The start of a torturous month

[Berlin 1936] – cszar on Flickr, 13 May ’07.

Well, here’s the bad shit rebounding after my blissful stay overseas. I defaulted (aka did not attempt) my IPPT before leaving SG early this year. And so here I am, all booked in for RT (Remedial Training aka goodbye Sunday morning + Tuesday night).

Not too thrilled about it, that’s for sure *rolls eyes*

At least today’s first RT session wasn’t too bad; briefings, and an orientation run whew. Anything more physical would’ve literally brought me to my knees, since I slept like zero hours the night before. Call it insomnia or whatever, I don’t know why I couldn’t fall asleep.

11 more days till V returns!


ZDNet Asia has a new article out titled Navigating a mid-career change, which talks about non-IT professionals undergoing a career change to SAP consulting.

Although I’m not really that into SAP, there’s still valuable tidbits of advice in the post IMO. One really important thing to remember would be that experience in implementation projects count for alot, and that doing contractual work allows for more freedom to move around into such projects, thus gaining you a better career portfolio and market value on the whole.

One thought on “The start of a torturous month

  1. dang… that reminds me to start training. The last time I did a leisure run, i shocked myself when I clocked 15 mins for 2km. Haha. Better hit the track soon.

    kein: I bet I could hit 15mins for 2km too! (running hard) :X


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