Music: 小松小柏 – 想妳の愛

I remember the day when I began listening to Mandarin pop, and of course my very first idol. Or rather, idols. I’m not sure if you remember the twin brothers 小松小柏 (aka Anthony and Valentino Bao), but they were the very first singers I started on.

And of course.. not forgetting Baby You Should Be Dancing, one of my favourites:
*Thanks to faithpig for uploading it on imeem; I could have done it myself but this saved me the effort of doing so.

I thought my search for their songs ended several years ago at Shaw Tower when I bought their compilation CD. It was only until last night that I remembered one absolute bloody favourite that was not in the CD, and that triggered a fruitless search.
Unfortunately, this is an incomplete version of the song : (

作詞 : 包小柏
作曲 : 黎沸揮
編曲 : 黎沸揮

是我傷妳太深 還是我太愚蠢
該用什麼方式 結束傷害
一直為妳困擾 一心為妳祈禱
在我心裡妳是 多麼的重要
愛是慢慢累積 還是慢慢離去
到底是誰比較好 曾經擁抱過
曾經快樂過 怎麼沒想到
想妳の愛 想妳の愛
想妳の溫柔到心懷 除了妳還有誰能把妳取代
想妳の愛想妳の愛 想妳の濃情分不開

And like I said, it was a quest that ultimately came up empty-handed.

I found, a fan forum dedicated to all their recent news/videos/whatever. Note: emphasis on recent.

A fanpage with their discography turned up in the search, which was of course interesting but not useful.

There was a blog by candyhui-hk, who bought the CD album (titled 覺得很快樂) with my desired song inside. Lyrics and pictures of the CD, but no music : (

覺得很快樂? Not at all : (

faithpig did two excellent blog posts (Music Capsule 松柏的魔力世界(一) and Music Capsule 松柏的魔力世界(二)) on the brothers’ music career, complete with imeem embeds of the songs. Unfortunately, my object of desire wasn’t in the list : (

YouTube and tudou had nothing for me either.

There was a blog by 小風 who seemed to have uploaded the right song in one of the posts.. but it was password protected : (

And yes, I will be bloody thankful if anyone manages to point me in the right direction of my 想你的愛; I am admitting defeat on this.

*proceeds to listen to the mofile URL on repeat until MP3 is found*

Update 29 Sep 2010: Found an yam 64kbps audio stream for 想妳的愛 by linyuxi828, woohoo at long last! The quest is over : )

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