week stay in early October. (Technically it was eleven days but hecks, who’s counting.)

Here’s the places that they went to:

Around the city


Directions: Just behind Flinders Street Station.


Crown Casino

I suppose this one needs no introduction : )


St Paul’s Cathedral

Directions: it’s just along Swanston Street; you can’t miss it!


Queen Victoria Market

Directions: Just walk all the way up Elizabeth Street.


Hard Rock Cafe

Directions: Walk all the way to the beginning of Bourke Street.


Melbourne Zoo

Directions: take the train to Royal Park Station.



Directions: we drove there, and I’m too lazy to write the precise directions down. Google Maps should do the trick.


Great Ocean Road

Directions: just follow the website’s directions if you wanna drive, or book a tour package.



A Vietnamese suburb where we used to go grocery shopping at.

Directions: either drive, or take the train to Footscray station.


St Kilda Pier

Directions: take the number 16 tram down Swanston Street to St Kilda Road and get off when you see the beach. (check Metlink Melbourne if you wanna be sure)


The Royal Botanic Gardens

Shrine of Remembrance

Directions: once again, take the number 16 tram down Swanston Street to St Kilda Road and get off at the appropriate stop. (check Metlink Melbourne if you wanna be sure)


Phillip Island – Penguin Parade

They took the same AAT Kings tour package that I did on my previous trips, which includes:

Warrook Cattle Farm, Mooey Valley: the kangaroo farm.

Extra stopover at Woolamai Beach. They didn’t have this the last time, probably different season. (Either that, or the driver really hated me.)

The Koala Conservation Centre..

And another random stopover.

.. and Phillip Island itself.

Penguin plushie army.

The package costs AUD$75 per person, and bookings can be made at The Greenhouse Backpacker, 228 Flinders Lane.



– Users of Windows Vista‘s Automatic Update complain of unwarranted updates; Microsoft denies that it’s their fault. I wonder.

Wubi is a hassle-free installer for the various Ubuntu Linux flavours. Does not require separate partitioning, it’s stored on a separate file in your existing Windows directory and sounds like the way VMWare works. According to the wiki on Wubi, it’s a disk image instead of a virtual machine though. Give it a go if you’re lazy to install Ubuntu into a separate partition : )

Phil Jackson and Tex Winter‘s famous NBA triangle offense is explained in a series of videos, titled In My Own Words – courtesy Pabaon Sports.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers – really makes sense, especially the bit about asking “Why?” instead of “What?” Knowing the reasoning behind the answer helps a great deal. – courtesy FoundRead via Cowboy Caleb

Came, and gone.

[penpen] – V’s Flickr, 4 Oct ’07.

The family and friends have been around for nearly two weeks, and are flying back to Singapore this minute. It’s been noisy and packed while they were around, and our (this means V and I) lives have taken a backseat while they were here. And of course, I really appreciate their presence during the past days.

For one, driving down the Great Ocean Road by ourselves for the first time was a liberating experience. Well, it’s one of those things where you think back and you go “hey, actually it wasn’t too bad. It was even fun!” but you were cursing your way from A to Z (and probably beyond) while the trip was going on.

But peace and quiet reigns once again, and it’s time to start sorting through the pictures and think about how the hell I’m gonna be writing all of it down.

So, laters people.

Sidenote: It’s been a long journey, but I.. am a licensed driver at long last. *rolls eyes* So watch out people, there’s a new klutz on the road : )

Vibrant colors – Tesselaar Tulip Festival

[untitled] – V’s Flickr, 29 Sep ’07.

I’m down with a bit of a sudden flu right now, not too sure where it came from. Good timing, very very good timing indeed Z.

On with a few music plugs before I begin on the actual post.

#1: Jazzology Half Hour (done by Jazzology Australia) offers wonderful jazz podcasts, and I’ve been listening to them for the entire day. Give them a go if you’re open to trying new stuff.

#2: I was having a look through the music library last night, and Sophie Ellis Bextor came up. She’s my current favourite now : ) Have a go at this playlist on imeem.

Anyway, on with the post : )


Tesselaar Tulip Festival; trip organised by Monash Photography Club, of which V and I are members. Well, V became a member because paying for both trips (zoo and this) cost the same as becoming a member, so the MPC president Adrian thought that it would be easier to make her a member as well. What can I say, he’s a great guy.

Well it took awhile before we reached the place, and it looked every bit as good as it was on the website.

First glimpse.

V busy snapping away with her K750i.

Here’s what she took : )

V and me; one of the few snaps where I’m actually infront of the camera.

The ant’s view; V’s suggestion.

The odd red tulip among a sea of yellow.

Dunno what these flowers are; orchids?

A look at the big picture.

Bite-sized windmill; we had to wait our turn to take photographs with the damn thing -_-

Scraping the earth off our shoes; this is what happens when you wear shoes with nice little grooves.

Buying a few tulips home; 5 stems for $5!

Getting to choose and cut it yourself.

Baked potatoes and a debriciner hotdog, yum.

We were there during the Food, Wine and Jazz weekend, so there were stalls selling food (we got a small bottle of sauce from the Chilli Factory; potent stuff and it was labelled 10+++/10), free wine tasting if you produced your entry tokens, and..

What’s a jazz weekend without some jazz music? The Moonee Valley Jazz Band were performing while we ate; really good to see them enjoying themselves in their music too : )

Another MPC member kerfern took way better shots with his Panasonic FZ50, here’s a few.

This one’s from skyline of MPC